The Geek & The Cosplayer | Christmas Gift Guide

On the third day of giftmas…it’s all about the geeks, nerds, cosplayers, and otakus!

Hello lovelies! Christmas season is upon us… and that means finding gifts for friends and family! Chances are that if you’re following me, you’ve found me through my anime, cosplay, or geek related content! (If you haven’t, you can find out more about my geeky related content on my facebook or youtube channel!)

Now, I love looking for geeky themed gifts, since most of my friends are geeks! There are so many cool geeky gift ideas out there, especially as geek culture becomes more popular! Here are some ideas for pop culture fanatics, anime fans, and fantasy enthusiasts. I’ve put together a little selection of gifts for the geeks, otaku, and cosplayers in your life!

For the Geek…

  1. Crunchyroll Premium Membership – for that friend that watches too much anime…
  2. Tetris Lamp – a quirky way to brighten up any space! The pieces are rearrangable.
  3. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker – Relive your nostalgia for Star Wars in the tastiest way possible!
  4. Cheero Ingress Portable Charger – 12000 mAH portable charger that flashes with ingress patterns. Cheero has other cute chargers as well!
  5. Mini Bulbasaur Planters – Add a bit of charm to any room with these 3D bulbasaur planters – the plants bloom on their backs!
  6. Gen 1 Pokemon Gym Badges Pin Set – Your friend can now be the very best, like no one ever was! Without the hassle of beating gym leaders! 
  7. Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray – Miyazaki’s films are heartwarming classics that almost every geek is familar with! Spirited Away is a favourite.
  8. Sailor Moon Luna / Artemis Purse – magical girls gotta have style!
  9. Japan Crate Premium Snack Box – A large selection of interesting, colourful, and fun Japanese candies snacks!
  10. Cup Noodle Mug – Flashbacks to the college days… or days of watching college anime…
  11. Sailor Moon Selfie Stick – If you’re going to use a selfie stick, it might as well be cute, right?

For the Cosplayer…

Just because this is a geeky cosplay guide, I figured most people would be familiar with cosplay, have a friend whose a cosplayer, or is thinking about cosplay! Here are some ideas  that every cosplayer will enjoy, as weird as this gift guide may seem haha! (Trust me, they’ll love you for it.)
  1. Crafter’s Gift Pack – Hot Glue Gun Pack – I can’t even begin to tell you how many glue sticks cosplayers go through! Help a friend out!
  2. Worbla’s Finest Art – Many cosplayers, including myself, love using this theroplastic material for armors and props!
  3. Pinky Paradise Circle Lens Gift Certificate – Want the big-eyed anime look, but in real life? Circle lenses are a must!
  4. Paint Airbrush Kit – If your cosplayer takes great pride in their painting, airbrushing can definitely help achieve a beautiful effect!
  5. Dremel Rotary Tool Kit Includes various heads and attachments. Dremels are great for carving details into foam!
  6. McCalls Cosplay PatternsMcCall’s has patterns specifically for cosplay! Great for new and experienced cosplayers alike.
  7. Kamui Cosplay Tutorial BooksMaster cosplayer Kamui has written awesome guides on making cosplay pieces! Fantastic resources.
  8. Prosthetic Latex Elf Ears – If you’re gifting to a LARP fan, elf ears are essential! You might also want to get Spirit Gum adhesive as well which will help with application.
I hope this guide helped out! If you have any ideas for things that would make great geeky related gifts, leave them in the comment box below. Check out the rest of my gift guides here. Happy shopping!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for day four of my gift guides – presents for men and boys in your life! πŸ™‚



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