The Bath & Body Works Candle Haul…

Hello lovelies!

Last week, after a series of important meetings, I decided to pop by Bath and Body Works and pick up some candles! I don’t typically buy candles, or anything from Bath and Body Works for that matter, but they had the 2 three-wick candles for $25 promotion on! I’ve only owned two of their candles before and liked them, so it was a fairly spontaneous #treatyoself purchase.

I don’t burn candles very often because my mom hates scents, and I get non-stop complaining if I burn them for too long, haha….

I picked up the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent, and the Stress Relief aromatherapy candle in eucalyptus spearmint. I’m very picky with my scents – I don’t like anything too strong, sweet, or heavy. I’m absolutely in love with these scents though!


I’ve tried the Bath and Body Works aromatherapy line before, but only their bubble baths lines. I liked the smell of the anti-stress candle the most. It’s ‘eucalyptus spearmint’ scent, which I feel is a soft mint scent, with warm eucalpytus undertones. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this very well, but it’s a very comforting scent for me!
There is also a Eucalyptus Mint scent as part of their White Barn range. It has the same packaging as the Japanese Cherry Blossom candle. (The candle jar is frosted white though.) I was tempted to buy the white jar so I could turn it into a cute brush holder for my makeup brushes, but the green seemed more ‘anti-stress’ to me. 
Next is the Japanese Cherry Blossom candle! I haven’t started burning this one yet. I’ve owned this candle in the past. I miss the sparkly pink packaging though, but this will do. It’s a sweet and floral scent that smells like the rest of their cherry blossom range.
I always make sure to trim down the wicks after I’ve burned the candle. This allows the candle to burn cleaner and last longer!
Overall, I love these two scents! I usually let the surface of the candle liquify to prevent tunneling. I can’t really pick a favourite… I’m saving my cherry blossom one for later. Right now, I really need the stress relief.  
Bath and Body Works has some great promotions coming up, such as their ‘get $10 off a $30 purchase’, and more! Make sure to check for coupons, especially for the candles. One of these candles goes for $25, and the typical offer is 2 for $35, but occasionally you can get a steal of a deal!
Have you tried any Bath and Body Works candles? What’s your favourite scent?

Thanks for reading!



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