Circle Lens Review: Puffy 3 Tone Violet & Super Pinky Blue

Puffy 3-Tone Circle Lenses

It goes without saying that I’m a fan of circle lenses – I feel like they’re a significant part of the ~Sachie~ look. I placed an order with Honeycolor during the New Year as a few of my lenses were due to be tossed. There was also a buy-one-get-one promotion, so I got a pair of Super Pinky Blue lenses for free.
I’ve owned almost every colour in the line. Today I’ll be reviewing the Puffy 3-Tone Violet lenses, but you can read my review of the green ones here!

Lenses from Honeycolor come packaged inside a mini cardboard box that is wrapped in bubble tape. The lenses also come with a colourful animal case! I love these cases (especially when they match the colour of my lenses), but I find that they sometimes due tend to leak! Make sure they are stored upright, not upside down or on their sides, just in case!


Puffy 3-Tone Violet Circle Lenses

My favourite style of circle lenses is definitely the Puffy 3-Tone line. They are defined by the three tones in colour – a dark outer limbal ring, a mid tone for the iris, and a lighter (often brown or beige) inner ring. They are a larger size (15mm) diameter, and I love them because they photograph so nicely! They look bright and animated in videos as well. In about 80% of my videos, and almost all of my cosplays, I am wearing Puffy 3-tone lenses.

I love these lenses because they are perfect for cosplay! They are bright but not too cartoony, and have a natural design that blends in well. The violet lenses are darker than the Puffy 3-Tone pink, but lighter than the Puffy 3-Tone blue.

You can find them here for $25.90



Super Pinky Blue Circle Lenses

This was the pair of lenses I received for free in the promotion. Honestly, I realized that blue circle lenses just don’t work on me – they look really unnatural on me and I would only really wear these for cosplay purposes! Strange, because the violet lenses look more natural on me than blue! Ha!

They have a diameter of 14.8mm, so they are almost as large as the Puffy 3-Tone series. They are characterized by the thin, dark outer limbal ring, which fades into a multidimensional mid tone blue, and then a lighter blue. These lenses photograph quite brightly – I own the bright red in this same line, and it makes me look like a demon! They are fantastic for cosplay.

You can find these lenses here for $25.90.

If you’re interested in these lenses, you can get them at HoneyColor!


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