[review] Ipsy – November 2014

Hello lovelies!
I’m back on the beauty subscription train! I used to have an ipsy subscription back when it was MyGlam but then cancelled it after the products got boring. I can’t remember what was being offered, but something a few months ago caught my eye and I reactivated my subscription! It’s been worth it because every month I’ve received something awesome! πŸ˜€ 
I’ll try doing monthly reviews of these bags again to get back into frequent posting so I hope you guys are looking forward to more beauty posts!

 This month’s theme was “Girl Meets Glitter”, although I didn’t really receive any glittery products lol! The eyeliner is kinda metallic? If anything the makeup bag is glittery, but I don’t really use the makeup bags anyway….

Anyway, here’s what I received this month! I really like this month’s bag because I’ve used everything so far! πŸ˜€

 The items I received:

Marc Anthony Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray
IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye in Medium Neutral
SeaRx Skincare Lotion
J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter
Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive

Starting off with the hairspray! I don’t really use much hairspray in general because I have very thick hair and I usually use hair oil to smooth down my hair. I do use hairspray on my wigs though to keep them in place when I’m cosplaying! The travel size is great because it will come in handy at cons. πŸ˜€

The body lotion is in a tiny tube and has a creamy citrus smell! I really like it. There is such a small amount in the tube so I haven’t really been able to see any difference in my skin.

 The gem eye pencil – I have soooo many eyeliner pencils (hoarding freebies lol) , so it’s nice to finally have one in a different colour! This is an olive colour however it’s more on the brown/gold side than green. It’s a lovely colour for fall. It’s also very soft and pigmented which is lovely because I’ve used a ton of different pencils and sometimes the coloured ones can be quite hard and difficult to draw with.

 Here are some swatches! Some subtle glitter, nothing too crazy. Appears to be almost brown in most lighting I think, so it’ll definitely work well with other eyeshadow colours!

 Next – J.Cat Wonder Lip paint! It comes in a small tube. I’ve read that these are dupes/ are comparable to the OCC lip tars, but I’ve never tried them before so I can’t say if that’s true or not! I got the shade ‘Mad Splatter’ which is a rosy pinky colour. I tend to veer more towards red/orange based lip products because pinks can sometimes look weird on my skin tone (esp if they’re blue-based), but this one works nicely!

 It’s got a hint of glitter in it! Very tiny glitter bits though, nothing super noticeable!! 

 I like to apply this by taking a little bit and patting it on my lips with my fingers. I like more of a faded/gradient look. This can be layered up though if you’d like a bolder lip / brighter colour!

Aaaand finally, the ~big~ special item in this month’s ipsy bag! This is the IT Cosmetics concealer which is supposed to be a ~cult classic~. (I’ve never heard of the brand before though haha.) It’s a very thick concealer though, and comes in this tiiiiiny tube! (SD card for comparison!)

I have craaaazy under eye circles (staying up and either watching youtube videos or crunchyroll into the wee hours of the night lol), so I was looking for a new concealer! I really like this concealer, it does a great job of masking my eyebags! It’s super pigmented and you only need the tiniest amount because a little goes a long way!

I received it in the ‘neutral medium’ shade and I was a bit worried because my skin is quite pale and I usually have to have either the lightest or 2nd lightest shade for most brands that I’ve tried. It matches my skin nicely though. I’ll finish the rest of this tube and decide whether I want to invest in the full sized product!

Hope this was helpful! If you’re interested in signing up and trying out these products then you can check it out here! πŸ˜€

Are there any products you’re curious about/ want to try out?


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