Hallmark Itty Bitty’s and Fan Expo Pass Giveaway!

Heya lovelies! I’ve got another exciting (and incredibly cute) post for all of you today! Stay tuned until the end of the post for a very special giveaway – one weekend pass to a lucky winner for Fan Expo Canada, courtesy of Hallmark Canada!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Hallmark? For me, it’s birthday cards and seasonal decorations! I lovelovelove sending out Christmas cards every year, especially doing my annual card exchange with friends…Gives me an excuse to go shopping for the pretty glittery cards printed on heavy cardstock. I love me some cardstock ok?

But! Hallmark has come out with the cutest little set of plushies. They remind me of upright Tsum Tsums (adorable and collectable… I feel an addiction coming on…) They’ve released a set of geeky Itty Bitty’s of characters that I’m sure many of you will be familiar with. Even better – Hallmark will be at Fan Expo this year! This will be their first time exhibiting at Fan Expo, and their booth has a lot of fun things in store. Hyap is gonna help me model some of them today 😀

I’ll be doing a meetup at the Hallmark booth this year at Fan Expo! I’ll be posting the times/location on my social media so make sure you’re following me on twitter, facebook, and instagram.

Let’s start with… The Avengers! (Well, half of them anyway!) Iron man, the Hulk, and Captain America!

Which one is your favourite? I’m always Team Cap because I’m pretty weak when it comes to muscular, blonde hair, blue eyed men in muscle suits. Hnnnnnnggggggg.

Can’t stop this bromance! HEHEHE. #civilwar

We can’t miss out on Spidey, can we? Don’t worry, you’ve got some marvel-ous friends. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahaha) There’s also a set of Itty Bitty’s which includes the Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman etc if you’re more of a DC fan.

Another set that I’m super super super excited for is the Star Wars set! If you haven’t already heard, there’s going to be a new Star Wars Movie coming out in 2016! It’s highly anticipated and everyone seems to be talking about it. As someone who watched Starwars quite late (….last month), I can’t wait to see the revamped version. I don’t think I can fully appreciate the early 2000s graphics. Anyway, I’ve got quite a few Star Wars goodies to show you…

Han Solo and Princess Leia! Look at these cuties~ You can get them as a pair in this adorable set!

Family portrait 😀

Here’s a lil’ R2D2! I’m sure if you’ve ever been to a comic convention, you’ve seen one of these guys whizzing around. There’s always a remote controlled one at Fan Expo, and it’s super cool! He makes noise and his head spins around 😀

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, you can even find this exclusive collectors set! How cute are these? These would make a really cute gift for friends and family who are fans – definitely look out for these in my Christmas gift guide! 🙂

The force is strong with this one! How could we miss Darth Vader?

So many cute plushies! Make sure to check them out at Fan Expo where you can pick up some cool collectables, or at your local Hallmark Store! Itty Bittys are 6.95 each and you can find them at your local Hallmark store.

Now for the fun part…. GIVEAWAY TIME! I’ve teamed up with Hallmark to bring you an awesome prize! 😀

This giveaway is for 1 weekend pass for Fan Expo Canada, which takes place in Toronto, Ontario. Make sure to enter if you were thinking about attending! It’s Canada’s largest comic convention, and it’s a huge show with some great guests! Here are some of the guests that are headlining the con!

Just fill out the Gleam widget below, and 1 lucky winner will be randomly selected on August 24, 2015! I will announce the winner on my social media and contact you by email. You have 24 hours to respond or else I’ll select a new winner!

Fan Expo Weekend Pass Giveaway from Sachie&Hallmark!

Thanks for reading, and best of luck in the giveaway!

I’ll be doing a meetup at the Hallmark booth this year at Fan Expo! I’ll be posting the times/location on my social media so make sure you’re following me on twitter, facebook, and instagram. 😀

Thanks for reading!



*This post is sponsored by Hallmarkbut as always it’s 100% my honest opinion! 


  1. Cate Roberts August 17, 2015

    OMG the cuteness I need some of these adorable little fellows in my life already xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. Arcenth August 17, 2015

    AGHHH Sachie thanks for hooking us up with this awesome giveaway! Hope i can finally get a chance yo meet you 😀

  3. Tom K August 17, 2015

    This would be a great way to spend my birthday weekend haha. Gotta say I like the Marvel plushies 😛

  4. ridabook August 17, 2015

    Omg those little Cap and IronMan plushies are so cute ; ^ ;

  5. Megan M. G August 17, 2015

    I hope you enjoy Fanexpo! I love the stuff Hallmark is coming out with. Have you seen the disney stuff? I want the winnie the pooh mug set!

  6. Gabi Z August 17, 2015

    I need to get my hands on C3PO! so cute!

  7. ferenik August 17, 2015

    This is super cool, if I do win then I'll actually be able to go to Fan Expo this year 😀

  8. Kyle Youldon August 17, 2015

    My sister loves these, thanks for the contest!

  9. Lisa Holland August 17, 2015

    What a great way to advertise and give back. PS Love the kitty. My siamese is just as cute but much more cross eyed 😉 I will be sure to look for you this year while I am there!

  10. Miss Kitty August 18, 2015

    this is sooo cool 😀

  11. 188-881 Joyfull August 18, 2015

    It would be fantastic to save $60 by getting a free ticket for Saturday September 5th. However, if I don't win this giveaway then I would still go down to the MTCC and pay the entry fee, because I've been waiting for this event for an entire year, and because I miss talking to the legendary Sachie offline and in person. Last year's meetup was wonderful, and I'm hoping that this year's meetup will be just as good, if not even better.
    I really like those Star Wars toys, but I'm also after the Sailor Jupiter figurine which I sadly didn't win. I really hope to meet you again soon, even if I lose this giveaway.
    Sincerely, Eugene.

  12. Colleen Allain-Hill August 18, 2015

    Your cat is awesome BTW! I'm partial to the spider man!

  13. Des P August 18, 2015

    Spiderman & cute kitty

  14. Nicole R August 18, 2015

    I like Ironman

  15. Dean Boutilier August 18, 2015

    The Darth Vader Itty Bitty is too darn cute!!!

  16. Mike Dachuk August 18, 2015

    It would be nice to win! I love fan expo. It would be nice to meet you there at the Hallmark booth!

  17. JHutch August 18, 2015

    Very cool! Spidey is definitely my fave!

  18. Francesca August 18, 2015

    This giveaway is so exciting! & I lovelovelove the IttyBittys, especially the Han Solo/Princess Leia set! (In the Hallmark near me, they have Toy Story and Snoopy ones aghasdjlfhasdjklh;;;;) ♥ ♥ ♥

  19. Hope Miller August 18, 2015

    I love the Yoda!

  20. Stephanie Van Belle August 18, 2015

    Super cute definitely wanna check it out. (The prize would go to my friend for his birthday since he's really upset about missing it this year unless he doesn't want it then it goes to my sister who's working hard as a PSW and deserves a cosplay break)

  21. Jennifer V August 18, 2015

    I love love love the little yoda !! so cute, i want it!! The cat is also incredibly adorable 🙂

  22. Mervin Fermin August 18, 2015

    Does the cat come with the prize? Hyappy was my favourite

  23. Nic August 21, 2015

    Yoda is my favourite!

  24. Ricardo Espiritu August 21, 2015

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Ricardo Espiritu August 21, 2015

    Awesome Sachie. Cpt America is my fav

  26. Joel H August 23, 2015

    Joel Harrison


  27. Jazz August 23, 2015

    Super Awesome

  28. Amylyn August 24, 2015

    I so need a little Han and Leia! I can't go to Fan Expo due to money, so winning those would be SUPER AWESOME!!

  29. Kiyomi August 24, 2015

    The 'lil avengers are so cute <3

  30. Lisa Vance August 24, 2015

    These are so adorable! Definitely going to have to keep an eye out for these!! I want them all!

  31. kitzwitz August 24, 2015


  32. Em Vee August 25, 2015

    Obi Wan


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