Bison Bath Salt Roundup

Hello lovelies!

I am the bath queen. I’m perfectly happy sitting in a hot bath for a few hours, gradually turning into a prune. I love bath products, from lush bombs and melts, to bath and body works, to japanese bath salts.

I’m in love with Bison bath salts. I’ve been using them forever (as you can probably note from the previous posts I’ve done, dating back to 2012! They’re sweat bath powders/salts that contain hot pepper, ginger, and epsom salt combined with carbon dioxide to create a sweat-inducing and water-crackling bath experience! The salts also contain a heating and thickening agent that causes the water to become slightly thicker/slimy. It’s a really pleasant feeling and bison makes some of my favourite bath products.

I have 3 salts to share with you today!

 “Soda flavour” bath salt. Smells like sweet soda, or ramune soda! Milky white powder that does not change color in the bath. Turns the water a milky white colour! It has a very fresh scent and has a very sweet scent.

Love the smell of these bath salts. Makes me feel relaxed and my skin feels more moisturized! Also produces a good amount of steam.

Next up, the “hot citron flavour”  bath salt! Lovely citrusy scent, quite lemony. 
The powder starts off as being pink with clear crystals, but turns orange when it hits the water! Super cool! The crystals are like little bath pop-rocks and make crackling noises when in the bath. Strong citrus scent is refreshing!

 Finally, the “ginger soda flavor” bath salt pack. (My hand looks super red/purple/super freaky but its just because I was stirring the hot bath water heheheeeeee) Bath salts are a light orange/red color with yellow and clear crystals.

The bath powder turns yellow/orange when hitting the water. Not so much of a ginger scent, but definitely a noticeable soda/citron scent. 

Finally, Bison’s Ginger Cola flavoured bath. A reallllly weird combination imo. I know it’s a sweath bath and ginger is supposed to help with it but…why cola..?

 Powder is an orange/red color with clear and yellow crystals! 

When it hits the water, it turns a brown color. I snapchatted my friend (add me – lovelyghost!) and said it looked like someone had thrown dirt in the bath. A less polite friend said it looked like someone crapped in the bath. Brown color was an immediate turnoff…….

Didn’t notice much of a steam effect or extra moisturization. I was totally thrown on the scent – cola with a weird side tinge of ginger? Doesn’t go together in my opinion, so this was a miss for me. The previous ginger-soda scent was much nicer…

Those are my thoughts on the bison bath salts I recently tried out! I’ll probably have a part 2 coming out after I go pick up a few more. There are a few more varieties I’d like to check out!

Have you tried bison bath salts before? What are your favourite kinds of bath products?



  1. Hey Kasumi July 3, 2015

    interesting =)

  2. Morinomusume July 4, 2015

    Awesome makes me want to try some out.
    (Btw it's 4 bath salts that you reviewed not 3 if im not mistaken lol)


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