room tour 2014

Heyo lovelies!!

It’s that time of year again! Time to start school / move into student housing for the year, yay. This year I’m renting off campus, just like I did in second year. Of course, I have to do a bedroom tour. I love looking back on these types of posts!

First year bedroom
Second year bedroom
Third year (kinda?) Not rly much of a tour tho

And now for my fourth year!!

I’m sharing this place with 2 other people! One of my flatmates is a friend from high school who I lived with in second year. The other person is a graduate student from India! Unfortunately, I’m in a basement unit. I don’t mind it too much, didn’t really have much choice because I was in the UK when renting season was going on. I had to send my flatmate from second year to look at houses to rent!!

Here’s the view from the door! I kinda wish we had bigger windows haha… I was spoiled with massive windows + second floor room in second year, too bad we couldn’t rent that house again! πŸ™
The random blinds on the side aren’t for the windows, they actually hide a fuse box haha… At least it doesn’t look too bad!

Trusty wooden ikea desk!! My mom gave me her old cosmetics case so now I have a big one to put all of my stuff in! Ahh makeup, so much fun!! My collection has grown quite a bit because makeup seems to be a default gift for me ;v; All of my regular clothes are in the plastic drawers!

Desk! With my lil laptop, tablet (Wacom Cintiq ahhh), microphone and MENMA FIGURE! MENNNMMMAAAAAAAAAAA

Lil futon! Downgraded to a single bed again after having a double at home/in Leeds haha. Its a bit weird facing the back wall but I’d rather not have a fuse box right above my head!

View from the other end of the room! I have my little shelf with all of my figures, plushes, ukelele, cleaning stuff, toilet paper etc! Closet is full of random fall clothes and bags that I have take back home.My mirror is where I do all of my outfit snaps too!

As a bonus, here are two of my recent outfit snaps. Getting more into it I guess? I’m trying to become more stylish I suppose, girls here don’t really put as much effort into their looks as the girls in the UK. I want to make being trendy into a habit so I always look cool 8)

  top – topshop // jeans – primark // shoes – talbots // backpack – cargo

Top: lord & taylor // Shirt: new look // Jeans: topshop // Shoes: talbots

Annnnnd to end this post, here’s a song I’ve been listening to non-stop recently! My flatmate really got me into Arctic Monkeys recently, totally digging them. Super chill beats.

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