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Hiya lovelies!

This past Sunday, I was in Hamilton for Con Bravo! A very last minute decision to check out the small convention. I’ve heard some pretty good reviews of it, so a few friends and I drove down to hang out! Didn’t cosplay though.

Since there wasn’t much to do at the convention (everything was being packed away since it was the last day of the con), we decided to wander around. Went out to grab lunch at Jackson Square. Decided to check out The Works – a gourmet burger join that had some great reviews!
The Works is located right across the street from the Hamilton Convention Centre.

The front of the restaurant isn’t flashy, its a boring grey building with a simple sign. Doesn’t look like much, but it’s quite cosy inside. Staff were really chill and friendly as well!

This whole section of the menu was for burgers! So many interesting options! Elk patties, poutine burgers, avocado and cheese and peanut butter… I’m sure they’re all great! But I opted to play it safe haha. On Emily’s recommendation, I got the Teriyaki Melt ($13.76), featuring fried mushrooms, teriyaki sauce and havarti cheese on a chicken breast patty.

Drinks came in measuring cups? Haha we all thought this was quite interesting! At least you could track how much you were drinking. A lengthy debated ensued as to how the restaurant was able to store all of these, especially since they’re not easily storable?

Derpy faces with Emily! So lovely being able to hang out with her again after not seeing her in almost a year! We’ve got quite a few new cosplays planned, I’m looking forward to it! πŸ˜€


Changed my case to a white rubber cellaris phone case that came with my phone since my other ones were dirty.

Aaaand the burger arrives! So good but so filling omg. The patty was thick, the mushrooms and cheese worked really well together. Super filling though, I could only finish about 2/3.



Aaand what’s this?? A lightbulb?
Yup, lightbulb salt and pepper shakers! Wow so hip!!
Loved eating at The Works, definitely going to come back sometime soon and try out another type of burger on their menu! πŸ˜€

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