The Thanksgiving Food Diary

Hello lovelies!

I just finished watching the food reviewer episode of South Park, which reminded me that I have quite a few foodie photos to share with you! Canadian Thanksgiving was about a week and a half ago, which means lots of yummy dishes.
The weekend before Thanksgiving, my family and I visited St Jacobs, Ontario. I was about 10 years old the last time we visited, so we took a little day trip out to the countryside. St Jacobs is a Mennonite town, which means the town itself is quite tiny. There are lots of woodworking and home hardware shops, art galleries, and souvenir shops. Unfortunately, the economy seems to have hit this area quite hard as many of the stores have closed down…
Anyway, after a wander around, we decided to grab lunch at DH Food and Lodging – a little restaurant and lodge on King St, right by the Conestogo River. 

 Started off with a warm bread basket with whipped butter. The bread is from a local bakery down the street, and tasted super savory and fresh!

The soup of the day was a curried chicken and vegetable soup, followed by a creamy caesar salad topped with assorted rye and white croutons. ($10)

The special of the day was a turkey and stuffing sandwich on top of a bun. I think it was just for Thanksgiving, but it was really good! The portion sizes were quite big – my mom and I split one so only half a portion is pictured above. The soup and sandwich special was $15.

Overall. the meal and service was great. The Lodge itself has a very comfortable atmosphere with aged wood detailing, as it has been in business since 1852! The only issue we encountered was that washrooms were located upstairs, which was a bit of a struggle for my 84yr old grandma… But if you’ve got spry young legs, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, continuing on with the drool-worthy photos… Thanksgiving dinner! We didn’t do a big dinner or anything this year. In previous years, some of my mom’s friends have come over for a little party, but this year we just decided to chill out.

Cranberry sauce, yes yes yes! I love the sauce that my mom makes – it’s sweet and tart and goes very well with turkey. On the opposite scale, I hate sweet potatoes. The sweetness tastes weird to me and I don’t like to texture…

Started off with some tomato soup – pureed tomatos, other vegetables, and various spices for that little kick!

The more colourful a meal is, the better it must be for your body, right? We had the typical Thanksgiving meal – roast vegetables, potatoes, brussel sprouts (gross), sweet potato (double gross), beans, cranberry sauce, and turkey! Instead of getting a massive turkey, we bought a pre-stuffed breast from M&M. There were only four of us so it wouldn’t make sense to get a massive turkey…
Do you have any favourite Thanksgiving traditions, or favourite meals? I know we only really celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada / the US, so I hope you’ll enjoy this food diary regardless!
Thanks for reading!



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