A little trip to Pwllheli, Wales…

Pwllheli, Wales

Whilst digging through my exchange photos, I came across some that I had taken during my exchange in 2013. As many of you know, I studied abroad (at Leeds University in England) during the 2013-2014 school year. I didn’t blog much (too busy traveling), but luckily I still have a backlog of photos that I can share with you.

I was invited to stay in Wales with my aunt and uncle since I wasn’t returning home for Christmas during my exchange. As my aunt and uncle typically live near Cardiff, it was a family tradition for them to stay at a seaside holiday home in Pwllheli, located in north western Wales. So, shortly after returning from a trip to Northern Ireland with my friend Lindsay, I took a train from Leeds to Manchester Piccadilly, to Chester, and then to Bangor.


Yes, I saved all of my train tickets from my 9 months in England… I’m getting quite nostalgic now haha. I arrived back from Northern Ireland on the 21st. Unfortunately my residence had turned off the heating as most students had returned home for Christmas. I was the only person in the building, which was very cold… Naturally, I caught a cold that lasted for 3 weeks 🙁

Most of the photos I took were quite personal. I spent that week with my cousins (in their 30s – 40s) and their children (aged 4 – 9), and I’d like to respect their privacy… instead, I’ll be showing you the beautiful landscapes!

The Welsh landscapes are absolutely gorgeous… lots of rolling hills and beautiful seasides. Our house looked out onto the sea, so beautiful….

Many of the nearby houses were painted! A nice touch for the seaside… Also, Welsh Christmas weather is beautiful! Feels like a Canadian April, haha. It was lovely not having to spend it digging myself out of 5ft snowbanks.

The inside of our house was very comforting…The English sure know how to do Christmas! Lots of decorations, sweets, and someone was always cooking!

Despite being surrounded by family, I did feel quite lonely. It was my first Christmas away from home. All my cousins were much older than me, and their kids were all quite young. Nobody my age, and a weak wifi signal… (Nooooooo!!!) I spent a lot of time taking walks or playing on my 3DS haha…

The children were very lucky! Santa was very generous this year…


On Christmas day, we drove up to a nearby town called Criccieth. My cousins participated in a rowboat race whilst the children and I cheered from the stands…

 Criccieth castle in the distance.


 The weather suddenly picked up and the waves doubled in size! Crazy crazy weather!
These photos are actually taken a day or two after, when we visited another port. I can’t remember the name, but it was beautiful.

Hope you liked this post… I’ll see if I have any other photos that I can dig up for a travel diary!

Have you ever been to Wales?

Thanks for reading!




  1. Kowetas August 25, 2015

    The British coast in winter is a really magical place.

  2. Tom K August 26, 2015

    Really envious of your exchange, you got to see so many great places! 🙂

  3. Three-fifths joy August 27, 2015

    I always love your travel/photo diaries ;-; inspires my travel bug every time


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