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In an effort to distract myself from my aching desire to peruse the Sephora website, I thought I’d do a makeup post. (It’s almost birthday month and my Sephora addiction relapses quite hard – half of my loves list is blushes!…) Blush is one of my favourite types of makeup – I’m drawn to the soft and sparkly peach, rose, and coral shades. I’ve built up a little collection over the years, by no means as big as other people’s but still, not too shabby.

I’m drawn to orange toned blushes – I’ve got yellow toned skin so I find warmer shades suit me better as opposed to cooler tones. As a result, most of my blush collection features colours that are quite similar.

I have about nine blushes in total. All (but one) are powders… I haven’t really delved much into liquid or cream formulas yet but it’s only a matter of time…..

Let’s take a closer look at some of my favourites!

The blush from ELF‘s blush and bronzer duo in St Lucia – a pretty close dupe to Nars’ famous Orgasm blush! A soft coral with gold shimmer.
Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow. I LOVE THIS ONE AHH I think its one of my favourites at the moment! It’s my only high end blush at the moment. Not too shimmery, and a mix of three gorgeous colors. The top is a bright pink, middle is a peach, and bottom is a darker pink- coral. They apply quite sheerly which is nice. I’ve mainly been using the bottom two colors at the moment. So pretty.
Hikari blush in Tango. I received this in an ipsy bag which was a nice surprise because it’s full size! It’s a bright, matte, warm toned pink shade that is super pigmented, so only the tiniest amount is needed, Not a color that I would normally go for, but super flattering none the less!
Stila Positively Pink blush for women’s breast cancer awareness. Bought this in the UK online because they were having a charity sale – this blush and a lip glaze for £6 which is a total steal! A matte pink blush with a light champagney pink ribbon in the middle.
Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter. This isn’t technically a blush but it’s a rose-gold highlighter that I often use in place of, or mix with blush. The reason for its weird texture is that I dropped it and it shattered into fine pieces (thank god the compact was shut), so I had to use alcohol and mix everything together so it would dry as a solid piece. Thankfully this hasn’t affected the pigmentation too much!
Milani blush in Dolce Pink – a warm, bright pink blush with a very rosey gold / shimmery finish. Works kind of like a dual blush-highlighter finish! Very pretty, Milani sells some of the best drugstore blushes you can buy!
NYC Cosmetics blush in Prospect Park Rose. Pretty peachy pink matte – a very nice rosey coral.
Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek blush in PK301 Peach. Probably my most orange-toned blush, this is more of a peach shade than a pink. Has a very nice natural finish, matte. I think this was one of the first blushes I bought, I ordered it on ebay from a Japanese cosmetics seller. The blush itself has dried out/hardened a bit so I have to scrape it in order to get some color! Still one of my favourite shades though, I feel like it really suits me.
Naris Up Love Chouchou blush in Peach pink – this isn’t so much of a peach shade, but rather a bright bright pink – almost as bright as the Hikari blush. The tinyiest amount will give you a bright finish. I’ve had this forever but I haven’t even hit pan on it yet! I tend to use this at conventions as it shows up really nicely in photos. It is mostly matte but has a little bit of shimmer in it, not a noticeable amount though.
So there we go~ my blush collection! This is probably more than I need, but I love blushes and I love wearing them. I have a lot of similar shades but they’re for my different…blush moods? Ya feel me?! I really want to get my hands on one of the Hourglass Ambient lighting blushes that all the beauty guru’s rave about but man I don’t think I can justify spending $50+ plus on one… lol.
What was your favourite shade? What are some of your go to blushes? Do you have any on your wishlist at the moment?

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  1. June L. July 25, 2015

    So many blushes I CAN'T EVEN. The Too Faced one looks so pretty, the heart packaging just kills me! I have 0 anything from TF, but definitely… I'm gonna pick up a blush. Or the chocolate eyeshadow palette. But I feel like I'd use the blush more. =u= hehehe.
    Thanks for the post, and the BEAUTIFUL pictures! 😮
    Junniku blog!

  2. Vanessa N July 27, 2015

    My eyes went O_O when I saw this post, pretty much because I'm a blush fiend too. THAT HIKARI BLUSH!! It's so bright and looks like something I'd love to try! I've got 4 of the Milani baked blushes, but I don't have Dolce Pink. I've thought about getting it a few times, but it's not a colour I normally gravitate towards despite how pretty the and shiny the shade is!

  3. TBN Blog July 27, 2015

    Wow these blushers are all so perfect! Great collection hun! x

    The Belle Narrative


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