One Of A Kind Show – Winter 2016 #OOAK

One Of A Kind Show Toronto 02

One Of A Kind Show Toronto 2016

Hello lovelies! Time to finish up with all the leftover draft that I forgot about… Better late than never, right? I decided to check out the One of A Kind Show in the Enercare Centre in downtown Toronto on December 3rd! It’s a large crafts exhibition that is held in December (Christmas show), and March (Spring show.) The show hall is filled with booths showcasing original artwork, clothing, ceramics, and food. Many items are one of a kind, as the show name suggests. We perused the aisles for a few hours and picked up a few Christmas gifts. Today, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite booths!

Here are a few local small businesses fantastic Canadian creators. Keep reading to see what we got up to…

I tried to collect business cards as I went along, so here we go!

Oxford Artist Studio – Serge Démétrius Dubé

This guy had a super cool booth – he was doing demonstrations on how he creates his unique paintings! He doesn’t use a paint brush, but rather squirty tubes filled with paint! He splashes the paint onto canvases and uses his finger or a palette knife to smear the paint around. Truly fascinating to watch, although there was a bit of a splash zone in the front row lol. All of his paintings were bright and colourful, with a sense of spontaneity and whimsy.

Check out his website here.

Mena Dragonfly – Melanie Mena

There were lots of gorgeous ceramic booths, but this one was one of my faves. Such simple and minimalistic designs! She had quite price point for handmade ceramics too. These would make a lovely gift, especially as a set. My mom would have absolutely loved these, but I found something for her at another cute ceramics booth.

You can find her website here, and on twitter and instagram.

Hubbub Paper Co – Sibylle Cox

Paper goods are some of my favourite things to buy at craft shows. I won’t buy a $8 card from Hallmark, but I’ll gladly fork over the cash for a unique, hand printed card that was individually made on an ink press! This girl runs her own small business and prints everything on a vintage press – the card stock quality was great and the designs were so cute! They’re like little bit sof artwork rather than just a Christmas card. Hubbub offeres a selection of greeting cards, recipe cards, and even calendar designs!

So gorgeous. Highly recommend placing an order with her because there’s something very special about these cards!

Visit her website here.

Horse Fiddle Press

Probably my favourite booth at #OOAK. I originally discovered these local artists at the Canzine Comic Fair in the fall. The specialize in quirky and detailed cat designs, which are printed on to t-shirts, or lino prints. I’d love to pick up one of their original lino prints, especially the pink one with the fat cat at the table. Instead, I bought another enamel cat pin for my jacket. So cute! They also have an online store.


Overdue – Margi Laurin

Here’s a cool concept – book-notebooks! Overdue takes vintage books (often discarded from libraries,) add notebook pages, and bind it into a brand new book! As a result, you get a vintage notebook with salvaged pages from the original book bound inside. There are lots of lovable series, such as Beatrix Potter books, harlequin novels, comic books… Very cute, and very special.

Makes a great gift if you can find your giftee’s favourite stories!!

You can find the website here, under ‘altered books’.


La Jolee Hand Drawn Illustrations

I made sure to keep a look out for this booth, as it was the winner of the OOAK Show Best Booth Award! I saw the booth featured on the OOAK instagram account and it was just so pretty. Here you’ll find lots of whimsical cards and prints, often featuring some cheeky humour. I love this artist’s detailed style – the use of lines is gorgeous.

Visit her website here.

I wasn’t able to find the name/info for this table, but they had a very pretty booth! From what I can remember, they sold different varieties of soaps, tonics, and natural skincare solutions.

My favourite section of the OOAK show was the food section! There were lot of homemade condiment booths (sauces, jams, jellies, etc.) There was one booth that sold the most delicious crab/lobster mousse dips! They tasted absolutely divine and I could have inhaled a jar just then and there, but it was quite expensive… Maybe I’ll pick up a jar at the next show!

I’m sure many of these exhibitors will also be at the Spring #OOAK show, which takes place March 29 to April 2 this year! You can find more details on their website. I hope you saw something interesting in this post, and remember to support local artists! <3

Thanks for reading!

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