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Hi friends!!

Over the past little while, a few new bits have landed on my doorstep, as well some new products I’ve picked up! I thought I’d put together a little first impressions now that I’ve been using these products for the past month or so.

October was my month experimenting with the smoky eye! To be honest, I wasn’t really sure how much I was going to like it – I’ve always leaned towards more natural, neutral tones when I do my eye makeup. However, two eyeshadow palettes really worked me into the smoky look…


I’ve  been loving the Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte palette that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday! This is my favourite warm palette at the moment, and I’ve essentially switched over to using this on most days. Again, a great palette for a smoky eye. I’ve been using the shades peach tart, just ripe, and chocolate dipped (the three colours on the right column of the palette) to achieve looks like the one above. I found that these eyeshadows are fairly powdery but are super blendable.



  • Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation in the shade 01N
  • It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer in Medium Neutral
  • Wet n Wild Retractable Brow Pencil
  • Too Faced Just Peachy Eye Shadow Palette (using shades Peach Tea, Peach Cobbler, and Peach Tart on the upper lids, as well as Peach Sangria and Just Ripe on the bottom last line.)
  • Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer
  • MAC Sweet Cream blush (from Archie Girls collection – my fav blush!)
  • Estee Lauder Pure Colour Love lipstick in Juiced Up
  • Solotica Contact lenses in Natural Grey

Smoky Eyes

First of all, PACKAGING!!! Black marble omg!! So good. Honestly, this packaging is basically every blogger’s dream. I’ve never tried Quo products before, so this set the bar really high for me. The palette comes with 5 shades, ranging from a bone shade, to deep green, to a warm bronze. It’s been a handy little travel palette for the past few weekends.

For eye shadow, my preference leans towards neutral and warm tones – I’ve never really experimented with cooler tones and I always play it really safe with my colour choices.


However, I really like this palette for the green tones which I think are super autumnal and really help to achieve that grungy 90s look that seems to be coming back. Plus the palette includes 2 brown shades – one warm and one cool, that help the green transitional naturally at the crease.

In regards to the formula, it’s a little powdery but colour payoff is nice – I don’t usually use a lid primer, but I found that the colour was much stronger and vibrant when layererd on top of my Urban Decay Primer Potion for example. (Although a bit of concealer would achieve the same effect!) This palette retails for $16, which is great for the value and quality you’re getting.


My luxury hair care fave at the moment has definitely been the Wella Oil Reflections Line. I’m always a bit apprehensive when trying shampoos and conditioners that market themselves as being infused with oil – I’ve tried other hair care products that leave my hair feeling smoothed but weighed down.

I’ve been using the Wella line for the past three weeks, twice a week, and I absolutely love how this makes my hair feel after being washed!

So what I mainly look for in shampoo and conditioner specifically is that it leaves my hair feeling cleansed and and light… You know that feeling when you have a deep cleanse? I want my hair to feel smoothed and hydrated but I don’t want to feel any product in my hair.

Unfortunately I find that it’s usually a “pick one” situation – either feel cleansed and light (but have my hair be frizzy), or have hydrated and smoothed hair (but feel like my hair is coated in product.)

This, however, is a total winner. I’ve never tried Wella before so I didn’t have any expectations going into this. The Wella Luminous Reveal Shampoo is a light moisturizing shampoo that provides a gorgeous shine while cleansing and moisturizing the hair. It lathers up nicely and leaves my hair feeling silky soft.

After that I’ll follow up with the Wella Instant Conditioner. I usually apply conditioner to my wet hair, twist it up into a bun, and leave it in for about half an hour (or longer… I usually wash my hair in a basin and then run a bath and let my conditioner soak in.) The Wella Instant Conditioner contains camellia oil (which I have learned to love – more on that in an upcoming post,) and it leaves my hair feeling ultra-hydrated and smooth! The duo also contains white tea extract and smells light and fresh.

After washing, I’ll finish with some of the Wella Luminous Smoothening Oil. I love applying a light oil to my hair when it is damp to tame flyaways, as my hair can be quite frizzy – especially in this windy fall weather! It also works as a leave in hydrating treatment. I apply a quarter-size pump to hands, rub them together, and work them through my hair.

Overall, I definitely recommend it!

Being By Sanctuary Spa

I was recently introduced to a brand called Being By Sanctuary Spa. It’s an English brand that has recently found its way to Canada, with availability in Shoppers Drug Mart. The brand boasts a series of unconventional and unique scents, with a line spanning across bath products, body care, and fragrances.

I absolutely love the branding. It’s supposed to be young, fresh, and fun. The products are branded by Being’s fun illustrations of women with different fruits or flavours in place of eyes. Very pretty!

Being by Sanctuary Spa took unique scents and infused them into different products. There are currently 4 flavours: Coconut and Hibiscus, Chilli Mango and Tonka Bean, Salted Caramel and Macademia, and Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom.

I’ll admit, I’m not really a fan of sweet scents. I tend to lean more towards florals, however I thought I’d give this Salted Caramel and Macademia bath foam a chance because I wanted to test the bubble factor! (I mean, there are a lot of bath foams out there that basically do nothing / don’t really have bubbles, so it’s worth a mention.)

The scent definitely calms down when diluted with the bath water, resulting in a sweet and creamy scent. I’d say it isn’t too noticeable, or it fades down a lot… You get more of a sweet cream scent rather than caramel and macademia. Best of all though, the bubbles lasted quite long and they create a nice lather!


This is probably one of the best bubble bath foams that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a ton. The result is thick, creamy bubbles that last for ages. I love how the foam comes in multiple scents – I’m definitely going to be picking up a few more bottles once mine runs out!

I also keep a second bottle of this stuff at my boyfriends house so I can take baths there, because his bath is so much nicer and deeper than mine hehehehe.

Definitely a fab gift if you have a friend who loves a bathtime pamper! 😀


I also received the Being By Sanctuary Spa shower burst and body lotion in the cloudberry and lychee blossom scent! It’s a very fresh and fruity scent that isn’t overwhelming.

The shower gel is actually pretty cool – it’s a aerosol can that dispenses the gel, which foams up when exposed to air. It really reminds me of shaving cream, where it shoots out as a foamy gel! I love the scent – it does not linger on the skin for very long but is very pleasant.

The lotion is pretty standard – it’s a light and hydrating body lotion that sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave behind a residue. It has a beautiful scent that lingers for a bit longer than the shower burst gel. I’ve been wearing it when I get out of the bath and it makes my skin feel wonderful.

I also have tried out the Hibiscus & Coconut Water body scrub – it’s an exfoliating scrub that isn’t harsh, it’s got a medium grit scrub texture and gently buffs away dead and dry skin. The texture/look actually reminds me of jam! But it’s more of a liquid-gel consistency than your typical thick scrubs.

I loooove the scent of this – the freshness of coconut water mixed in with a light floral scent. Totallly suitable for daily use!

The Petit Marseillais Orange Blossom Body Wash

I was recently sent Le Petit Marseillais body wash to try out. I actually remember this brand from when I visited France, because I bought a block of their olive oil soap (shaped like a cube!) I liked the scent of the soap and its moisturizing properties. As for this body wash… the scent! Oh, the scent is so lovely. It kind of reminds me of orange popsicles – a perfect mix of vanilla and orange scent that isn’t too sweet. The formula is pH neutral for your skin.

There are five scents of body wash in total: Orange Blossom, White Peach & Nectarine, Vanilla Milk, Lavender Honey, and Cotton Milk & Poppy.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer

Now this is one that I’ve heard so many of my favourite Canadian beauty guru’s rave about – Jamie Page, Allana Davidson, Leigh Dickson, they all tout the magical moisturizer and priming properties of the new Smashbox Primerizer. So you can imagine that I was super excited when I got to try this out! Housed in the same type of bottle as their foundation, the primerizer feels exactly like a moisturizer, claiming to extend the longevity of makeup.

I don’t mind silicone primers, but I prefer ones that feel more natural on the skin. And I can confidently say that when this Primerizer is paired with their Studio Skin foundation (which was my fav foundation through spring and summer).

Well, that’s it from me for now! Have you tried any of the products above? I really liked all of them so far, and I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts in future posts!


  1. Emma October 30, 2017

    What is the name of that QUO palette? I can’t seem to find it online? It looks so pretty.

    • sachie October 31, 2017

      It’s called the evergreen palette, and you can find it at shoppers!

  2. Panda October 30, 2017

    I miss your blog being about cosplay instead of selling skincare products. I miss your videos about anime and cosplay. Those were the reasons I followed you on social media years ago, and I’m losing patience. I get that you need to make money; we all do, but is this really what you want your blog to be? Nothing but selling products?

    • sachie October 31, 2017

      I’m not making money off these posts, I just really like talking about skincare products. As for cosplay, I don’t get to go to cons/ make costumes as often as I did because I have a full time job/ can’t afford to travel to cons. Those were some really fun times and I wish I could make more content like that. Thanks for the support over the years but the type of content I make changes as I change.

  3. synthetic wigs November 23, 2017

    The Wella Oil Reflections Line is AMAZING!! My beautician first used it on me and I was amazed at how silky and flowy my hair got (I am black by the way with natural hair/not relaxed).

    I decided to buy it on here and when it was time to straighten my hair again for a special occasion, I washed my hair and left the conditioner in my hair for an hour (just sat and watched tv) and washed it out blow dried my hair, straighten it, and so silky and flowy AGAIN! Will use this from now on.

    • sachie November 28, 2017

      Yes, I completely agree! It has made my hair feel so lovely and silky~

  4. lyndaaa December 16, 2017

    Sachie! I miss your videos! Come back soon pls!!!

  5. Belady September 3, 2018

    That’s a great idea! I’ll try it tonight. My hair is slightly damaged, I will care my hair more, this artile helps me a loi. Thanks

  6. Vicky December 8, 2018

    Really effective,amazing and useful article.Thanks for sharing this knowledgable information.
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