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[review] GEO Puffy 3-Tone Green / Peroxi Clear Solution

Heya lovelies!
Here’s a review for you guys! I recently went and tossed out over half of my circle lens collection because they were approaching their expiry dates! I usually keep lenses for 6-8 months before replacing them. I have a few pairs that I wear quite regularly because I like how they look and wear them often in videos. 
The GEO Shinny (now known as Puffy 3-Tone) are my favourite style of circle lenses. I’ve tried out the pink, blue, and grey colours and I love how they look! (I’ve gone through 3 pairs of pink, and one of grey / blue). I had to throw out my recent pair of pink and my grey ones were tearing at the side so I decided to try out a new colour! I’ll be cosplaying Sailor Jupiter and Noire from Fire Emblem soon so that means…green eyes! I hardly ever wear green lenses because I didn’t think it suited me, but I really like how these look on me! :0
I bought these from LoveShoppingholics ($23.90 USD)! I’ve checked on a few sites and most major ones (Candylens, PinkyParadise) sell them. They all generally go for the same price. 

 My lenses were packaged in a bubblewrap mailer. Everything came contained in a cute plastic bag. This included: pouch with lenses/lens case, a thank you letter, and two freebies! Hair velcros (great for holding bangs/hair out of face while doing makeup), and a collagen eye mask.

 Lens bottles and a cute hippo lens case! These lenses are cute, but over years of using them I’ve found that they tend to loosen up and leak quite easily. If you go to a lot of cons/travel with lenses often, I’d recommend to invest in a different case that closes tightly! I tried out a cool new type of lens case which I’ll review later in this post! 😀

 I wear plano which are just the clear 0.00 degree lenses! 

 Here’s what the lenses look like! These lenses are on the larger side. They are 15mm lenses, and feature 3 different tones – a dark outer green ring, a jade green middle, and a light green/yellow centre.

 This is how the lenses appear on my eyes, which are a medium-light brown. The lenses do a great job of covering up your natural eye colour! I also like how the outer ring isn’t a solid black, so they look natural but allow you to achieve superkawaii massive shoujo manga eyes at the same time! 😀

Here’s a comparison shot!! The first picture shows one lens in and one without – as you can see, they are very enlarging! They are also quite bright as these were shot in regular indoor lighting,

 Here’s what the lenses are like with makeup on! Should have tightlined….orz!! I’m thinking of making another eye makeup tutorial because my last one seemed quite popular! Check out my last tutorial for eyebrows + eye enlarging makeup!

All in all, I love these lenses! I’ll probably be ordering the brown and violet ones soon. 😀 I’ll do another review soon!

I also ran out of lens solution, so I stopped off at Loblaws I mean Great Canadian Superstore and was going to pick up the usual Bausch+Lomb ReNu lens solution…but this one was on sale! Hooray for introductory offers! I love trying out new products so I figured why not. (It was also like $10 cheaper than the ReNu kit so my wallet won out haha!!)

 So this new lens solution claims to be a new revolutionary type of lens cleaning solution + disinfectant that will fully clean your lenses in 4 hours. The solution foams up and apparently the bubbles are supposed to help to fully eliminate germs. Sounds promising! It also came with this weird basket type contact case which I’ve never seen before?

Basically you unscrew the “basket” and full the container up to a line with lens solution. You open the basket compartment and put the lens inside and close the lids. Then you reinsert it into the container. In order to take the lenses out, you take out the basket and the lens will stick to the top of the lid for easier removal! 😀 I really like this because it saves having to claw around for the lens (getting dirt in the solution, potentially tearing lens, dropping lens etc.) I’m thinking of buying more of these and replacing all of my cases haha.

Would you like to see more reviews of lenses or certain products? Let me know! 😀


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[review] candylens

Hiya lovelies!

Got some lovely lenses from Candylens to review today! Shipping took about a week to arrive from Malaysia to England. (I think that was about the same time it took to arrive in Canada as well?)  Anyway, communication was great, they replied fast to all of my emails, and answered any questions that I had! When a store has great customer service, it makes a great impression and makes me recommend them to my friends! 😀

Let’s take a look at the lenses, shall we?

Vassen Latte Gray
Seriously loving these lenses. Although the websites states that they are 14.5mm, they give the illusion of being around 16mm. Definitely the most enlarging lenses that I own! They give a super dolly-eyed look. They are grey, with flecks of brown. Has a dark, medium size limbal (outer) ring.

Although the colour is ‘gray’, they appear to be brown on my eyes (the gray isn’t really that noticeable). However, if you have lighter blue/green/grey eyes, these will show up as being gray with a hint of brown!

The design really reminds me of GEO Cafe Mimi series in Macchiato…except being a gray version! Since this design is called ‘Latte’, I’m guessing that it is based on the Cafe series haha…

The appearance is quite natural, despite the fact that they enlarge your eyes like crazy!

Vassen Cloud Nine Blue
These lenses are very POW in-your-face blue! Super bright. They are bright cerulean blue, with flecks of pale blue. They also have a very thick black outer ring.

 Macaron case! 

These are not natural at all, but would be great for cosplay! Since they are mainly a solid colour with very little blending of the two colours, they really help to achieve a dolly-eyed look. They are 14.5mm, but I feel like they have a 15mm effect.

Both of these lenses are great because they didn’t make my eyes feel dry or irritated! I haven’t really tried out many Vassen lenses, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re interested in these lenses, you can find them (and many more designs/colours) over at CandyLens!

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[REVIEW] Pinkicon

A while ago, the new circle lens and wig store called Pinkicon contacted me, asking me if I’d like to review some products for them! They are a promising new store located in Hong Kong, and have a variety of items.

I received three different packages from them. They were sent by EMS and arrived within a few days. Communication was super fast, and I always got a reply within a day. Customer service was great.

The first package one contained two different pairs of circle lenses!

Starmish Brown are 14.5mm lenses. They are a fairly bold orange-brown/copper colour. The colour is quite striking! I love the look of this colour on my eyes since I’ve never really tried it before. Reminds me of cat eyes haha!

Dali Heart Brown are dark brown lenses that have a subtle heart pattern. I typically don’t like darker brown lenses (because I’d rather have yellowish eyes hahaha) but these are quite nice. If you have dark brown eyes and want a big dolly enlargement, these would be ideal.

Magic Magic is a Japanese falsies brand. I’ve never heard of it before (Well, I’m not exactly up the biggest connoisseur of gyaru lashes), but the designs are really cute.

Magic Magic false eyelashes — I was sent two different types. Not too sure about the names. The first one in the purple package sports more of a cat-eye style. Lashes are fairly natural but have more of an accent towards the ends. The lashes in the pink box are fairly natural but have smaller accents on both ends.

I prefer the cat-eye style!

The lash also came with lash glue. The glue was pretty weak and didn’t stick very well. Bit of a miss for me. The cool thing about this though is that it’s kind of a tinted color? Like, the glue itself is a white colour but looks kind of blue and purple from different lights/angles, if that makes sense.

The next package contained the wig. It’s a pink-ash milk-tea brown color. This wig is soooo soft! It has some curls but the curls disappear once you brush it out, which is kind of sad. But man, the quality of this wig is lovely. It doesn’t tangle at all! It’s not the most flattering colour on me since I tend to rock the darker colours, but this was a nice change! The package came with a wig cap and brush. You can see how it looks on me in the video below 😀

The last package was a wig stand. It came in three pieces – two main body pieces and a top ring. You cross the two body parts over and then secure the ring part along the top! This is great. It’s light and easy to assemble. Definitely going to bring this with me to cons, since we usually never bring wig stands with us because they take up so much room.

I actually posted the review video a loonnnnggg time ago, but totally forgot about the blog post! Whoopsiiii~~

Anyway thanks for reading, seeya the day after tomorrow!

White Screen mesh contacts [review]

Hello lovelies! I’ve got a contact lens review for you today, haven’t done one in a while now!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m planning to cosplay Hinata from Naruto Shippuden! She’s a character that has ‘white out eyes’ – she doesn’t have a black pupil.

I bought these contacts from I haven’t bought lenses from them before, but apparently they’re quite well known. They sell lots of special effects contact lenses (like scleral/full eye contacts, ones with special designs…etc. Not really circle lenses)

These lenses are £17.99… I can’t remember the exact price for these, but I’m pretty sure it came to a little over $30. The store is located in the UK, and it took about a week to ship here in Canada! 😀

 Unlike regular contacts, there is no part for the pupil to see through, since the purpose of these lenses is to create a whiteout effect. 

So you’re probably wondering how much it actually obscures your vision! This is based on my experience with them. For reference, I don’t wear glasses, I have 20/20 or plano vision (0.00). Also my eyes are a bit watery in this picture because I had just put them in!  I swear my blog is mostly freaky/weird pictures of my eyes hahaha.

If you have dark eyes, they do show through the mesh and are pretty obvious up close. However, they look less noticeable from far away. Instead of having pure white-out eyes, your eyes just look dead and gray.

Since it’s a mesh/screen design, you can still see through the mesh. Your vision is probably reduced down to about 60% of your typical degree of visibility. You can still see things such as basic outlines, colours, and shapes. If you bring something up close to your eyes (such as something with writing) and focus harder, you can read. 

For example, here is a photo that I took a while ago!

This is what you would see with your regular eyesight.

 If you had these lenses in and there was a pretty good amount of light, or it was day time, the photo would look like this. A little bit of blurriness. It basically looks like somebody took a big white overlay and put it over your field of vision.

If there was a low-medium amount of light, it would look like this. You can see more colour and generally make out more of things, but there’s still a bit of white overcast.

Basically, the more light there is, the less you can see. (Not sure what it’s like with the other colours, but this is definitely the case with white lenses.) If you plan on wearing these, make sure you have a friend or somebody who can guide you because these do obscure your vision. I wouldn’t wear these for long periods of time either, as they do make your eyesight a tad blurry/ might cause headaches.

Anyway, yeah. Just be careful when you wear these lenses! :> 

Aaaaaand finally, sneak peek of my Hinata cosplay! 😀
Cosplay was sent to me from for review, please check them out! Review coming out soon~ 

[REVIEW] AngelContacts Circle Lens

Hello darlings! I’m back with a circle lens review. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few more of these up soon!
I get loads of questions about what lenses I wear in my videos/photos, as well as where I get them. The lovely people at AngelContacts let me choose two pairs of lenses to review! I chose GEO Fresh Brown and Nudy Blue.

Communication was extremely fast – I would receive a reply to my emails within one day – sometimes on the same day! They really value customer service, which adds onto the pleasant shopping experience.

In terms of packaging, AngelContacts has probably been the best I’ve seen so far! My package arrived in a bubble-wrap envelope. Contacts were packaged in these little plastic cases, with business cards inside. They also included a little booklet showcasing the different designs, which I have never seen a circle lens store do!

GEO FRESH BROWN – Recently, I’ve been looking more at lenses that would be suitable for every day wear. I feel like 14.5mm/15mm lenses look a little too surreal for daily wear at school. I don’t wear lenses very often at school, only on days that I want to look extra nice, or for special events. I was searching for a natural brown coloured lens that would enlarge my eyes and help to achieve a dolly eye effect! The fresh series caught my eye – it has a very natural design with subtle enlargement.

These are probably my favourite natural lens so far! The design actually reminds me a lot of my favourite lenses! My ‘signature’ circle lenses, aka GEO Cafe Mimi lenses in Latte brown, are a little too big/alien for regular daily wear, so these are a great alternative.

Next, I decided to check out GEO NUDY BLUE. I’ve tried the Nudy series before, but I have to say, the blue color is definitely my favourite. (Review for green and violet).

In natural and artificial lighting, these lenses tend to appear as a turquoise color! I love this effect. 

Nudy lenses are famous for giving a ‘sparkly’ eye look, and are great for blending into one’s natural eye color. They stand out nicely on dark/medium brown eyes. I’m sure they would look great on light eyes as well!

All in all, I love these lenses! Especially in love with the Nudy blue lenses because they are the most flattering blue lenses that I’ve tried so far! Despite being 14mm (same size as the brown ones), they give me more of a ‘dolly eye’ look. I think I’ll use these for my Hilda cosplay when we have photoshoots!

If any of these lenses caught your eye, head on over to Angel Contacts!

[REVIEW] GEO Tricolor Green + Violet

A little while ago, Shoppingholics sent me some lenses to review!

I always seem to review super huge dolly lenses, but this time I decided to take a look at some more natural looking lenses. I found the perfect ones when I tried on the lenses from the GEO Tricolor series! (♡˙︶˙♡)

Lenses arrived in these cute boxes~ It also included a very cute thank you card! The extra effort put into customer service really makes the difference. (´;ω;`)

 These are the green lenses. They come in the smallest size (14mm) and, as the name suggests, they have three colors – darker green outer ring, medium green body, and a light green/yellow inner ring! The design is pixelated up close, but appears to blend very well on the actual eye.

 Lenses on naked eye~ no makeup! Very natural coloring, blends in quite well with my brown eyes. Even without makeup, they look super natural. Picture taken in natural indoor lighting by a window.

In outdoor lighting! The green colors look a bit darker on brown eyes, but that adds to the more natural look.

 Now for the violet lenses! The colouring consists of a darker purple outer ring, medium purple in the middle, and a light purple/brown for the inner ring. It’s not a super vibrant violet colour, so it can be suited for daily wear.

I didn’t get an opportunity to upload a picture in natural lighting, but I’ll be sure to update this post when I get it!

LOL ok I know my eyes look kind of scary, but here is a picture of both lenses taken in natural indoor lighting (by a window). I love the colors of these lenses so much!

Now a picture with heavier eye make up. Despite not being bigger in size, the dolly eye look is still very achievable! This is probably the most accurate portrayal of the color in everyday indoor lighting. Not too vibrant, but still gives off a great colour!

In general, these lenses remind me of regular colour contacts, but a little bigger in size (and probably a fraction of the price of prescribed ones!) These lenses are super comfortable, and only had to be rewetted with eyedrops once.

These are definitely my new favourite lenses! I want to try all of the colours now! (*゚▽゚)ノ Which ones are your favourite?

Also, you can find the violet lenses here, and the green ones here!

If you use THIS CODE, you’ll get $2USD off your order! (*´∇`*)
DISCOUNT CODE: 1000161850 

[REVIEW] GEO Cafe Mimi lenses in Waffle Gray

Hello again!

I recently received these lenses from Mukuchu. I’ll be reviewing these lenses today!

As you can probably see in my previous reviews, I’m crazy about grey lenses! I love the way they look on my eyes. I’ve reviewed sparkly grey lenses, striking greys (Sesame Grey), but I’ll be reviewing a different type.

The Cafe Mimi lenses in Waffle Grey are a blue-gray lens that fades out to brown. So far I’m in love with all of the lenses from the Cafe Mimi series! I think the Latte brown lenses are still my favourite though.

Lenses came in their own little box, which was quite cute. Inside the box, there was a slide out tab which contained the lens vials.

In the side compartment, there was a lens case!
They look quite light and transparent in their vials when held up against the sunlight, but the color is quite opaque when worn on the eyes.  
Sorry, the picture didn’t focus probably. But you get the gist of the colors on my eyes.
Black outer ring, fades into a dark blue grey, a light blue grey, and a yellow brown. The part that opens up for your pupil has a jagged black outline. I love this design! 
With a ringlight/flash, the color is quite strong and opaque. In natural light, the lenses look dark blue-grey. It’s a fairly natural color.
These lenses are so striking! 😀
I’m also wearing Jewerich eyelashes in 01. The flared design really adds to the effect! 
I think these lenses could work really well for cosplay. I’m actually debating whether or not I should wear these for my Rorona cosplay since they can pass off as being quite blue. I also like how they work with my wig (which is the one I’ll be wearing for my cosplay.)
These lenses were very comfortable. I didn’t feel any irritation at all.
You can get them here for $16 USD/AUD. 

Let me know what you think of these lenses! Have you tried any of the Cafe Mimi series? 😀

ヽ(*´∀`)ノ RETURN!

Hey guys, I’m baaacckkkk~ ヽ(´▽`)/

Sorry about the absence – the past week was the final tidal wave of projects. It was brutal, I hardly slept. I had a history essay, philosophy essay, French dissertation, French test and multimedia portfolio due. ;_; So much stress! I’m glad it’s over.

This is just going to be a filler blog post for now… I’ve found a new makeup style that I really like, modified version of my past routine but it makes my eyes bigger! (I’ve learned to extend the wing lower, or else I have really Asian shaped eyes.) Also tried a bit more with nose contouring which I’m still trying to get right… I think it was a bit too dark in these photos though lol.

I filmed part of the tutorial today but then both of my memory cards ran out of memory, and then I couldn’t find the cord to download the clips… So I just deleted them and took a bunch of pictures. Naturally I found the cord after lol, so I’ll finish filming it tomorrow! (っ´ω`c)

Here are some pictures~

I tried putting in two different coloured circle lenses because I like the effect! 
Left = Princess Mimi Sesame Grey
Right = GEO Cafe Latte

Totori and I! 

…Man I wish I could wear my cosplay makeup every day, it’s too much effort though!
Will start filming vlogs and posting here regularly, so please be stay tuned~

Also, new favourite song! I want to do her makeup as well!

Vampire Knight Cosplay + Rent

Got my Vampire Knight cosplay from, who I am currently in a partnership with!  Can’t wait to start making more videos / take pictures in this. I’m cosplaying Yuki Cross from the series Vampire Knight. I have longer hair in these pictures because I wanted to mimic her hair from Vampire Knight Guilty.

These are just some speedy iPhone pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to take better pictures soon! It’s actually quite funny because I wore my Meiko wig on top with my real hair poking through!  The colors are actually quite close, which it blends so well. I don’t think bangs would work with my actual hair because I have very defined eyebrows that don’t look good under the bangs… I’d have to dye my eyebrows lighter?

Also, if you use the code sachie on, you can get -10% off your order! 

Lenses arrived from Mukuchu – Cafe Mimi Waffle grey! Can’t wait to try these out, since I’m super in love with the Cafe Latte ones. 

Oh, and an update on the rent. Well, it worked out (for now)! We had to make a deal though because S was having financial troubles, so the land lady said she could rent for only 8 months instead of 12 like the rest of us. It’s good that we have the place now but it kinda sucks that we have to pay 4 months more rent than her… We’re trying to find people to sublease it to over the summer.  We’re signing the official lease on Monday.

I swear if anybody else drops out or suddenly decides they don’t want to rent anymore, I will go into insane version Sachie. 

Hopefully everything works out. 

[REVIEW] Circle Lenses!

I’ve been putting off this review for so long! I sincerely apologize.
Back in December, I received two pairs of lenses from the popular online circle lens shop, They have a great selection of lenses that you can’t find in other lens stores! I’m going to show you two designs now. 
They came securely packaged in styrofoam blocks. I think this is probably one of the safest ways lenses are shipped to customers, because this securely protects the lenses. Packaging could be prettier tho. 
It took about 2 weeks for the lenses to arrive to me. Communication was great, all my emails were answered promptly! A+ for service! 

First, the grey lenses! Here’s what they look like… 
 And here’s the breakdown! These lenses mimic GEO’s Nudy Grey lenses, but have a thicker dark outer ring.

(Making use of my ring light haha~)It has a ‘sparkly’ grey design! Coverage is great. Doesn’t really blend too well with brown eyes, but would work amazingly with blue or green eyes! 

The color comes out as a lice light grey, really makes the eyes stand out! I recommend these for cosplay as well, as they turn out quite nicely in photos. These can also work for daily wear!


Now, onto the Pop C Dark lenses in blue! 

Here is what they look like in the case…
And here is the breakdown! 

These lenses are great, so different from all the blue lenses I’ve tried.  The coverage is solid, and the designs/colors are beautiful! The only thing I don’t really like about these lenses is how big the outer black ring is, but the gorgeous blues make up for that.

I’d definitely recommend these for cosplay, since the color is so pretty in photos. These look very unnatural for daily wear though.

I think I might wear these for my Rorona cosplay! 
Both lenses are on sale for $20/pair, so definitely check them out!
I also have a coupon code!
Enter the code SACHIE for -10% off each pair of lenses!
Do you like these lenses?  Tell me what you think!

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[REVIEW] GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses

(Scheduled post – this was supposed to go up after exams but I forgot orz—)

Hello darlings! I’m finally done with my exams this semester! I hate how my exams spanned from the 8th until the 20…super dumb!  My last exam was French… All I really got from this week was an excessive amount of cramming and stressing out! (stress acne sob;;;)

Today I’ll be bringing you a review of the famous Princess Mimi (AKA Bambi) circle lenses! I got these from the popular circle lens shop Pinky Paradise. 

I was really keen to get a pair of new grey lenses because my old EOS Pure Grey lenses had expired… and they were also only 14.0 mm lenses. (I’m addicted to the larger sizes, as they give a more dolly look! ) I needed a new pair of grey lenses for my Akiyama Mio cosplay for DTAC, and luckily these arrived in time.

I think it took around two weeks to arrive from Malaysia to Canada? Very quick because all of their lenses are instocks, so you don’t have to wait a super long time for orders to arrive.  Communication was great and I got very fast replies when I had questions!)

Pinky Paradise also has a super huge range of lenses! They have more than 600 designs!  They also sell lots of popular Asian makeup products such as BB Creams, false eyelashes, and facial masks! They basically have everything you’d need for beauty products!

Hippo lens case is super super cute ahh omg!
As you can see, the black outer ring is probably the most noticeable part of the lenses. Masuwaka Tsubasa, the famous Japanese model is so cute, she looks like a real life doll!  So obviously the lenses that she spokesmodels for make her look as dolly-eyed as possible.
Lenses in the case. Right lens is of the inside, left is of the outside of the lens.
Now for the breakdown! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ
The lenses themselves are 15mm. They have a very blendy grey design! The jagged design on the inner part of the ring draws attention to the pupil!

 These are some pictures of the lenses worn with regular simple makeup. (liquid eyeliner, mascara) They grey look really makes my eyes stand out! And it shows up really well on brown eyes. Theses lenses definitely live up to their hype!   I tried using black eyebrow pencil but it made my eyebrows look kinda gray lol… maybe I should try brown eyebrow mascara or something? D: Let me know if you have any recommendations! I heard that dollywink’s is pretty good…?

I think these lenses were perfect for my Mio cosplay! They showed up very nicely in photos and didn’t make me look alien! 
If you want to get these lenses, you can enter the code “sachiecosplay” and get these extras!

1. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts 

         2. The coupon code can be stacked, if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3
              mystery gifts. 
          3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.

[REVIEW] Kimchi Yellow/Gold Circle Lenses

Today has been quite a good day! Σ(・ω・`|||)

Finished my first exam (multimedia). I originally thought it was 100 multiple choice questions but it turns out it was only 60 questions! We had 2 hours to finish the exam but I finished in 45 minutes… Stayed another 30 mins to check everything over (by this time, most of the people had left already lol)
Checked the academic website for my school where all out grades are, and turns out I got an A+ on the website I did for my final multimedia project! (⊙▽⊙) To top that off, a packaged arrived from a friend – he gave me his Beats earbuds that he didn’t use!  One thing to cross off my Christmas wishlist yay!

Also picked up some Christmassy props for DTAC this weekend “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” My maid K-On cos group, so excited!
(giant candy cane~)
Anyway, enough of that! Time for a lenses review! 
Today, I’ll be reviewing Kimchi – Maki Yellow lenses! These lenses are from Uniqso.
I wanted to say that Uniqso’s customer service is amazing! They always respond quickly to my emails. The lenses arrived bubble wrapped in a small box. They even added a card, very sweet! The package was shipped in a padded envelope and took about 2.5 weeks to arrive from Malaysia to Canada. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Here is the stock photo from the website… I could take a proper picture because the lens case that came with the lenses was hot pink, so you couldn’t really see the colour that well in the case. (。・д・)ノ゙
Kimchi - Maki Yellow
I’ve always wanted to try out some crazy gold/yellow lenses!  These looked promising. What really drew me in was the starburst design in the middle – most lenses just have a circular opening for your pupil to look out through, but the Maki lenses have a star design!
They are 16.2mm, which ensure you’ll have big dolly eyes! (⊙ω⊙)/ I think this is the largest pair of lenses I own! I think that they’re actually prob more of a 15mm size though, but whatever. The enlargement is great! It’s from the brand ‘Kimchi‘ which I’ve never heard of before, but they have quite a big range of unique lens designs! 
(Sorry for the blurry pictures – my camera committed suicide the other day so I had to use my old pink one.)
They don’t look as bright in natural light. The black limbal ring really makes your eyes pop! I actually felt really badass with these in + smoky eyes… The colour of the lenses is a medium pale yellow + a darker, more orange-brown yellow. They also feature latte-like designs, except they are dark brown and are very noticeable. (。・ω・)ノ゙
In direct light, the yellow/gold colour really is noticeable! So is the starburst design, which I think is really cool! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
With bright light + flash, the yellow is really noticeable. These would be perfect for a cosplay of a character who has yellow eyes! The black outer ring defines the eyes, but the designs on the lens still make it look …relatively… natural.
I think it works quite well with dark eye makeup or smoky eyes~
I actually really like these lenses! They’re so striking and unique! Definitely cosplay lens though, I’d never wear this out in public haha.  
As for the lens size, it took a bit of getting used to to wearing a size that big. Just make sure you have eyedrops handy! 
You can get these lenses from Uniqso! These lenses are currently on sale for $19.90USD~ Check them out! 
Really excited for DTAC this sunday!  
P.S. Somebody asked me before if I photoshop my eyes bigger… I never do haha, it’s all the ~magic~ of circle lenses! 

[REVIEW] WT-A04 Brown Circle Lenses

Hello darlings! I’m here with another circle lens review for you! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

Today I’ll be reviewing GEO WT-A04 brown lenses. These lenses are from Mukuchu!

The WT-A04 lenses are a warm chocolate brown colour. They are 15.0mm in diameter! They also have little triangle patterns to draw attention to the middle of the eye.
These lenses only come in 0.00 (Plano). They have a shelf like of up to 3 years, and have a base curve of 8.6mm. These lenses were quite comfortable, minor dryness issues were quickly fixed with some eyedrops. They have a water content of 38%~
This is what the lens looks like on my eye! As you can see, the brown colour isn’t very opaque, you can see the ring of my own eye colour showing through underneath. I think that these lenses are more suited for eye colour enhancement than eye-colour changing. They blend in very well with my light brown eyes.(=´∇`=)
Size comparison! As you can see, these 15mm lenses definitely enlarge my regular eye size for an extra dolly look~
Picture taken in natural daylight. As you can see, the blending and enlargement are great! The patterns are light/subtle and not very noticeable.
Blurry blurry, was having redness issues because I have a case of the sniffles :B Looked a bit like rudolph lol!
Later that night I took some pictures with the lenses on in artificial light (lamp). 
I don’t think it’s showing up very well, but I also tried contouring my face in these photos! I contoured my face and nose. Just experimenting though since I’ve never really tried contouring before… (=^・ェ・^=)
Now, how do these lenses compare to other brown lenses? I have compared them here to GEO’s Cafe Latte lenses, aka my favourite lenses of all time <3. As you can see, both have very nice patterns and similar outer rings. Latte has a lighter brown ring and WT-A04 has a black ring. WT-A04’s colour blends more and covers a greater part of the eye than latte’s design! I think that Latte suits my eye colour more, but WT-A04 is great for those with darker brown eyes!
Both are great for cosplaying, or helping to achieve a dolly-eyed look! 〜(^∇^〜)

You can get WT-A04 lenses from! Or you can click here!  WT-A04 lenses are sold for $20/pair, or buy 3 pairs of GEO lenses, get one pair free!

Thank you for reading~ ┗(^0^)┓

[REVIEW] DollyEye BarbieDoll Grey Circle Lenses + Rimmel Lash Flirt Mascara

Hello everyone!

I know I seem to be a bit slow on posts lately, please forgive me!  I know somebody asked me to write a post on university life here so I’ll try to have that up as soon as possible. For now, I’ll try to do some shorter update posts or review posts!

Today I’ll be reviewing two products – a pair of circle lenses and some mascara!

I got a pair of grey lenses from! Specifically, the ‘Dolly Eye BarbieDoll Grey lenses‘.
They sell for $17.90 USD which is pretty cheap for lenses! Uniqso sells different lens brands that aren’t as well know, but there are still some super awesome designs!

UNIQSO:Dolly Eye Barbiedoll Grey
The image on the website shows the lenses t have a tornado design! I think this is very striking, and has a very nice design. Take into consideration that the lenses are on a model with blue eyes, hence the blending looks better.

Here is what the lenses looked like in the case. The arrived in a small cute box and the vials were wrapped in bubble wrap!

The lenses themselves are 14mm and have a water content of  42%! These lenses did not dry out after 6 hours of wear! They feature a tornado/swirly design.

First picture is without circle lenses, and the second picture is with the lens in! As you can see, they enlarge quite a bit despite being only 14mm! 

This is what the lenses look like on my eyes! The lenses don’t blend very well into my natural eye colour because they are brown, but I still think they look quite nice!

Had to throw out my old mascaras (Maybelline Colossal Volume and Lash Stiletto) since I’ve had them for a while. I decided to pick up a new one today! I remember Sami saying something about Glam Eyes mascara being good so I decided to check it out! I was looking for length opposed to volume since my eyelashes are a bit short! This mascara promises length and blacker pigments.
I didn’t put any mascara in the front part of my eyelashes to show my natural lash length. It actually worked really well to extend my lash length! 
Mascara and circle lenses!
I definitely recommend both of these! The lenses are suitable for cosplay (I use the grey lenses for my Mio cosplay)! They’re more of a darker grey – if you want a lighter grey lens, you might want to go with GEO Nudy Grey or EOS Pure Grey!
Finally, I will leave you with a picture that was taken at yesterday’s cosplay event! I cosplayed Akiyama Mio, uniform version. The lovely Joanna (AKA the cute Utane Piko cosplayer from Fan Expo) made the guitars for us! So talented! She even gave me the bass because she’s going back to Indonesia soon (she’s an exchange student)! She’s such a super talented cosplayer, I wish one day I’ll be able to be at her level! I’ll be make sure to take lots of pictures with it when I do my future Mio cosplays! <3
I’ll upload more of the photoshoot pictures when I get them! 

New Circle Lenses + Headphones + Uni Life Update~

Hello darlings!

Sorry for the long gap between updates! University life has been pretty busy so far… so many classes and readings and assignments to do sob. ヽ(;´Д`)ノ I originally made this blog to be a cosplay blog but since school has started I haven’t had the chance to work on any projects! Depressing! I’ll try to blog more about my daily life though even though there’s not much to blog about…(・_・;)

Anyway, my parents came to visit me today! My dad brought my circle lenses and headphones that I ordered over!

I bought 14.2mm Hyper Brown lenses from TheDollyEye as they are having a promotion! Some lenses are $15, free shipping! This is a pretty great price for lenses since shipping is free! (/ω\)

Here’s a mini review! I’ll try updating this later with a proper review once I can use my dad’s camera which has the awesome macro settings.

They have a very simple design, which was what I was looking for. I wanted these lenses as a regular type that I could wear to class or just on that extra day I wanted dolly eyes without being too attention-drawing. They aren’t big either, they just have some slight enlargement which was what I wanted! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ


I like how well they blend in with my natural eye colour! My natural eye colour is a weird brown/orange colour with gray along the rims, and this colour is a brown/chestnut colour. I think they go well together!
( ´艸`)
I wish my bottom lashes  were longer though. I don’t wear mascara that often at school because I always seem to wake up with panda eyes. (I take it all off as well, I don’t understand ;_;)

These lenses are pretty comfortable as well, wore them for a few hours today and they didn’t feel drying at all.

The only issue I had with this store is that the packaging was pretty crap, the lenses were wrapped in random newspaper and it didn’t come with a lens case. ((゚m゚;) Luckily I had an extra~! Took two weeks to arrive after ordering.

Next, headphones!

Ordered a pair of WESC Chocolate Oboe headphones off eBay! I love them! (●´ω`●)ゞ The sound is really good in my opinion. Wanted colourful ones but then was having a hard time thinking of ways to match them to my clothes. Didn’t like the plain black or white ones, so settled for Chocolate brown! The brown + gold is a nice combo imo~ Haha so many brown things ordered!

  Was playing around with fimo slices that I also ordered off eBay. I love these fruity ones! They came pre-sliced so I just stuck them on with some clear polish. Took this pic a right after I painted them, that’s why they look a bit messy~ (ノ゚⊿゚)ノ

Some pretty sunsets from this week! It’s been quite gray and rainy outside though, at least the sunsets were pretty. My dorm has a pretty good view I think.  (ノ´▽`)ノ

Also first university paper is due this week! It’s for cultural studies. I’m actually quite nervous as it’s my first university paper… Even though it’s only 500 words I’m coming across some trouble! ( ´(ェ)`) It’s an analysis paper, and I find myself wanting to write more than the limit. I tried writing as much as I needed first and then trying to cut it down after when revising, but I don’t feel as though I’m conveying what I want to say as well as I could… It’s due on Monday, so I’m going to go over it once more tomorrow and try fixing it up. Hopefully it’s good enough… (´□`。)

University is stressful! ):

Sapphire Blue Circle Lenses (review)


Got this beautiful pair of lenses from Mukuchu (at the beginning of July… sorry for the long wait! ;_;)
My old pair of animation blue lenses expired so I was ready for a new pair of lenses, but less ‘fake’ looking that the animation series. ≧(´▽`)≦

Big Crystal Sapphire (G-307)

The lenses are 14.5 mm. I think this is a pretty good size for lenses if you want them to slightly enlarge your eyes without making them look alien, but still have a pretty colour!

The colour itself is a bright sapphire blue that fades to a hazel – gold brown in the middle. The rims are a fuzzy black-brown which doesn’t make the eyes stand out as much as lenses that have a solid outer ring. ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

The design itself is very pixelated, but this helps the colour to blend in and look more natural from afar. 
How it looks on the naked eye! I like how the gold in the centre of the ring.

Both eyes! I love the look, it blends in very well and they don’t look alien/huge! ( ̄∇ ̄+)
However, I think I like my natural hair colour/blue eyes combo better. Plus I’m not wearing as much makeup, so it feels more natural!
Mukuchu was very quick to reply to my messages. Shipping took 3 weeks I think, which is understandable because they were shipping from Australia. It was wrapped in bubble-wrap and came with a lens case. I highly recommend their store if you’re looking for lenses, because they’re very well priced and they carry a huge array of lenses! (`・ω・´)ゞ
These lenses are super comfortable! They didn’t dry out easily and I could wear them for 6 hours! Couldn’t feel the lens at all! (These are EOS so that explains it haha!~) (・∀・)/
Hope you enjoyed it! Definitely recommend these for people who’d like blue lenses~

[Review] Cafe Latte circle lenses!

Hello darlings~

Is it hot where you are? Right now it’s about 40°C (100°F) in Toronto right now…sweltering hot! (。>0<。) Worst part is that we don’t have any air conditioning – it broke last year and my dad is too cheap to get it fixed….orz 

Anyway I went to the mall to take advantage of their AC, was originally going to watch Horrible Bosses but my free movie ticket was only valid for a theater chain which was across the street. I’ll go watch Xmen there tomorrow because Horrible Bosses isn’t playing!

The highlight of my morning was probably when my Cafe Latte lenses arrived! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ I got them from They are a online circle lens store that sells a huge range of lenses, and they’re based in Malaysia. Shipping took a week, which is pretty fast, taken to consideration as Canada Post is still suffering a backup of packages that still need to be delivered. About a month ago Canada Post went on strike and no mail was being delivered, so they’re still in the process of delivering all of the packages. If there wasn’t this backup, I bet these lenses would’ve arrived even faster! (TωT)

Lenses arrived wrapped in bubble wrap! I think this is great, as it protects the bottles and makes sure that they don’t get damaged during arrival. ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ
The lenses did not come with a lens case though, so make sure you have one handy! Luckily I had extras.

Authentic GEO lenses sticker on the side of the bottle. You can go on the GEO website and put in the code to make sure they’re real GEO lenses! Which they are, haha~ (^人^)

Here are the details about the lenses!
Name: Cafe Latte – part of the Princess Mimi or Bambi lenses created by Tsubasa Masuwaka!
Brand: GEO
Size: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Usage: 1 year
Cost: 14.90 SGD for one lens. This is about $11.60 CAD. It seems confusing but the price is for one lens only, you need to buy two. Therefore the cost is about $23.20, which is still a good price for the lenses! (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

This is what the lens looks like in the solution!
I love the latte designs! Instantly knew I had to have these lenses, despite them being 15mm (which I think makes me look kind of alien haha.)

This is a breakdown of the colours. (I realize the right lens is inside out, it’s to give to an idea of what they look like from the front.) ☆(^ε^)

Cafe Latte lenses are 15mm lenses. The base is a light gold-brown. There are flecks of a gold colour, with darker brown flecks. Mimics a latte design.

Yum yum latte!

Now, here’s a close up of the lenses being worn.

No makeup being worn. The lenses look big on my eyes. In my opinion, they blend in really well with my eye colour! makes them a lighter brown but then fades naturally into my natural eye colour. (°∀°)b 

More pics / review after the cut!

Here is an even bigger close up! (Sob I basically have no bottom eye lashes ;^;)
The latte designs are visible up close, but look more natural from afar. (´0ノ`*)

Here’s a picture of how it looks on me with light makeup! I look a bit discoloured in the pictures haha, it’s because it’s so hot that my face goes red, and I covered it up with Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Cover powder! So I look a bit pink and a bit yellow in different places, sorry! (/TДT)/
But whatever, I’m happy to say the lenses don’t look alien on me! (´・ω・`)

It looks like I have naturally large brown eyes! The enlargement is great! (  ゚ ▽ ゚ 😉  I wonder if people actually have massive eyes like this in real life….

Design: 5/5 – looks like a latte! 😀
Enlargement: 5/5  – They are 15mm lenses that don’t make you look alien! They look like you have naturally large eyes.
Colour: 5/5 Lenses are perfect colour, blend in super well with my natural eye colour, as well as adding a light gold-brown tinge!
Comfort: 4/5 – GEO lenses tend to dry my eyes out quite quickly, but eye drops fix that problem!

These lenses are amazing, probably one of my favourites. (/〃∇〃) I think I’ll wear these for my Meiko cosplay at Fan Expo. (I’ve seen different versions of Synchronicity done with both red and brown lenses, so I think I’ll wear these brown ones because they’re so nice!)

Please make sure to check out Circlelens2u if you want to get these lenses! You can CLICK HERE or click the banner in the side bar~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

[REVIEW] GEO Nudy Violet Circle Lenses + CHEAP LENSES!

Hi everyone!

I love how I’m able to blog more often now!

I bought a pair of circle lenses from ⊂( ・∀・) 彡━PANDA☆ 【Circle Lenses】 
I’ve bought quite a few pairs from this place! It’s a facebook group shop that sells very affordable circle lenses.

They owner is closing down the shop though because I think she’s going to university next year, so she won’t have time to sell lenses. All lenses are super cheap! Currently, all GEO and EOS lenses are just $11/pair!  If you’ve bought lenses before, you’ll know that this is super affordable as most sites usually sell lenses for $20+! I’m not being sponsored to say this or anything, I just want to help out those who may be tight on cash and want to try out some cute lenses! This even includes the new BAMBI lenses!
Also great for people who live in the GTA/Mississauga as you are able to do facetrades to pick up your lenses. 

For those of you who don’t know what circle lenses are, they’re a type of cosmetic colour contact lens that are supposed to make your eyes look bigger. They’re very popular in China/Japan/Korea, and they are often used in gyaru fashions as well as cosplay! I mostly use mine for cosplay purposes. 

Anyway, I ordered (another) pair of GEO Nudy Violet. 
I had a pair of these last year, which I thought I forgot at my Anime North hotel room! Turns out that I just left them in my suitcase and discovered them while packing for Anime North this year haha…. Anyway I ordered another pair because they’re awesome.

They’re probably my second favourite lenses! (My favourites are my EOS Pure Gray lenses, which I wear for my Akiyama Mio cosplays!) 

If you’ve read my GEO Nudy Green lenses review, you’ll know how much I love the Nudy series!
Nudys give off the “natural” look as they blend in well with your actual eye colour. They give a cute glittery effect.

This is a close up of the lenses. The outer ring isn’t as dark or prominent as other lenses, which makes them look more “natural.”
On the eye – natural light.
(I didn’t notice my eyeliner was smudged! Baww ;A;)
This is closer to the colour they appear in real life.
SO MANY EYES! This is so you can see how they look in different angles.
I like the violet lenses much more than the green ones because I think violet suits me better? 
Basically, I’m going to copy and paste the review from the Nudy Green lenses here! (Because I have the exact same opinions haha)
Design: 10/10
LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of these!  
Despite not having a dark limbal/ outer ring, these do stand out quite well. The blendy design also appears a lot to me.
Comfort: 9/10
At times my eyes would feel dry, but with an eyedrop that problem was solved.
I basically almost forgot I had lenses in, haha! 
Enlargement: 8/10
Enlargement isn’t really a big concern for me, because I’m more interested in the colour! Besides, super huge lenses make me feel like an alien… That’s why 14mm lenses are my favourite size. If you’re looking for enlargement, I’d recommend the 14.5mm super nudies or 15mm lenses because I heard those are quite good! 

Hope you enjoyed this review! 😀
Also, any requests for new types of posts? Like anime reviews, more life blogs, tutorials..etc?

Nudy Green Circle Lens Review + camwhore spam~

Hello darlings~ 

(My favourite hostess blog, where I get all my emotes from, posted some really weird ones! So be prepared for some weird emote spam )

I’ll be reviewing a pair of lenses sent to me by!
They are an shop based in the UK. Shipping was super fast! It took I think 8 days to arrive~ Probably the speediest place I’ve received lenses from. 
The package was padded (very important, so the lens bottles don’t break) had a very cute card inside with pictures of Kipi, advertising the store! Very cute!
I also received a lens case~ 

I chose to review Nudy Green (CH-623). I’ve actually owned these lenses before! The first type of circle lenses that I owned were Nudy Greens, but I didn’t wear them that often because I wasn’t…used to circle lenses? So they ended up drying out and tearing. 

Nudy Series is a fashion leader with the unique effect of shimmery and mysterious sparkling eye effect.
● Base Curve 8.6

● Diameter 14.0mm
● Water % of Content: 42%
● Lens Type: 1 year disposable
● Manufacturer: GEO Medical

Before showing pictures, I should let you know that I love the Nudy series! They are popular for a reason, and that’s because they’re amazing! I find the colour to be noticeable, yet blends really well and doesn’t look fake.

Kipi swears by these lenses, so they are very popular amongst cosplayers.  You can achieve a sparkling-eye look without having very bright colors.
The colour coverage is also great! 

(Yoinked this picture off this blog because I forgot to take a picture before. But this is basically what they look like.) 
I tried out a new eye makeup look. It looks a bit strange, not sure if I’ll do it again.  But I like the pink! I think it goes well with the green lenses.
 Makeup products used:
Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream
Some chinese concealer, idk the name~
NYC Eyeshadow Quartet in Union Square
Maybelline Colossal Volume 
Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener in 100 Girls Only
L’Oreal Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black
Chinese Brand White Eyeliner Shimmer Stick
Luminelle Glossy Lipstick in R808
No lenses.
Whoa, scary eyes!
Wearing the Nudy Green lenses!
Despite being only 14mm lenses, they do enlarge quite a bit. 
Hurr hurr hurr 
I love these lenses!
The green blends in nicely with my eyes, despite being brown!
Artsy kiss kiss picture!  
Design: 10/10
LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of these!  
Despite not having a dark limbal/ outer ring, these do stand out quite well. The blendy design also appears a lot to me.
Comfort: 9/10
At times my eyes would feel dry, but with an eyedrop that problem was solved.
I basically almost forgot I had lenses in, haha! 
Enlargement: 8/10
Enlargement isn’t really a big concern for me, because I’m more interested in the colour! Besides, super huge lenses make me feel like an alien… That’s why 14mm lenses are my favourite size. If you’re looking for enlargement, I’d recommend the 14.5mm super nudies, because I heard those are quite good! 
So everyone, please check out!!
 Receive -10% off your order using the code “NIGHTCHERRIM” 

Circle Lenses Review- Big Candy Red (@Mukuchu)

I’m here to bring you my first sponsored lenses review. These were sent to me by mukuCHU circle lenses! 
I will be reviewing the red lenses in the Big Candy series. (G-205) 

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) to -10.00

B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.50mm 

I was really excited to get these because these were the lenses I was going to use for my Black Gold Saw cosplay! I’ve used Animation lenses before (for my Suiseiseki cosplay) but I wasn’t really looking forward to having bright red eyes again. (Animation lenses were uncomfortable and made my eyes really light sensitive.) 
I chose to review this pair because of the size (never tried 14.5mm before!) and the colour, which looked more like a blendy red than a bright red.
(Lighting made the one on the right appear lighter.)
No flash, natural light, no makeup.
 The red isn’t really as noticeable, but the black ring definitely is! I wasn’t really used to such large lenses so I stared at my eyes in the mirror for like, 5 minutes! Ha!

No lenses, no makeup.
Natural light. (Photo taken by window.)
Comparison- with and without lenses.
Natural light.
The red looks more like a blendy brown in natural light.
Left: Natural light
Right: Artificial light (taken by a lamp.)
The red is much more noticeable in artificial light.
Both lenses in, natural light.
Even with my eyes wide open, these lenses are really really big!
Natural light.
Left eye with makeup, right eye without makeup.
In most of my photos, the colour looks brown. 
However, this photo probably demonstrates the best what the real colour is!
Here are some pictures with full makeup on, to give an idea of what the lenses look like.
(Evil look, hehe ;3)
These lenses definitely help achieve the big eyed/ doe-eyed / moe look! 
So, the review!

Design: 8.7/10
I love the spikey design! I wish that the colour was more red though, instead of being a red-brown colour.

Comfort: 9.5/10
These lenses are so confortable! Despite being really big, they didn’t really try my eyes out and I couldn’t feel them when I put them in! EOS definitely makes very comfortable lenses. 

Enlargement: 10/10
Wow, these lenses definitely enlarge! Despite being 14.5mm, these lenses made my eyes feel really really big. This is my first time trying 14.5mm lenses, and I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror! It was kind of weird at first, but I got used to it.  These eyes definitely help achieve the moe-eyes look! I can only tolerate the big eyes when I have makeup on, or else I look like an alien haha! 

So guys, please check out mukuCHU lenses! They offer lenses for a great price, and they have quick shipping! (I think it only took 10 days to ship from Australia to Canada~)

All GEO and EOS lenses for $26 AUD / $24 USD a pair

All GEO 15mm Lenses are $20 a pair! 

All FunkyEyes Lenses are $29 a pair!

Free lenses case with every pair!

Reseller/Wholesale prices for 10 or more pairs!
 VIP discount and free lens case not offered for wholesale orders 

mukuCHU circle lenses