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In my last post, I mentioned that I had the opportunity to check out Burberry‘s new booth at Sephora in Square One! Burberry has many new items, including lip products, glowing bases, blushes, highlighters…you name it! A truly gorgeous line – you can read my post on the experience here!

I was given a few goodies to try out!

Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen in No.01 Nude Radiance
Burberry Face Contour in No. 01 Medium
Burberry Iconic Nail Polish in No. 299 Poppy Black
Burberry Lip Velvet Soft Matte Lip Colour in No. 437 Oxblood

First – the Fresh Contour Pen. Contour creates soft shadows to enhance, define and sculpt the face for a professional result. The creamy, lightweight texture blends seamlessly to a subtle natural shadow. It has a very creamy texture. The package also includes a face chart with simple instructions on how to create the perfect sculpted look.

It looks quite dark (and intimidating, especially for someone with pale skin like me). However, it blends out to quite a sheer finish, so you can layer the product and control how dark you want your contour to be. You can blend the contour stick out even more than in the swatch above!

Next, the Fresh Glow Pen in No.01 Nude Radiance. Currently, only one shade is available. This goes hand in hand with the other glowy bases that Burberry offers. It’s an effortless, glow-to-go pen to boost radiance with precision highlights when and where you need them.

 It reminds me of the Benefit Watt’s up highlighter except a lot more creamy and less…shiny? This finish is much more natural that you can really blend out. Like the contour stick, the highlighter comes with a face chart explaining how to create an effortless highlight.

Burberry Nail Polish in Poppy Black – Oh man, I haven’t worn black nail polish in forever. First though, I’ve got to point out this gorgeous packaging! I love the checked design that is etched into the cap. When I first saw the packaging, I thought there was only a tiny amount of polish and a massive cap! Don’t worry, as the rest of the polish is just hiding under the cap.

This nail polish has great coverage – basically one coat for an opaque, glossy finish. I feel like the price point is a bit steep at $23 – however, if you’re looking to own a gorgeous, high end nail polish…this is for you. There are more colours in this range as well.

Finally, my favourite item so far…

Burberry Lip Velvet soft matte lip colour in No. 437 Oxblood. This! This colour! Oxblood is a gorgeous wine colour lipstick with a velvety matte finish. I love the texture of this lipstick! As you may already know, I’m in love with Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick. I’ve fallen in love with matte finishes! KVD’s formula’s can be quite drying.

When I first applied this, it felt more like a cream finish! It took me off guard because I was expecting a more dry, matte finish. After about a minute, the formula set. It’s got a matte finish, but it will rub off. It’s got a lovely stain to it though, so you won’t have to worry about a dark line around your lips.

I don’t typically wear bold lipsticks like above (only when I’m feeling adventurous, hehe), but I’ve been wearing it as a stain – gently patted into the lips for a lighter finish. It’s time that I break away from my safety net of oranges and corals and start pulling out the wines and berries for fall!

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of Burberry’s beauty products? Is there anything you’d be excited to try?

Thanks for reading!



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