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Hello lovelies!

A while ago, Petite Cherry (formerly Kaur’s Laurel) contacted me about reviewing some of  their new pieces from their store! Petite Cherry is a cute lingerie store inspired by Asian fashion! I believe they are also operated by the same company that runs Eyecandys Circle Lenses.

I have to sets for review today. I was sent  two pairs, and the reviews are my 100% honest opinion,

Let me first state that this store is targeted towards petite body sizes, which I unfortunately do not fall under. (I wish I had known that before they rebranded lol) I have a tall/lean body shape. My bra size is 34D by most western sizes (based on LaSenza since that’s where I get most of mine from.) I’ve had a few issues with buying lingerie sets from Asian stores as sizing always  seems to fit a bit smaller. Unfortunately, this was the case with Petite Cherry :

Before shopping from Petite Cherry, I would do research into their sizing. If you’ve got bigger boobs, you might have some issues. The website only offers up to 34D, but I would say that the 34D is not true to size. Better luck if you’re C or smaller. The matching panties come in only one size, which is “one size fits all” small – medium. Also, I’d recommend going a size up in their sizing.

Fortunately, if the sizing is off, you can request a return or exchange! Their exchange/return policy can be found here.


Coco Push Up Demi Bra Set – $32.45

This is a beautiful deep cherry-red push up bra set. It features a sheer back, and sheer front adorned with more floral red lace. Very cute and very flattering! I’m in love with the color and design. Super sexy.
It’s got a half pushup, great if you’re looking for a little more oomph! The support is firm and the lace along the top of the cup is quite alluring.
Don’t worry about the little cut on the side of the left cup, that’s one that I made to see if the foam insert is removable (it is not.) I got this set in a 36C, I remember reading somewhere that you can go up a size in the band and lower a size in the cup and it’ll fit the same. (34D = 36C) etc. Didn’t really work out in this case – the band fit well bit the cups were a little small. Probably because of the pushup.


Gorgeous lace detailing! Although I thik I’m going to cut out the white tag because it’s not very flattering when you’ve got a sheer butt lol…

Nicole Strappy Push-Up Bustier-Style Bra Set (Pink) – $36.99

Super cute set! I love this design because it’s so different. The bra design is normal in the front, with black elastic shoulder straps that extend across the front and elastics at the back! The panties are pink in the front with elastic straps that extend to a sheer black back.
I love the lace design on this! I got this set in the 34D size and it fit better than the red set, but still not a true 34D. The cups fit a bit small and the elastic straps were a bit tight, so I might go get a bra clip extender or something because I really do like this set! The sizing recommends to go a size up, but you can’t really do that if you’re the biggest size haha. The lace detailing and the little gold clip at the front of the bra is super cute.

Overall, I really do like these sets. The quality is great, the bras themselves are super comfortable and the designs are really cute. The website has a large selection of designs and styles to choose from. Keep in mind that this site is targeted towards petite body sizes when ordering, and follow the sizing directions!

Communication with the team was great, and the parcel arrived quickly in a box.

The price is also quite good compared to other mainstream lingerie stores, with a larger and more unique selection of styles!

Which set is your favourite? Do you like the designs offered on their website? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Chelsea Notpublic November 27, 2015

    It seems that they sent you items that were made correctly, and I'm happy for you!

    I want to warn potential customers of this business though…

    I bought a few items. One item was made defectively, and it's quite obvious. I notified them of the defect and sent pictures with at least 2 different angles. They then sent me instructions on how to return it. I paid for shipping and handling out of my pocket… not a penny reimbursed by the company. Their return policy says they won't. I was upset, but was ok with it as long as a replacement item was sent back. So, over a month goes by and I hadn't heard from anyone. I politely asked if they had received it and they said that they hadn't. Another month goes by and I send another e-mail. I was still polite, but I let them know that I was upset. Someone by the name of Bree told me they were going to send a replacement item. More than a month goes by again and nothing, still. Finally, I e-mail them again. I'm unpleasant at this point and tell them that if they plan on stringing me along for nothing they should just tell me so. No one replies. Then, ironically, two days later I get my "replacement." Well, surprise, surprise, it's the SAME item. Exact same one. I know it is because I kept pictures of when I received it the first time. Same strap is messed up. So, at this point, I'm quite upset.

    Anyway, I'm writing this because I don't want anyone else to be played as a fool like I was. It was a 3 month ordeal of horrible customer service. Maybe it was the representative I dealt with. Her name is Bree… so if you brave buying from them, beware if you contact customer service and your representative is her. I'd recommend asking for someone else to help you. Better yet, try finding a different company to buy from.

    I hope this helps someone at least.

  2. Suzanne Starr May 9, 2016

    I ordered 3 bra sets 2 weeks ago and they still haven't been shipped. I changed the shipping address 1 week ago but that shouldn't inhibit the process.

  3. Violet November 17, 2016

    I ordered from them a month ago and haven’t heard anything back. They said they’d send an email when it ships.

    • sachie November 17, 2016

      I’d recommend that you contact them through email/social media! I never had any issues with them so I’m sure its just an ordering error :0


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