Basic Cosplay Staff Tutorial (ft. Sailor Pluto’s Time Key)



Basic Cosplay Staff Tutorial (ft. Sailor Pluto’s Time Key)

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll have seen me posting about my Sailor Pluto cosplay! Sailor Pluto is my third (and probably last) Sailor Scout cosplay, following Sailor Jupiter and Mars. I wanted to go out with a bang, featuring a large prop!

Today, I’ll be teaching you how to make a cosplay staff. The materials are all pretty basic and accessible, and it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money either! Keep reading to see how it’s done…

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Sailor Pluto Cosplay Progress: Tiara, Boots, & Collar

Sailor Pluto Cosplay Progress – Part 1

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be sharing some of the progress on my Sailor Pluto cosplay! If you’ve been following me on my other social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have known that I’ve previously cosplayed Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter! I’m such a huge fan of the Sailor Moon series as it was quite dear to me growing up. Pluto will likely be my last Sailor Scout cosplay before I retire the bodysuit, and I’ve decided to post all of my progress.

I’m modifying my basic white Sailor Scout bodysuit, and the black skirt is a simple circle skirt pattern. The bow is borrowed from my Sailor Mars cosplay.

I have a few more updates to come, so stay tuned! You can check out my previous cosplay tutorials / progress reports under the Cosplay Progress tab.

This post will be covering the tiara, boots, and sailor collar.

Sailor Tiara

Sailor Tiaras have a very basic design and are super easy to make! The design is quite straight forward – it’s a ‘v’ shape. Measure across your forehead and sketch out accordingly. Here’s a template you can use!

I transfered the design onto craft foam, and then sandwiched two layers of worbla over top! I didn’t bother smoothing out the worbla with gesso because most of it is hidden under the hair, and the textured design gives some dimension when photographed! I made the gem out of worbla scraps and painted over it with nail polish for that enamel gem look.

I attached ribbon to the ends. I tie the ribbons over the top of my wig cap and tuck the rest under the wig!

Sailor Collar

The sailor collars are super simple to make – I initially used this tutorial on the McCalls cosplay blog.

I traced the design from my Jupiter sailor collar and cut out two pieces of black material and one piece of white felt (which gives support and shape to the collar.) I sewed the pieces together and flipped it inside out, leaving the back straight edge open.

I folded and tucked in the back edge, pinned it, and sewed it! After that I ironed everything out so the seams were all flat and smooth. I also stitched two little button snaps onto the pointed ends of the collar (at the front) so they would attach to my body suit.

If you own a cat, you probably understand my pain. I filmed this vine a while ago while working on a cosplay project and it basically summarizes my entire life’s struggle. The collar is detachable which makes getting in and out of the outfit a lot easier, and also hides a portion of the back seam.


Here’s the suit so far. As I mentioned before, the white bodysuit was from my previous sailor scout costumes, and the black skirt is a simple circle skirt design. I also altered the white suit a bit so it would be a bit more fitted, since the fabric stretched out.
The bow is from my Sailor Mars cosplay – the colours were similar enough so I decided to use it! 😀

Pluto Boots

Found these suede boots at a thrift store! They fit really well and the heel isn’t too tall, which means I can actually walk around in them! (Wearing tall heels is super uncomfortable for me because I never wear them / not used to the feeling.) I was really debating between these and another hair with a higher heel though, because generally higher heels photograph better… Just look at my Jupes photos! Those were 3 or 4 inches I think, and hell to walk in….
The boots themselves have a really nice pointed toe, and side profile. However, they were much too baggy! As a comparison, I sewed the left one much tighter so it would be fitted to my leg, and not slouch as  much. 
I had to make the fronts pointed because that’s the style of most Sailor boots. The shape looks a bit wonky but I’m buying some white bias tape fabric to sew along the edge so it’ll be much smoother and pointier!
My next progress posts will cover wig styling, accessories, and the staff. This post was originally posted on my Patreon account! I post a lot of cosplay progress on there (much of which is exclusive to Patrons.) I host monthly livestreams and polls deciding on my next video topic, cosplay, and tutorials! I an unable to monetize many of my videos due to copyright so I really appreciate all of your support.
Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂 Thanks again!

Cosplay Tutorial: Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Hello everyone!

This post was originally posted on my Patreon account! I post a lot of cosplay progress on there (much of which is exclusive to Patrons.) 

I recently finished up a cosplay that I have been putting off for about a year… Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo! A quick spur of the moment costume inspired by all the cosplay progress my friends have been posting on social media. (Katsucon is coming up next week and I won’t be attending, but that doesn’t mean I can’t join in on the cosplay fun!)
Kashima is a very fun, goofy character. She’s very tall and tomboyish, and charms all of the female students. There’a fun little youtube video showing some clips of her here! Overall Gekkan Shoujo is a fantastic series 🙂
I’ll be breaking down the elements of the costume for you. It’s a simple and comfortable cosplay to wear. I’ve never done a tomboyish character before as I absolutely love cosplaying girly characters with long hair! 

The Makeup

Makeup can really transform your look, especially when you want to look like a 2D anime character! The first picture shows my regular makeup, and the second and third show how circle lenses, stronger  winged eyeliner, contouring on the cheekbones and nose, and highlighting, can really change the way your face photographs. You have to over emphasize your features a bit for the camera. I think if I was at a convention, I would have added some blue eyeshadow or paint to my eyebrows in order to match Kashima’s dark blue hair.
I’m wearing the Puffy 3-tone circle lenses (15mm) in green. I did a review on my blog which you can read here – these are the same lenses I wore for Jupiter. I’ve got to throw them out soon so I thought they would be good for one last test run 🙂

The Selfies…

All I have to show you at the moment are mirror selfies as I don’t have any shoots or conventions coming up until Anime North, but I tried to show a few different angles so you can see the costume properly. 

The Costume

This was a fairly easy outfit to put together. Most of the items were owned or thrifted! 
Her outfit is composed of a boxy V neck uniform sweater, a white dress shirt, and a red tie. I couldn’t find a deep V neck sweater anywhere! I had to modify a rounded collar sweater to achieve this look. The school emblem is made from felt.
Moment of appreciation for the tie – IT WAS SO HARD FINDING A PLAIN DEEP RED TIE. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be THIS hard, but all the red ties in thrift stores had some weird patterns on them. Finally found them and pretty much sank to my knees, THANK U GODS OF COSPLAY.

This wig is from lightinthebox! A short dark blue / navy coloured wig. It looks long in the stock photo but appeared shorter on me because I have a massive head, haha.

Kashima tends to lean more towards the male uniform, but still wears a long skirt. I made a basic pleated skirt, super quick and easy for me now because I’ve cosplayed so many school uniforms! This is the tutorial I used when I was first learning how to sew pleated skirts.
I’ve used these shoes for many of my school uniform cosplays. These ones are brown leather shoes from Naturalizer, picked up from the thrift store. They don’t have a heel and are super comfortable to walk in! I have another pair of brown uniform shoes with heel that I use for photographs because heels just look better. 🙂
And finally, a few Kashima polaroids! I’ll be doing a giveaway for them later, but that’ll be a future post.
This post was originally posted on my Patreon account! I post a lot of cosplay progress on there (much of which is exclusive to Patrons.) I host monthly livestreams and polls deciding on my next video topic, cosplay, and tutorials! I an unable to monetize many of my videos due to copyright so I really appreciate all of your support. I’m very close to my next milestone, which includes a weekly anime review series! 
Once again, thank you for helping me complete another cosplay! 

Syndra (League of Legends) Completed Cosplay

Hiya lovelies!!

Here are pictures of my “completed” Syndra cosplay. Completed in quotations because I didn’t actually finish the skirt, I didn’t have time so I just cut a few pieces of black fabric and tucked them into my shorts haha. Sssh don’t tell anyone!!

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I’ll be completing them for the next con that I wear Syndra to! 🙂

Here are pictures of my completed cosplay! Starting off with the makeup and circle lenses. Armor and outfits can look cool, but you can’t forget about your face!

All of my armor placed together! 

Now, here are some closeup shots. I took all of these photos after I returned from Anime Expo aka fresh out of my suitcase, so please keep that in mind if you see any ripping/chipped/fading parts!

The bracers look quite black in these photos, but they’re mostly dark purple and gold with silver detailing. Lots of weathering and drybrushing with dark paints to get the worn look.

Loops on the inside of my costume that attached to the main body armor piece through ribbons and hooks. 

Back and fromnt of my helmet. You can see the worbla/craft foam pieces on the front and sides but I’m planning to smooth them all out for the next convention! The ear pieces are made from craft foam and hotglued onto the sides of the helmet.

I bought my silver ponytail wig from It was actually a twin-tail wig but I dissected one of the ponytails to create the two little long bits that hang out of the front part of her hair.

I am wearing the Vassen Bambi Queen Violet circle lenses that I got from Pinky Paradise. You can get them here! They are “natural” purple lenses (not super bright) that have a strong black outer ring and fade to yellow in the middle! I’ll be doing a full circle lens post on all of the lenses I used at Anime Expo.

Selfie taken on the way to the convention! I’m not crying haha! I had just put my lenses in + some eyedrops 😉
I chose to do a strong winged eye, and thick dark eyeliner on the lower waterline. I really contoured my face to make it look more angular. I gave myself strong cheek contour/highlighting, contoured my nose to look more defined. Wore a sheer red lip balm. Didn’t colour my eyebrows but filled them in with light brown powder. Syndra’s outfit was mostly black and the helmet/wig were covering my eyebrows so I wasn’t super concerned.

Jom chillin in my armor! Peipa-chan had to pretty much glue my into my armor because I didn’t have time to make proper straps with velcro haha! At the end of the day I had to cut myself out of my costume ;v;

Was lucky enough to participate in Sky William’s newest video! We pretty much just had to catwalk and put on our cosplay which they edited together and made into a timelapse. These cosplayers are so talented so I was honoured to be able to film alongside them! :0

Here’s the video! Ahh It’s so cool! 😀

With the beautiful Domineau as Ironscale Shyvana on the right. On the left, met a super cool Graves cosplayer at Sky William’s video shoot! His gun looked SO LEGIITTT and it was super light as well!!

Haha too bad I never got to play on URF mode, I think that was when I was at the Gathering? Or exams? I remember there was a certain reason why I couldn’t do it and I hope they bring it back!
I was also featured in MLZ Studio’s League of Legends showcase video! It was my first time seeing him again in 2 years (last time was Otakon) and it was so much fun to film! Luckily, we ran into a Super Minion cosplayer who agreed to be thrown by me for my Syndra E ;D

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about how it was made or painted. I’ll try my best to answer them asap!

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Syndra (League of Legends) Helmet and Claw Progress

Hiya lovelies! This is part three of my Syndra cosplay tutorial. You may want to check out these posts first if you haven’t already! 

Check out my other Syndra posts: 
(links will be updated when all of the posts have been published)


Another part of Syndra’s character design that proved to be quite challenging. The Syndra from MCM Expo made her helmet out of EVA foam! I hadn’t even thought of that, and found her progress pics after I started making mine (haha too late!) Instead, I decided to use the expanding foam method. 
This is one of the only parts of my armor that I am a little bit unsatisfied with, as I started this helmet two days before I was supposed to leave. So in result, it is a little bit messy. Still turned out alright though!! 
I used a can of “Great Stuff” expanding foam for gaps and cracks. It’s comes in a can with a small plastic spout.

Made the base shape out of cardboard! Then I covered it in expanding foam and let it cure (which the bottle says to leave for about 8 hours). It foams up when first applied but don’t put on too much at first!

The foam expands a lot when it is dried. I recommend putting on a coat and letting it cure, then cutting it into the shape you want and cutting again. This will be easier than trying to cut through a giant foamy monster! Also wear gloves since the foam is made out of weird chemicals and will irritate your skin. I forgot to put them on the first time and my arms got all itchy :<

Carved a hollow part in the middle where the helm would fit over my forehead. I also made a base helm/band that the “horns” would attach to! I made this band out of craft foam and worbla. It was curved so it fit right over my head.

Important!! If you are ever making a cosplay helmet, make sure it fits to your head + wig! If you fit it to your head like normal, it will be too small when you fit it over your wig!

Covered my helm with painters tape. Would have used paper mache but I was running out of time. The helmet is massive on my head but fits perfectly with the wig on! It had a tendency to tip forwards because I didn’t have time to attach clips at the back so it fit more snugly to my head.

Used small strips of worbla and wrapped them around the horns. This gave a more demonic look I think, because they looked like actual horns rather than part of a helmet. It looked bumpy at first but I heated the worbla and used a knife to press down the edges so they melted flat.

Didn’t have time to sand it either, so I tried melting and pressing down the edges as flat as they would go and then used a spray gesso to prime my helmet.

I don’t have photos of the painting process because it was done at 1am the night before I wore Syndra, but I used a glue gun for the raised parts at the front of her helmet. I melted together some worbla scraps to make the main shape of her helmet jewel/eye thing. Primed with spray gesso, and painted with acrylic paint! I forgot about the little flap things at the very top of the helmet so I’ll add those next time.

Again, I would have liked to have better primed/ varnished this helmet if I had the time, but I’ll leave that for touchups for the next convention.


Here is the base for my Syndra claws! I first cut a piece of craft foam that was the width and length of my finger. This would make sure my fingers fit into my claws!  I then heated some Worbla and made little triangular prism shapes with the foam at the bottom of my finger, and made the edges pointed. 
Primed with gesso and painted a solid black with acrylic paint!!
I found that when I actually wore these claws, they stayed on fine but the coloring on the craft foam inside stained my fingers! So I had pink/purple fingertips whenever I took my hands out haha 😀
Next post will show you all of the completed pieces! Hope this was helpful.
As always, leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them! 
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Syndra (League of Legends) Creating and Painting Body Armor

Hello lovelies! This is a continuation of my Syndra – League of Legends cosplay progress series. We are now on part two – creating the body armor and priming/painting the armor pieces!
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Body Armor

I’ve seen a few different interpretations of Syndra’s top, and most people seem to make it out of fabric. I chose to do an armored top because 
1. I suck at sewing
2. I’ve made craft foam armor in the past so I have a bit more experience
3. Armor looks more badass!!
Belted the foam mat to my body and sketched out the basic design! Happy helped out, hahaha.

Cut out the boob hole/ basic shape. Transferred the design to Worbla, using the same fold-over technique as the bracers/pauldrons.

Heated the smooth glue side of the worbla with my heat gun and pressed the foam over top so they attached! Heated the foam/worbla up again and belted it to my body until it cooled so it would form and curve to the shape of my body.

This method took a while, but I don’t have a dress form/mannequin or anyone to help me… so this would be the poor loner cosplayer’s method haha! ;_;

The boob hole ended up being too big so I added some more craft foam to the middle to make it smaller and covered that up with worbla strips. Added shoulder straps and the main triangle part at the top of the boob opening.

Added the foam designs and raised edges. Instead of just a plain strip, I like to add a really thin long strip along the very edge or alongside. This adds interest and makes the design look more detailed! I often like to add my own interpretation on designs if I think it’ll help the armor stand out in photos.

All of the base pieces together! In this photo, I added the raised ring to the bracers. I heated up some of my scrab worbla, rolled it into a sausage and pinched the edge so it was pointy. Then I heated it and applied it to the bottom.

The rolled up worbla pretty much solidified the shape of the bracers though, so the bottom was the exact shape of my wrist (and I’ve got super tiny wrists). I had to squeeze my hand through in order to get the bracers on, which left quite a few scratch marks 🙁 I told everyone they were from happy because “squeezing hands through cosplay armor” sounds super weird, haha.

Trying everything on for the first time!! It fit well, thank god. I was a bit worried that the pauldrons would be too big or wouldn’t attach properly but everything stayed put.

Using the same method as the top, I crafted the back and added the raised designs. Also added the top belted part to the top armor using craft foam and worbla!

This is what it looks like on the inside! The armor connected at the top shoulder parts and the side parts.
The way the armor is attached is by:
1. Opening neck area and fitting it to body
2. Getting friend to belt you in, trapping you in the armor for the rest of the day

Painting Armor Pieces

 The way that you paint a piece of cosplay armor can really affect how it will appear and how well it well it will photograph. I like to use a method that is used by cosplay armor goddess Kamui Cosplay, called “3D painting”. Painting highlights and shadows onto a piece helps it pop.

Used white acrylic gesso and mixed in some black so it became gray. Coated the armor and worbla. I used approximately 3 coats until everything was smooth.

 I spraypainted a black base overtop the gesso! I meant to choose gloss or satin finish spraypaint but picked up flat by accident 🙁 But that was fine since it was just a base colour.

Painting process: (Did a lot of the painting last minute so didn’t get many pictures)
1. Base color
2. Make a gradient of warm brown fading down into Syndra’s signature purple. Did a few layers so that the colours stood out
3. Add shadows to the edges/corners using black/dark brown paint, and highlights to the middle using the base colour + white or silver. Then dabbed a sheer layer of gold paint over top to create a sheen.
4. Add metallics (gold/silver) to the raised parts.
5. Shade small shadows in on the edges, and down the middle of the metallic parts to look more 3D
6. Dry brush mixed dark gold (black + gold + dark brown) paint all over to create a bronzed, worn look.

I didn’t have time to do this in time for the convention, but I would have gone over the top of my armor with Modge Podge Gloss (which I bought but didn’t use.) I’ll have to do this for next time!

The next post will discuss how I made Syndra’s helmet and claws!

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.

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Syndra (League of Legends) Bracers and Shoulder Pauldrons

Hi lovelies!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper cosplay post. I mostly save all my cosplay stuff for my Geek and Sundry vlog show but some of my viewers prefer written, photographic progress posts because they’re easier to follow than videos.

Also apologies for the image quality, as most progress photos were taken with my iPhone.

I recently cosplayed Syndra from League of Legends. After cosplaying Bloodmoon Akali from League (which turned out horribly because I didn’t have any materials or space to work on it, student halls etc.), I really wanted to make something big. I’ve been out of the North American cosplay scene for almost a year, so I wanted to come back with a bang! Syndra seemed like the perfect outfit – complex yet simple, cool design, and eye- catching. Plus she’s really fun to play 😀

This was how my cosplay turned out for Anime Expo. Not completely finished, but pretty good for working nonstop for 8 days!

I saw this amazing Syndra at MCM Expo in London! I had thought about cosplaying Syndra, but this cosplayer’s interpretation was absolutely perfect and really inspired me. The entire set of armor was commissioned from Ae Ri who is a fantastic cosplayer. Go check out her stuff – she’s a god at making armor from EVA foam!

Anyway, I contacted this Syndra and she answered all my questions about construction, materials, etc. Some cosplayers can be quite secretive about how they make things, but she offered to help me with everything. I’m glad there are still talented and generous cosplayers in the community these days <3
Before I start with my progress photos, I’d like to thank my patrons over on Patreon! Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to put Syndra together. All of my cosplay stuff comes from my own pocket with a little help from what I make from Youtube…not much at all. They helped me cover costs for materials, specifically Worbla! Thank you all so much <3

So without further ado, let’s go!

These posts are part of a series. Check out the other posts here!


I decided to cosplay the concept art version of Syndra rather than the in-game version. Whilst similar, I like the more purple/gold/brown colouring of Syndra’s armor as opposed to a solid black/dark purple. I also like the extra detail on her bracers and helmet instead of the simple in-game designs!

Armor – Materials

Camping foam mat, craft foam, paintbrushes, acrylic paint, glue, xacto knife, scissors. All from the dollar store. Heat gun is from Home Depot. 
I also ordered two jumbo sheets of Worbla from It came to about $183 CAD I think (which is completely ridiculous in my opinion, but it’s a medium I’ve been meaning to try out.) Again, thank you so much to my Patrons for helping me out. I will be doing a video on my Geek and Sundry cosplay vlog showing you how it works!
For reference, I’m almost 5’10” without shoes haha!! Worbla came in this large tube wrapped in cardboard and apparently took about 3 days to arrive from the supplier to where I live (Toronto!)
Worbla is a very forgiving material – it’s a sheet with the texture of cardboard. There are two sides – a rough side and a smooth side that is coated in glue. It can be cut with scissors and is attached by heating the edges and pressing them against each other. Once attached, the worbla will not seperate unless heat is applied. It hardens to a plastic-like texture when cooled and will not change shape.
It is typically doubled up or sandwiched over a sheet of craft foam for support to better hold its shape. 

–Arm Bracers–

Made a rough pattern for the bracers with paper and transferred to foam. Cut a slightly larger version of the same shape on worbla. Using the heat gun, I heated the shiny/glue side of the worbla and placed the foam over top. I folded the edges over.
I know many cosplayers say to use the “sandwich” method aka sandwiching a thin piece of craft foam between two pieces of worbla, but it’s unnecessary in my opinion. This means double the amount of worbla is being used, and worbla isn’t cheap! Instead I used thicker foam and just folded over the edges.

This is what it looks like on the other side, and then curled inwards. I heated the back and placed the worbla over my arm and held it there until it cooled. The worbla held its shape and didn’t bend.

Using small strips of craft foam, I covered the bracer following the designs of the concept art! It was kinda tricky because Happy kept jumping at my scissors. I used hot glue to attach the craft foam. Did this for both arms.

Shoulder Pauldrons

Cut out 8 comma shapes using the same fold-over technique as the bracers! Each pauldrol has 4 comma shapes that make up her shoulder design – two on top and two below. When they cooled, I held the round part of the comma shape over a styrofoam ball so it was kinda round, since these parts need to fit over my shoulders.

Everything heather together. This is what they look on both the inside and outside. I didn’t want to put any worbla on the inside because worbla has a rough texture. Craft foam feels a little softer on the shoulders, especially if worn at a convention for several hours.

It is important to keep trying them on to make sure that they fit! The first time I tried on my pauldrons, they were too big and weren’t pointed upwards enough so I had to reshape them! 


I attached little rings on the inside of my pauldrons – three in each pauldron. One on the top, and two at the sides. These will be used to attach the pauldrons to corresponding rings on the inside of the main body armor!

Final craft foam details hotglued onto the tops of bracers and pauldrons! I found small details looked better with craft foam instead of worbla since the foam looks smoother. For the bottom of my bracers, I took my worbla scraps and heated/rolled them into a sausage shape. I heated it to the bottom and then pressed them on so they adhered. Then I pinched the middle  to create the angled edge.

The next post will cover the body armor and priming/painting!

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— Syndra’s Bracers and Pauldrons— 
Syndra’s Helmet + Claws
Syndra – Completed

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Hi guys!

I’m currently in the process of preparing for Otakon!

I DON’T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITIED I AM FOR OTAKON!!! This is going to be my very first American US anime convention! I’ll be travelling with Sami and Genie, as well as a few other friends from Toronto. Otakon is the second largest anime convention in the states (after Anime Expo!). It’s in Baltimore which is fairly close. I think the drive will be about 10 hours or so! We’ll be leaving for the States on the Wednesday!

I have so much left to do! Ringo isn’t going to the con with us this year because she has some previously scheduled engagements that she can’t skip out on, so we won’t be able to do Atelier together until Fan Expo! Genie and I will be cosplaying Atelier at the convention! She’s doing Atelier Meruru, and of course, I’ll be doing older ver. Rorona! SO EXCITED TO GET SHOTS WITH HER!!!

My cosplay progress is pretty terrible at the moment. After Anime North, my sewing machine suddenly started working again! With the help of my aunt who is a seamstress, I was able to complete my Emmy Altava (from Professor Layton) cosplay! I’m SUPER excited to cosplay Emmy because she’s my favourite character from the Professor Layton series. She’s such a spunky, fun, kick-ass character! My aunt drafted the pattern for me but I cut and sewed it all together. Proud of myself because this was my first time making a jacket!

Little adjustments still have to be made, such as making button holes and fixing my bow, but other than that it should be set! My hair has grown out long enough so that I can just curl it and use my own hair instead of a wig!

Rorona is going terribly at the moment SINCE MY SEWING MACHINE DECIDED TO BE SUCH A FREAKING TSUNDERE. I’ve managed to finish part of my cape and my skirt. My skirt isn’t 100% accurate to the reference pictures but I’ll fix that, Otakon is just my first test run for Rorona! I plan to do lots of shoots in this once Ringo finishes her Totori cosplay.

Things that still need to be done: finish cape, waist cincher, adjusting shirt, find boots, make hat.

Luckily one of my friends said that he’ll be working on my Rorona staff as a side project! He’s also going to Otakon so he’ll be giving it to me there. I’m so glad because that lifts a whole load of pressure off of my back. Hopefully he can finish it in time! If not, I’ll have to sweatshop it last minute, or I’ll have to use my little potion bottles as props (which would suck, since those were minor side props!)

 On Friday, Sami, Genie and I will be meeting up for the last time before we leave! INTENSE SWEATSHOPPING SESSION! Lovely Sami has decided to accompany me as I cosplay Meiko again (last time was Fan Expo) as Synchronicity ver. Rin. Her and Genie patterend the dress, and Sami looks so cute as Rin! I just need to do some quick minor touchups on my Meiko armor (which is currently in a box in my shed), and I should be good to go! I won’t have the sword with me so I’ll have to come up with some good poses. I’m sure we’ll practice when we arrive at the hotel on Thursday!

Is anybody else going to Otakon? We’ll probably be announcing some meetup locations/times on my facebook page, so make sure to check that out. Maybe even a livestream during the convention? :]

Let’s all hope I can finish everything in time! If I’m able to finish soon, I’ll do another post. Thanks!

Last Minute Pokemon Cosplay + AN12 update!

Hi guys! Another quick cosplay progress post.

As it turns out, I won’t be able to finish my Rorona cosplay for Anime North this year. I had all of the materials to finish it, but Ringo wasn’t able to finish her Totori cosplay since our schedules conflicted and we didn’t have time to meet up and work on our outfits.  Instead, we’re just putting it off until Otakon 2012 which takes place at the end of July! That way we’ll have more time to plan and meet up to finish our costumes.

As a very last minute back up cosplay, we have chosen to cosplay Pokemon trainers! 

I’ll be cosplaying Hilda/Touko, the female trainer from Pokemon Black & White [left]. I’m really excited because she’s got a cute but casual outfit! It’ll be very easy to wear since the clothing is very comfortable and suitable for end of May weather! We’ll even have hats to shield us from the sun, and our costumes won’t melt off ! Hehehe~
I’ve filmed and photographed my progress, so I’ll be making a full how-to video and blog post! Illustrating everything from painting the boots to sewing the vest, and of course making pokeballs! I’ll be posting that soon. Just need to finish up little details like making the XTransceiver, bag, and the pocket things on her shorts. 
Ringo will be accompanying me as the female trainer from Pokemon LeafGreen & FireRed. I’ve made her hat, the clip thing on her bag (I forget what it’s called), and pokeballs. Just need to modify the shirt, make the bag and skirt! It’s quite an easy outfit so I should be able to finish it. 
I’ll be meeting up with her this Monday (Victoria Day, so neither of us are working) so I can use her sewing machine. Mine broke down this week! Broken sewing machine a week before the convention = apocalypse!   
But we’ll be able to finish all of this on time.
Here’s my cosplay lineup for Anime North 2012.
Yup, doing Black Gold Saw again this year! Also a last minute addition because of all of our cosplay plans falling apart. We’re planning to do a maid outfit variant because regular BGS was super hard to wear last year – it was uncomfortable with the long wig + armor breaking + feet dying in heels + heavy weapon. Our hotel this year is further than the one we were at last year so we decided it was too troublesome. Maid variant will still be cute! Just replace her outfit with a maid dress + stockings + regular shoes, but still horns and sword!  Haha and dark red bows. Same with BRS, but with blue bows and the canon! I’m looking forward to it.
Pokemon on Friday since it’ll be easy to wear for meeting up with people, as well as for filming vlogs and stuff. Probably changing into Pokemon again before we leave the hotel on Sunday because it’ll be easy to move around in and won’t restrict us as we drag our luggage down the street a few blocks to the DoubleTree.  Maybe even Saturday evening when we change out of BRS! 
I’ll post a vlog on my channel some time this weekend explaining the final details of our cosplays, meet-up locations, etc. I look forward to meeting all of you! If I’m not able to post a progress post this or next week, I’ll post it after the convention before the con reports. 
I’m trying to film a few circle lens reviews and finish the posts for them, they should be up over the course of the next week. It’s going to be a busy week! 
What will you be cosplaying as for Anime North this year! 😀 (If you’re not going to AN, do you have any future cosplays planned? )

Cosplaying Rorona #1 : Making the Purse

Hello my lovelies! Long time no talk!

I’m back today with a cosplay post! Anime North 2012 is less than one month away, and I’ve been getting work done on my Rorona cosplay. For those of you who didn’t know/don’t follow my facebook or twitter, I’m cosplaying Rorona from the RPG game for PlayStation 3 – Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland 2.

I was drawn to this design because she’s so cute! Her outfit is very comfortable and she has a small but intricate prop. After I cosplayed Black Gold Saw last year, I wanted to wear something less painful with a prop that wasn’t so huge. I have a feeling this will be my favourite cosplay so far! Compared to the other cosplays that I have made myself (Meiko and Mio), this is my favourite costume design.

Unfortunately, it looks like Ringo won’t be able to join me as Totori for Anime North. Genie won’t be able to do Meruru either since she’s going to China and getting back on the Wedsnesday before AN so she won’t have time to work on it. If Ringo decides to go to Otakon, we’ll have out full group ready for then! 
Ringo and I are currently working on a backup cosplay for Anime North because we always cosplay together. I’ll still bring Rorona for a day though for a test run.
Annnyway, as you can see in the picture above, Rorona doesn’t have a bag. 
Totori does though (reference design above) , so I decided to design a bag for Rorona that looked in character, Atelier style. This way, I’d be able to carry around my stuff in a small pouch without having to carry around a huge bag that didn’t go together with the costume.
Went to Fabricland and found discounted leathery material, perfect for the bag! 
First, I made a pattern out of newspaper, testing out possible dimensions. I made the dimensions of the bag a small-medium size. I left extra space around the actual size to sew the pieces together. Then I transfered the pattern into the pleathery material and cut the pieces out.
Here are all of the pieces laid out. 
Since I bought too much pink sable suede for her cape, I decided to use the extra material to line the inside of the bag. I labelled the pieces on the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric (the side that wasn’t soft.)
The pink isn’t that bright either, it’s more of a muted raspberry colour.
Then, I sewed pockets made from white drapery material (also extra material from the pattern that I was going to use on the white part of her cape.) I sewed the pink onto the other side of the pleathery material. 

I attached the pieces side by side. This way, I’d only have to attach the bottom and then sew up the sides. (lol you can see all of my loose threads, oooops.) The pocket on the far left is for my iPhone, and the one next to it (which is the front of the bag) is for small things like cards or makeup, change etc.

When I sewed it all together, it looks like this! (The left side of the bag in the picture looks a bit wonky, but it’s because I didn’t straighten out the bag properly.) I folded in the top, still going to fix that.

Next, I cut out the patterns for the flap. I sewed them together like what I did with the other pieces.
The flap itself looked really boring so I decided to add some beaded designs! Totori’s bag has a sun and moon design, so I decided to use a floral inspired design. Beading took forever, orz. 

 Taadaa! For my first time doing pattern beading, I’m quite pleased with the design! I think it suits the Atelier designs quite well.

 Close up! 
What the inside of the bag looks like. It’s still a bit messy, I have to clip all of the loose threads and sew on the other side of the strap. 
Despite not being an official part of her costume, I’m glad I have a bag now! I’ve tried filling it. It holds my phone, camcorder, a bottle of water, my wallet, and some cosmetics. 
I’ll be posting more cosplay progress soon! Let me know if you’re going to Anime North this year! 
Oh, and I’ve posted two more videos on youtube. If you haven’t visited my channel yet, you should! 😉 I’m getting into the habit of uploading more often. I’ll probably vlog about my cosplay progress as well! 

Vampire Knight Cosplay + Rent

Got my Vampire Knight cosplay from, who I am currently in a partnership with!  Can’t wait to start making more videos / take pictures in this. I’m cosplaying Yuki Cross from the series Vampire Knight. I have longer hair in these pictures because I wanted to mimic her hair from Vampire Knight Guilty.

These are just some speedy iPhone pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to take better pictures soon! It’s actually quite funny because I wore my Meiko wig on top with my real hair poking through!  The colors are actually quite close, which it blends so well. I don’t think bangs would work with my actual hair because I have very defined eyebrows that don’t look good under the bangs… I’d have to dye my eyebrows lighter?

Also, if you use the code sachie on, you can get -10% off your order! 

Lenses arrived from Mukuchu – Cafe Mimi Waffle grey! Can’t wait to try these out, since I’m super in love with the Cafe Latte ones. 

Oh, and an update on the rent. Well, it worked out (for now)! We had to make a deal though because S was having financial troubles, so the land lady said she could rent for only 8 months instead of 12 like the rest of us. It’s good that we have the place now but it kinda sucks that we have to pay 4 months more rent than her… We’re trying to find people to sublease it to over the summer.  We’re signing the official lease on Monday.

I swear if anybody else drops out or suddenly decides they don’t want to rent anymore, I will go into insane version Sachie. 

Hopefully everything works out. 

Visiting Ringo + Cosplay Plans!

Last weekend I visited Ringo. I’ve never been to her house before, or really to the city she lives in. (We live about an hour and a half bus ride from each other   ) Basically, we starting to plan out and gather materials for our Atelier cosplays!

We’ll be cosplaying Totori and Rorona from the PS3 game Atelier Totori: Adventurer of Arland  

(Totori is on the left, and Rorona is on the right.) The designs are super cute and I think this is going to be the first time in which we make our entire costumes by ourselves (We don’t really have experience in sewing, so we’ve been buying parts of cosplays.) We’re even hoping to enter the Anime North masquerade in the novice division with Karumen, Genie, and mle! 

Annnyway got to Ringo’s house. Finally gave her the kigurumi that I bought for her birthday/Christmas. Hipster Sachie and Kigurumi Ringo.

Hopefully going to lose some weight after university, face is looking a bit chubby. ( ‾ʖ̫‾)

Ringo in her cat kigurumi. Her’s is pink and white, while mine is black and white! Sami’s is grey and white. Big kigurumi cat family lol! 

Went to a Vietnamese restaurant and got some Pho (noodles with soup, meat, and vegetables). Omg. SO DELICIOUS.  Aughhh I must have this again when I go visit her. It was so tasty, I’m in love with pho now haha.

Got this drink, it was called ‘chocolate bubbles’. Basically like chocolate ice with tapioca bubbles at the bottom.   I’m not too crazy about bubble teas… I don’t like the texture of the tapioca bubbles too much. It tastes really weird to me. But this was really good, so I think I’ll give it a second chance.
Ringo and I tried to film the ending sequence for the anime Kill Me Baby. The dance is really funny lol, but we kinda failed at filming it.  I’m trying to edit it now! Here is Ringo trying to do one of the moves. 
Here’s the teaser that we filmed. 

Hahaha we’re silly. After that, we broadcasted on NicoNico for a few hours. If you have a NicoNico account, you can watch our livestreams on timeshift here!

~Next Day~
I didn’t really take pictures… But we ended up going to this huge fabric and crafts warehouse to find materials.  It was cosplay heaven. They honestly had every color you’d ever need. Except we couldn’t find the right colors for Rorona’s cape and Totori’s top…….. (I guess we’re being extra picky because we want to do these outfits accurately for the masquerade.) We did buy tulle for Totori’s skirt and bow tails! I bought black broadcloth for Rorona’s skirt. I’ll update with some more progress after I start working on more of the things. 

I can’t wait to get started on these cosplays! Super looking forward to the cosplay/convention season. If any of you guys are going to Anime North, leave a comment! Are you cosplaying? 


On another note, I’d really like to ask you guys for a favour!

I recently entered my university’s digital arts contest. Basically, top 5 submissions with the most votes are presented to a panel of judges, who then choose the winners. I would really really love it if you could vote for me ;_;

The voting process only takes like 2 minutes! ♥

1. Register for a WordPress Account  by clicking here.
2. Go to your email and get your password/login link.
3. Close that page and go to this link: 
4. Click on the ‘Votes’ button for the icon with the yellow face /red nose/brown eyes!

Thank you so much ;_; This contest is really important to me. (You can forget about the account after voting, WordPress won’t send you any annoying emails)

K-On Cosplay Update~!

Hello everyone! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿Thank you so much for the 100 followers! I’d like to put together a little giveaway soon to celebrate this little achievement! This will also go in hand with almost getting 1000 likes on my facebook page! (Just about 220 left~)

 Cosplay progress! 

After exams, I’ll be preparing for DTAC! (December Toronto Anime Convention). It’s a super small event that takes place on the 11th of December (Sunday) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s more of a hang out  type of thing than a convention… Last year my cosplay group, Moetron, cosplayed from K-On, Listen!! version!

Here’s a picture~ Probably one of my favourite cosplay pictures hehe~

From left to right: Jean, myself, LuanRingoSami
We’ve all kind of agreed to reserve DTAC for our group K-On cosplays! DTAC is also near Christmas so we usually try to add some Christmassy accessories to add some nice holiday spirit! 
This year, we’ll be cosplaying Maid version of K-On! Moe moe kyuuun! (〜^∇^)〜

Super excited for this! I think their maid outfits are super cute and moe !! We’ll be doing the same characters as we normally cosplay, but mle will be joining us as Azunyan instead of Luan~ Since we’re all busy with school, most of us have ordered our cosplays online (since maid outfit’s aren’t very expensive.) Mle and I will have to make our own though because we both have really lanky proportions lol, so store bought dresses are too short on us… Her mother is a steamstress so we’ll be getting lots of help though! (Thank god lol!)

(ノ゚▽゚)ノ If anybody in the Toronto area is going to DTAC, let me know and come say hi! I actually get ridiculously excited when people recognize me! 

I’m really looking forward to being able to work on a cosplay project again, I feel like my life is so bland because of school. I’ve learned how to power nap inbetween classes though, which has proved to be a very useful skill! 

Oh, and one more thing!
I tend to get a lot of questions about cosplaying and how to do or make certain things! So I’m thinking about doing a series on my blog about cosplaying tips! I’m not the best at cosplaying but I’d like to help those who ask me questions by showing them my methods of doing them!

Some of the things I’m thinking of featuring are: circle lenses in cosplay, wig care, makeup, craft foam armor tutorial, making props, posing in photos, general convention survival tips, etc. What do you guys think? 😀

Random Gets + BRS/BGS Cosplay Progress

I really wish I could blog more often but my life isn’t very eventful! (。・ε・。)

I’ll be uploading another vlog soon to the moetronCOS youtube channel  which features our expedition to Home Depot, getting insulation foam! Please sub to us if you’re interested in our little adventures!  (°∀°)b

I’ll leave you with this ↑↑↑  picture of Ringo (who just got a blog, check it out!) and Sami! It was our first time buying/working with insulation foam for Sami’s giant STRength arms. Here’s a mini model I made! ↓↓

 (We’re the biggest hardware store noobs ever…also probably the only females in the store haha! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ) The guy who was cutting our foam into smaller pieces started flirting with Sami! So funny haha, his pick-up line was “So, I’ve seen your dad around here quite a few times 😉 “. We all assumed he was one of her friends, but she told us later that she didn’t know who she was and her dad never really goes to that Home Depot! xD

My maid cosplay arrived in the mail.  :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:  I actually bought this as a test for when my cosplay group does K-On maid version… unfortunately the dress was a bit short and tight across the shoulders. I could’ve altered it but the material wasn’t the best either… ( ゜∋゜) Therefore I gave it to Ringo because she paid for my Fan Expo ticket as a birthday present! I’ll have to find another maid cosplay that will actually fit me!  Too lazy to make my own haha. (´_`。)

A few things I picked up when I went to Buffalo USA to do some shopping! ↓↓↓

Forever21 JAPAN tank! I love it, so comfy. Bought another one that had a cat on the front.

More pictures under the cut!

Super comfy moccasins from a store called Papaya.

Fabulous gold shoes from Macy’s! Only $13 hehehe!

3/4 sleeve jacket from F21…. I bought more clothes, just haven’t taken pictures of them yet. They’ll go up on my Poupee eventually… (ノω・、)

Makeup case! Bought it in Target for $17, found the same case in a Walmart here for only $14! ( p_q) Oh well.

I’ve actually added in a few more things after taking this picture, mostly brushes and stuff.

If anybody’s interested in a what’s in your makeup bag post, let me know! I’ll take pictures of the cosmetis I have so far.

Bought this straightener in Buffalo because it was cheap haha… Was too distracted by the cute product design and didn’t notice it only had one heat setting (high), sob. Need to get that heat protecting spray now! (´□`。)

Cute Betsey Johnson ring I ordered online! Also came with a necklace and a pair of earrings! (All octopus designs haha… Might just give some away in a giveaway?) (〃∇〃)

Now for some cosplay progress pics!  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Ringo slept over for two nights when we went to work on Sami’s STRength arms! She brought her cannon over so we could give it a makeover in time for Fan Expo. The spray paint had rubbed off since Anime North so we decided to cover it in Gesso so the stray paint would stay on. We should’ve used black gesso but whatever. ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

My garage – waiting for the gesso on cannon-chan to dry.

First coat of spray paint. Using black semi-gloss spray paint so the cannon would look shiny!

Handle and barrel painted, waiting for it to dry. Also, the orange isn’t paint! It’s just the reflection of the garage light on the wet paint! (;^ω^A

And it’s done! Yay! You can also see my new 2.0 Black Gold Saw boots in the background, drying from the paint job.

Also making improved BGS horns! Much lighter than the last ones. Since this picture was taken, they’ve been gesso’d and painted, just need to attach to a hairband now.

Annnnnd almost done making Meiko dress, Synchronicity version.

…might have made the slit on the side a little too high. (;^ω^A

Anyway, it should be done soon, and I’ll upload a full body pic when it’s done. I won’t have the sword for Fan Expo, maybe for next Anime North. I’m thinking about selling this as well because I don’t have a group / plans to rewear it haha…. (ノ゚ο゚)ノ It was only really a summer project.

Got another circle lenses review planned for soon. Super natural blue lenses, look forward to it! ♥

Pretty Makeup ♥ and Meiko Progress~

Hello everybody! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

(in case you’re wondering, no I did not cut my hair! This is progress for my Meiko wig, which you’ll see at the end of the post. (°∀°)b )

So guess what arrived in the mail the other day? My stuff from! Super excited to receive these products because they looked really good on the website!

I’ll be reviewing two of the things I received today!

{ { Before I start, is an online cosmetics shop based in BC, Canada. Shipping took about a week and a half because of the postal strike to arrive in Toronto, and the items were sent through expedited mail with a tracking number. Items arrived in a bubblewrap padded envelope! } }

First thing I will be reviewing is this base powder~ Lioele Sun Elastic Powder Pact #21 – Nude Beige.

Product description:

I really like my base makeup haha! I think a good base helps to make the skin look beautiful and pure~ ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ  So this pact immediately appealed to me. (This powder and my Kiss Me Heroine powder, which I will review later, are my favourite things ever ♥)
Beautiful pink packaging!
Isn’t this cute? The packaging for this definitely reminds me of a princessy theme! ♥ ~ (´0ノ`*) Despite being a little chunky compared to other powder cases, it makes up for being super super cute!
The inside of the pact. It has a mirror, as well as a super soft puff pad thing. Like, it’s supersupersuper soft, almost as soft as my Kiss Me Heroine powder pad!
Lift up the pad and you’ll see that there is a pad separator! I love this feature, keeps the powder set and makes sure the powder doesn’t go loose everywhere! (*^ー^)ノ
The powder has great coverage! I was able to just use this powder and it covered up redness on my face due to the heat. It also has a medium strength floral scent which lasts for a few minutes and then fades away. I found it to be quite pleasant because I’d suddenly catch whiffs of a nice floral scent suddenly!  (・∀・)/
It also gives you a matte finish, works great if your face gets a little oily/sweaty so you can just use a bit and the shine is gone! It also brightens your complexion.
You can find the product HERE.  All the reviews done so far are really high, I’d give this 5/5!  (☆。☆)
Here I’m wearing the powder, my GEO Cafe Latte circle lenses (my new favourites!) and the copper eye shadow which I will be reviewing next! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

More pictures + review under the cut!

Next product, the Lioele Dollish Triple Eyeshadow #8 – Bronze Brown

I was looking for a new type of brown shade eyeshadow because the current NewYorkColour one I was using was crap. \(*`∧´)/ The colours of this trio are really great!
Eye shadow came in this little metallic pink case, also very princessy like the powder pact!
There is a mirror and a clear eye shadow brush holder thing. Love this feature, as it keeps the two parts separate!
The colours included are a white creamy colour, a copper-bronze, and a dark brown. The colours compliment each other very well! Also highly pigmented, colour comes across being vibrant!
Swatch on my wrist.
How it looks on my eye! I don’t wear much mascara in the summer, that’s why my lashes look short haha. (^▽^;)
Sorry for the derpy facial expression, here’s how it looks on my eyes!
I didn’t use much of the dark brown, mainly the cream and the copper. 
Covered my lid with copper, then cream from the inner corner to the middle.
I think the brown eyeshadow goes well with the brown lenses! Definitely going to wear this makeup for my Meiko cosplay~! 
I definitely recommend it – with eye primer these colours would look even better!
I give this a 5/5! 
I’ll be reviewing the BB cream that I got later on, so please look forward to that!
Finally, some pictures of my Meiko cosplay progress.
It’s not much progress really, I just cut my wig! It was fairly long last time, so I cut it shorter to match Meiko’s hairstyle. (  ゚ ▽ ゚ 😉
I don’t have many photos at the moment, so I’ll just leave you with this one! For some reason, my camera has randomly been taking green/yellow pictures! (iДi)I think it’s broken, gotta buy a new one soon. 

Meiko Cosplay Progress

Hi everybody!

Today hasn’t really been the best of days- it’s been hot and I’ve taken down a load of my previous blogposts because somebody feels the urge to start attacking me on cgl… Not such a great feeling. (#`ε´#) Anyway, I’ll be quickly updating you guys on my cosplay progress on Meiko, Synchronicity version. (Since this is a cosplay blog as well haha!)

Before I start, I mainly used this tutorial as a reference! I changed some of the parts, but it’s a really good guide for people who want to make armour for their cosplays and can’t afford/don’t have access/don’t want to use materials like Wonderflex, Sintra…etc.

Finished my leg armour for Meiko! Hopefully it lasts for the convention haha, still weary about craft foam armor. I’ll re-enforce the backs with more fabric later! ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ

Earlier progress pics of chest plate!

My sheets of craft foam weren’t big enough to make the full plate as one big piece, so I had to split it up into two different parts – the bust and the waist. This is the pattern for the bust part, drawn on poster board. Cuts are made in the bottom corners to see where they’ll make the top curve to make the boob shape.

This is the pattern after it was transferred onto the craft foam and the cuts were glued. The lines that the cuts made were covered up with gesso afterwards so its not really noticeable!

Bust plate after the bottom waist part was glued on!

The inside was re-enforced with scrap pieces of foam because I’m lazy and quickly needed the chest plate to keep its shape! Strips of fabric were later glued on the inside to make sure the armour shape set!

My chest plate!  (`・ω・´) In this picture, I’ve drawn on Meiko’s chest plate designs. After that, I cut out 1cm and 50cm strips of craft foam and hot glued them along the designs!

In this picture, I’ve covered it in a few layers of Gesso!  This made the surface smoother and sealed the foam?  (I think that’s the term.) I did a few more coats after this one so it became smoother. ≧(´▽`)≦ Gesso filled in and smoothed out the cracks between the foam.

First layer of silver paint! It looks quite streaky now, but it’ll be fine after a few more coats of paint. I actually thought it would look better if I spray painted it, but I ended up using the same silver paint from the rest of my armour because it would match. Except the paint I bought tends to stick if it touches more of the same paint. orz (iДi)

The funny thing about this armour is that the boob part is bigger than my actual boobs, so I’m going to put a pouch for my phone in there haha! :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: So handy, I won’t have to carry a purse around. I’m actually planning to buy a pass for the Friday of Fan Expo so I can actually look around and get all my stuff from the dealers room!

I’ll be with my BRS group on the Saturday. ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ If it’s like last year where you had to show your pass to get into the actual building, then I might just end up buying a weekend pass… It’s expensive but I guess it’ll be my little birthday present to myself! (・∀・)/ Haha. Hopefully it’ll be like FX09 where you were able to lobbycon and only had to show your pass if you wanted to go into special events/dealers room.

My wig arrived in the mail! It’s unstyled and reminds me so much of Yui from K-On’s hair, so I decided to camwhore. (θωθ)/~ I wish I was cute enough/shorter so I could actually cosplay her! But Jean still has the best Yui imo!  Nudy purple lenses really do pass off as having light/ash brown eyes in photos, eh?  I’ve also finished the elbow armor thing, but it’s not that special so I’ll show you at the end when all my armour is done.

Anyway, that’s it for now I think. I’ve got lots of reviews lined up inbetween other cosplay progress shots and random posts. Couldn’t upload a video last week because of some issues, but that means I’ll do two videos, or one long video, this week! (`・ω・´)ゞ

Ottawa (Day 5) + Cosplay Progress!

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating in a while. It’s been really hot here and I’ve lost all motivation haha! orz 

Anyway, I’ll be continuing my report on my Ottawa trip! This post will be about Canada Day (July 1)

The main reason of why we drove up to Montreal/Quebec was to catch a glimpse of the royals!  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Princess Kate) made their first official trip as a newlywed couple to Canada! Which was super exciting since my family is a fan of the royals! Naturally, we had to go see them! 

Woke up at 8AM, left for Parliament Hill at 9AM. There were already so many people! They had fenced off this one area which my mom and I jumped over LOL, NO FENCE IS GOING TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM ROYALS.   Dad said he’d stay behind because he couldn’t jump the fence/too old or something. So my mom and I went ahead. She was bitching about how I took too long to get ready and how we didn’t have a good seat BLAH BLAH BLAH.

So many people!

View inbetween the butts of people standing up against the fence…

Then I came up with the amazing idea to climb up on one of the posts near the fence! If you can see the girl in the white/red shirt on the right side of the picture, behind the girl in the blue – she was also sitting on a post. I was sitting on the one to the left of her 

My mom and her asian sun-umbrella LOL 

Black cars arriving before the royals!

Also that day happened to be SUPER SUNNY. Coincidently, my mom decided to throw out our sunscreen because she said it had expired wtf. 

I didn’t get any photos because I was taking video, but basically Will + Kate rode up in a white carriage! They came in on the road right in front of me AHH I had such a good view and was so excited to actually be able to see them in person! It was super exciting! All you can hear in the video is be going “OH GOD OH GOD ITS WILL AND KATE AHH THIS IS SO EXCITING”.   I’ll post it when I upload it haha!

After that my mom and I went back to the hotel. My dad also got photos because he went in the information centre across from Parliament hill that was airconditioned and had big glass windows… So jealous that he didn’t have to wait out in the sun and burn like I did! But he didn’t get to see them up close ohoho~ 

Went back after dinner for the fireworks show.

The fireworks show was beautiful!  Only lasted 15 minutes.

And that ends my report on Ottawa/Montreal! Hope you enjoyed it! 

Also, I have some progress pictures for my Meiko cosplay! On the Friday of Fan Expo this year, I’ll be cosplaying Meiko (Vocaloid) from the song “Synchronicity”! I decided to do an armored cosplay after seeing the Lightning from Acksonl’s Anime Expo video! The armor looks so cool omg.  I was planning to cosplay Erza from Fairy Tail but it looked kind of hard, so I figured I’d start with something easier.

 It’ll be my first time making armor so I hope it’ll turn out alright.

Here’s what Synchronicity Meiko looks like –

 I think I did a pretty good job on the upper thigh armor so far, I’m just really scared of making the chest plate because I don’t want to mess up! It’s all made of craft foam using this tutorial.

I’m scared for the chest plate orz haha…. WISH ME LUCK! I’ll post progress pics here later! 


Sorry for such a late post, I really intended for this to be posted earlier but I couldn’t figure out how to do the leg armor… 

I’ll be debuting it at Anime North 2011, which is May 27-29, 2011. It’s taking place at the Toronto Congress Centre! 

Jean will be Dead Master
Ringo will be Black Rock Shooter
Amie will be Kirin from Monster Hunter (LOL so random)

Recently we’ve been having very crap weather… It’s been rainy,cold, and grey for the past week!  Definitely not nice May weather! This definitely does not work out well for our Black Rock Shooter group, as:
1. We will not have much clothing on, HAHAH it’s going to be quite cold, meaning we’ll have to camp out at the DoubleTree for most of the day.
2. We have massive weapons , so they might get damaged. 
3. Our hotel is a 10 minute walk from the convention centre… So it’s not going to be very nice if we have to walk all that way! 

I don’t care if it’s grey, I just want it to be 20°C or higher, and NOT rainy! NO RAIN! /does rain dance/ 

Anyway, here are some progress pictures for my BLACK GOLD SAW cosplay!

My jacket arrived! Thank god for reliable eBay sellers , and not the stupid commissionner who I ordered from. Seriously, they said they’d have it to be by the 14th of May, hardly sent me any emails, and when they did reply they gave me short answers with no pictures of my commission. I’m giving them until the 1st of June and then I’mma get ANGRYYY.

The only issue that I have is that the sleeves are a tad long, but that’s okay since my claws make my hands super long! (I usually have the problem of short sleeves, but it’s better to go over than under the measurements right?) 

My desk…. My workspace always gets SUPER messy when I make cosplay! Especially this once since there’s so much armor, orz

First glove is 80% complete! Just need to buy some more clay and spandex so I can finish the left hand, and then stick on the top hand plate! 

Horns and knee blade things. Still need to fix horns onto a headband and then into my wig. 
Never doing armour cosplays ever again…

My super ghetto boots. Going to paint them again.

Trying on my cosplay with my jacket, shoes, thigh-highs, and sword. 

WHOA OKAY took this photo and idk why, but I think I look really toned here? (My midriff area). I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND but I’m not going to complain  HAHAH 😀
(I’m wearing a black bikini top in this picture OKAY? )

I’m going to post complete pictures sometime this week when I’ve finished making the entire cosplay!
BGS’ knee armor is taking forever to make! 
 This is my third attempt…. 

  • Buy black Sculpey + paper clay
  • Buy a white belt
  • Buy black spandex
  • Make belt buckle
  • Fix thigh-highs
  • Finish armour
  • Finish left claw
  • Fix horns onto headband / wig
  • Make bikini top
  • Make shorts
  • Make pouches for Ringo and I for phone/wallet
  • Make Ringo’s BRS eye flame
  • Start Packing



Oh and one more thing!
Ringo, Jean, Amie, and I have started a cosplay group VLOG channel on youtube!
We’re going to upload vlogs of our con adventures!

Cosplay Progress: Horns

This is going to be a quick, scheduled post because I’m working on my English ISU [Independant Study Unit] WHICH IS TEDIOUS. :<

This is a short post on how I made the horns for my BLACK GOLD SAW cosplay.
Here’s a reference!

How I made the horns: (I asked the fabulous owldepot for help! Amazing cosplayer ♥)

I didn’t have any aluminium foil so I used taped up wrapping paper instead. Then I put on about 2 payers of paper mâché, and covered it in paperclay. Sanded it down and painted it. Covered with Sculpey air dry gloss.


Base shape made from wrapping paper and tape.
Completely taped. Trying to get an idea of what it would look like. Not using this headband, it was just used to get an idea.
Paper mâché’d
Clay #1 – basic shape, unsanded.

Sanded and painted. Still need to paint the tips more red.


Hello everybody~!

Today I’ll be posting pictures of my BLACK ★ GOLD SAW (ブラック★ゴールドソー) cosplay! Specifically, the progress pictures on my giant sword. (For those who aren’t following my Facebook page!) 

For those who don’t know what cosplay is;
Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan, but recent trends have included American cartoons and Sci-Fi as well as other pop-culture. Favorite sources include mangaanimetokusatsucomic booksgraphic novelsvideo gameshentai and fantasy movies. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. ” – Wikipedia

I’ll be wearing BLACK ★ GOLD SAW to Anime North 2011. AN is a convention that takes place in Toronto from May 27 – 29! (So if you like anime,gaming,cosplay, and live in Toronto, YOU SHOULD GO!)

So badass, right? 🙂
I’ll be cosplaying BGS, with Ringo as my Black Rock Shooter, and Jean as my Black Devil Girl

Pictures  under the cut! 

< Oh and before I start, these are picture sent to be my commissioner! I’ll explain at the end!>

 The drafting process!
The wood for the handle!

Skull that goes at the top of the handle!

Handle now has the carved in areas to give it the protruding shape!

Insulation foam has been cut, and handle has been inserted inbetween the 2 pieces of foam.

The zig-zag part has also been cut out in the foam. This is what makes BGS’ weapon so awesome – it’s like, half sword, half saw. THE BEST.

Sword has been coated in primer, along with first layer of paint.

Ridges have been cut into the top side of the sword.

Coated with another layer of paint!
Later on, the sword will be coated in fibreglass so it will harden and won’t get scratched! 

Isn’t it beautiful? I love it!
I have a feeling that I’ll be wearing this to many conventions!

The cool thing about this sword is that I got an amazing prices for it!  I originally posted a wanted ad on looking for a commissioner to make my BGS jacket! (I would have made it myself but I don’t have much sewing experience, and sewing with pleather for the first time scares me. ) I received a message from a prop maker saying that he saw the ad and instantly fell in love with BGS’ sword design and had to make it! He gave me an amazing quote so I let him make it!  Haha he actually really likes it, and asked (jokingly) if he could refund my money and keep the sword! Haha! 

I’ll post more cosplay progress pics when I get them! I also want to start making my claws soon as well! So excited for those! 

cosplay progress~

You’ll have to excuse my crap webcam photos, I can’t take any pictures with my other camera because it’s charging. (I was going to plug it in last night except I forgot, ORZ)

Anyway, I’ve finished my skirt for Hiiragi! I think it looks pretty good!
I’ve finished the top, the skirt, one of the fans, and one of the red tail things he has.

Here’s what he looks like~ (Fabulous gay man is fabulous)

click to zoom
For a bigger image, click (here)

And this is what my skirt looks like so far:

It looks kinda bent out/sticks out in a weird way, but that’s because I haven’t ironed it yet. Also need to add one of those yellow um, line thingies. And border the green part with black ribbon.

Also, to clarify, I’m wearing a black bikini top under the top, because I’m not doing an open chest binding. (Too risky and painful, also my mom was like LOLNO)

I’m going to try to find some stocking material so I can make a binding/top thingy. I don’t want to have to do a ‘female version’ of Hiiragi, but I might have to if I can’t get it ready in time. ):
I went to Mika’s the other day and she tried helping me with bindings. We bought some sports bandage stuff but it wasn’t my skin colour and looked really weird. (It was this faded red/orange/tan colour and looked painfully obvious) so I was like eh, I’ll have to do this I guess if we can’t find anything else. But after 15 minutes of wearing them, they started to become loose and start slipping = DANGER.

Anyway, bikini will be the last resort.
Also, after I posted this to my facebook, I got a message on msn from one of my friends (?) who I haven’t talked to in a while who said my costume was hot but kind of slutty.
WTF. HOW IS THIS SLUTTY? I’m wearing a knee-length skirt and a top with a bikini top underneath. I don’t see how this is any more revealing than a Yoko costume. .___.
Idk, they pissed me off so I blocked them, ohoho. P:

Now, here’s a list of things that I need to finished for my cosplay~
  • Finish painting last side of final red tail, sew onto skirt
  • Make that yellow and red thing that’s at the back of his skirt.
  • Finish second pair of fans and attach thread to make sure the fans open properly
  • Make gloves
  • Get a black sheer stocking and make his weirds stocking thing. Also make ankle cuff.
  • Wait for wig to arrive and get a red extension, then style.
Yeah, I hope this doesn’t end up being a failure for Fan Expo. Sobsobsobbbb

Also, next weekend I will be standing outside of an AMC downtown Toronto dressed in lolita handing out flyers or something to promote the convention. I think it’s supposed to be near Eatons? Anyway, if you happen to see me then say hi. 😀 There will be other cosplayers there as well! :3
I’ll be with Sami, ohoho ♥