How to Prevent Candle Tunneling!

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Autumn is essentially synonymous with candle burning season. There’s something about getting all cosied up and burning a nice scented candle! Sometimes candles tend to tunnel, especially if it’s a single wick and doesn’t burn as well as others. I had this problem with a few mini candles that I bought from Bath and Body Works – the mini candles have itty-bitty wicks and the wax sides tend to stick to the glass.

I figured out a way to prevent the tunneling!

You only need one thing: aluminum foil, or kitchen foil!

First, cut a strip of foil that is long and wide enough to wrap around your candle.

Wrap up the candle with the foil and curve it over the edge to create a dome with a little hole for the flame to poke through. This works as an insulator for the candle – the foil helps to retain heat, which then warms the glass sides. This softens and melts the wax that is stuck along the sides. Let the candle burn like that for a few minutes.  I usually leave it on the mini ones for about 5 minutes, but your wait time will depend on how large your container is.

Voila! No more tunneling, and you can get the most out of your candles!

Do you have any tips/tricks? Make sure to leave them in the comments below!

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