What’s in my makeup bag; November

hiyaaa lovelieeesssss

People often ask me on instagram/tumblr about what makeup products I’m currently using! Whenever I find a look that I like, I wear it nonstop for maybe a month or so! I recently threw out at least a quarter of my makeup because it was old. almost finished, or never used. No point in letting makeup sit there if it’s just going to fester bacteria! D:

I’ve really been looking after my skin recently, so I’ve invested some well known brands! I definitely recommend all of these if you want to shell out a few extra dollars. Here are a few products that I’ve been loving recently.

 My little quilted makeup bag! Same one that I used in my last “what’s in my makeup bag” post. Now that I look back at that post, it was almost exactly one year ago!

For my birthday, my friend Mika bought me this Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation in Light 2! I was looking for a powder foundation opposed to liquid foundation so I could have something quick to apply but still give good coverage. She works at a Sephora and recommended it because it was her favourite powder!! Pretty packaging 😀 Reminds me of the Kiss Me Heroine powder compact that I used back in high school!

 It’s a very finely milled powder with pretty good coverage! I have combination skin that gets pretty oily in my t-zone so this helps to control that. It’s great for the days when I wake up late, covers the redness on my face pretty well. Comes with a soft squishy sponge!!

 Milani blush in Rose D’oro – applies fairly sheer with a fine gold shimmer, very pigmented and buildable so you don’t need a lot! I used it quite often over the summer and it hasn’t gone down at all!! Also loving this make up forever mini lipstick (came in the Sephora free birthday gift this year).

 Lovely red/brown toned lipstick, I think it really suits my skin tone! It’s only a tiny size which is great to pop in my handbag/ carry with me. I’m thinking of looking into the full size version once I finish the mini one, I’m in love with the colour.

Bought the Naked Basics palette because I’m a total sheep and love following hype trains hahaaaaa…. One of my friends bought it and kept talking about it and made the mistake of letting me use it because I fell in love and couldn’t stop thinking about it for the following two weeks lol. It’s mostly neutral matte shades and I love them, super versatile and has all the colours I need!

Mini makeup forever mascara that came in the Sephora birthday gift with the lipstick. It’s pretty meh, doesn’t really do much for me. Slightly extends my upper lashes but does nothing for my non-existent lower lashes. And finallllyy the It Cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer which I reviewed here, total godsend product!!

But yeaaa that’s what I’m mainly using at the moment!! What are you using at the moment? Recommendations are always welcome!


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    I just want to say thank you for sharing this post, because it's really amazing!
    And I already can't wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet


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