dreamy summer days

Hiya lovelies, I’m finally back~ Back from England, back from LA, back from Anime Expo.

My dad got a couple of new lenses for his camera so I decided to try them out! I’ve always wanted to try doing more fashion posts, and I think fashion photos always look best when there’s more of a blurry background. Tested out dad’s 50mm 1.8!!

Really casual look, not sure if this even worth doing a style post haha.

If you don’t follow me on twitter or facebook, you might not have known that I chopped my hair off! Couldn’t handle such long and thick hair so I mulan’d it, haha. My friend said it was very “k-indie” (korean indie).
I don’t mind because korean indie is one of my favourite genres. One of my favourite songs is called Clover by Standing Egg.

Such a sweet and relaxing song, don’tcha think?

The weather is perfect for just sitting about in the grass!! I’m glad we haven’t had many hot and humid days since I got back.

My lil’ ukelele that I bought in England!! It’s named Marcy after Marceline from Adventure Time πŸ˜€ I’m still learning Adventure Time songs and Ghibli covers.

tshirt – leeds university
skirt – thrifted in paris
belt – borrowed from mom
watch – fossil
iphone 5, case by cellaris 
Expect more of these soon <3

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