Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream @ Ice Cream Lab | California Food Diaries 2016

Liquid nitrogen ice cream - a concept I had never heard about before going to The Ice Cream Lab in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. With tons of customizable options, the Ice Cream Lab lets customers pick base flavours and topics to be added to a liquid nitrogen mixture, producing smooth, creamy ice cream!

Ice Cream Laboratory – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream – a concept I had never heard about before going to The Ice Cream Lab in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. The Ice Cream Lab lets customers pick base flavours and toppings to be added to a liquid nitrogen mixture, producing smooth, creamy ice cream with tons of customizable options! The idea is pretty similar to Cold Stone creamery (with the marble slab), except much more ~sciencey~. Keep reading for my order and experience!

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Shin-sen-gumi Hakata Ramen & Wandering Around Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

A trip to Shin-sen-gumi Hakata Ramen in Little Tokyo for the best authentic Japanese Ramen that LA has to offer.

Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen

Welcome to another edition of ~Sachie’s California Food Diaries!~ Today, we’re going to take a look at some delicious Japanese ramen from Shin-sen-gumi. With a few locations throughout LA, Shin-sen-gumi Hakata Ramen is the go-to, hotspot location for authentic Japanese Ramen! The little Tokyo location was absolutely packed during the Anime Expo weekend, so we decided to return the week after. You may remember my trip to the Fountain Valley location by Huntington Beach last year! That post actually came in handy because I remember I really liked my order, and I’m glad I wrote it down.

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Bulgogi House, Honeymee, Round 1 | Sachie’s California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Here is my last post from my California food tour series this year. We visited these two restaurants on our last day in LA.

Our last day was a lazy one. We didn’t really have any plans – Megan was working an afternoon shift so it was up to Tako to keep Jord and I entertained. We ended up spending an hour wandering around a Daiso, lol. After Megan finished her shift, we went back to her place.

Actually a bit of a funny story – Jord and I had arranged to meet Dyrus for Korean BBQ, but because of some scheduling conflicts, it didn’t work out. Bummer 🙁 Instead, Megan and Tako took us to a place they often hit up – Bulgogi House.

Those shirts, haha! I learned that I apparently don’t grill my meat the proper way at KBBQ. I normally drop a few pieces on at a time and continually add meet to the grill after pulling some off. Megan and Tako’s method was
1. Drop all meet onto the grill
2. Mainly eat beef because its fastest to cook, occasionally other meats, but not chicken because that takes forever.

A very good method, I may or may not have adopted it. Although I do love my chicken.

You can find Bulgogi House here.

Bulgogi House

18751 Colima Rd,
Rowland Heights CA 91748
>(626) 965-2007


11:00 AM – 11:00PM
11:00 AM – 12:00AM

For dessert, our friend Aria recommended for us to check out Honeymee! It’s a dessert shop that specializes in delicious dairy ice cream drizzled or mixed with sweet honey!

 Look at that logo! So cute. I’m an absolute sucker for pretty design. The store itself is quite small and is based in a small plaza with other Asian restaurants/retail stores.

 Upon Aria’s recommendation, I got the ‘Sweetie’ ice cream! It was 4.25 – however, if you check in on yelp, there’s a discount! You show your checkin to the cashier and they’ll give you a discount (I think it was like $0.25 or something)

The soft serve icecream itself was milky and creamy… absolutely lovely! The honey was sweet and worked very well with the icecream. I ate it up super fast. Definitely recommend this place! A lovely way to end our trip in California, especially with the hot weather.

Visit Honeymee here.


18180 Colima Rd. Suite A
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


Monday – Sunday:  12:00PM – 12:00AM

 Finally, we had to check out Round 1 Arcade! I always see this place in my Californian friends’ snapchat stories. It’s a huge arcade with tons of games, photo booths, rhythm/dance machines, a bowling alley, and karaoke rooms!

I finally got to do purikura / japanese photo booths! They’re really cool because after taking photos, you move to a separate screen outside to add stamps/doodles to your photos!

Spent most of my time playing Pop’n Music… It’s so cute! I love the character designs. We also played the crane catcher games. Jord won a Rilakkuma, which he then passed down to me after we spent a few hours gathering enough tickets to win him a Shibe plush.

Find Round 1 here:

Round 1 Arcade

Puente Hills Mall
1600 S Azusa Ave, Ste 285
City of Industry, CA 91748

All in all, I had a lovely time in California! Unfortunately, I think I lost my vlogging camera on the plane or in the airport. 🙁 So all of my LA and Anime Expo footage is lost…. Poop.

To read about where I ate in California and Anime Expo –  check out these posts.

Have you visited any of these places? 

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Luckdish Curry | Sachie’s California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Next stop on my California food tour – Luckdish curry! For the second and third day of Anime Expo, I got currryyyyy!!! Curry is one of my favourite dishes! Thai! Japanese! Indian! You name it! My favourite is Japanese curry though…

Luckily, the food truck lot at Anime Expo had a Japanese curry booth…and that’s where I stumbled upon Luckdish!

There was a bit of a line but I didn’t care! I was starving, and curry is a hearty meal that will fill up your stomach.

I got a medium chicken curry bowl ($10) with a spicy level of two. I can’t do spice at all, and level two didn’t really feel like a two lol. I was expecting mild spice but got a load of sriracha? on top of my curry. Had a bit of a kick which took a little getting used to.

Although I complain about the spice, I got the same level the next day! Tasty chicken curry on top of a bed of white rice with onions, beans, and parsley. So tasty, and it smelled so good! Definitely recommend them if you’re a fan of curry. They’ve got some other things on their menu such as curry burritos, quesadillas, and nachos!

You can catch them over on their website, and on twitter.

Thanks for reading!

xox Sachie

Shin-Sen-Gumi Ramen | Sachie’s California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to another post in my series – Sachie’s California Food Tour! You can read the rest of the posts in this series by clicking here.

Tired and hungry after spending a day at Huntington beach, we decided that we needed to fill up on good food. Megan and Tako were very enthusiastic about Shin-Sen-Gumi Hataka Ramen in Fountain valley.

We reserved a table of six. There a few tables ahead of us, and a line of people waiting outside. Luckily, California weather is perfect so we just sat at the benches outside the restaurant and waited for the host to call our name. From what I can remember, we waited for just over half an hour…? Didn’t think this place was going to be too busy for a Monday but we were wrong – there was a constant line of people streaming through the door!

The inside of the restaurant is quite small. Best if you’re coming in pairs or groups up to three, as there are only about 2 sets of large tables at the back.

I ordered a regular ramen with normal noodles, an egg, thick soup oil, strong soup base, and curry paste. I added the entire bowl of curry paste into the ramen which I would not recommend if you don’t lovelovelove curry like I do. (It made the dish quite salty, but still really good!!)

Oh my godddDDD THIS WAS SO GOOOOOD. Probably one of the best ramen dishes I’ve ever had. I’m not even the biggest fan of ramen (I prefer udon), but seriously…. so delicious. Everything was cooked wonderfully – soup was savory, meat was soft, egg was perfectly done, and just the right amount of noodles. If you finished up your noodles, you could order an extra portion for $1.50. I believe the dish cost around $11 total for me (usually about 8 but I added the curry paste.) Such a great price compared to ramen places in Toronto, which would easily cost you $15+.

Definitely going to drop by this place again the next time I’m in California! I highly recommend it.

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California Beach Day | In N Out, Huntington,& Bonfires

The Beach Episode

Hello lovelies! Part two of my California blog series – be sure to read Part 1 here, all about Anime Expo! Jord and I really wanted to have our ~California Beach Episode~, so we arranged a day out at the beach with Tako, Andrew, Megan, and her boyfriend!
Before that, Tako took us to In N Out. I always hear Californians talk about In N Out, and how good it is! I thought it was just a regular fast food chain, but as always, I figured there was some truth behind the hype. We decided to stop off at an In N Out before our day trip at Huntington Beach! It’s got a ~secret menu~ as well, but I ordered the standard “#1” – a double-double hamburger with a drink and fries!
Watching my soon-to-be food baby come into creation…


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Cheer Burger | Sachie’s California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Here’s the first post in a new series on my blog… Sachie’s Food Tour! 😀 If you’ve been following me on twitter or instagram, you already know that I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles, California, for Anime Expo! I had a fantastic time at the convention….but an equally as exciting time feasting at various food trucks / restaurants!

I love food, and blogging…. so adding a food blogging feature on this blog was a natural path! Hopefully I’ll help out a few of you guys who are looking for places to eat!

Alright – first day of Anime Expo. It’s a huge convention, which means that most restaurants in the area will be full of cosplayers. Tired, hungry, and having to wait in massive lines? No thanks! Luckily across from the convention centre, there’s a huge parking lot full of food trucks!! Everything from sushi burritos, pho, riceballs, burgers, boba tea…..and more!!

(photo: yelp)

I decided to eat at Cheer Burger! I was drawn to the brightly colored truck, and the fact that I was seriously craving a burger.

It was only around noon and the line for cheer burger wasn’t too long, so I took a look at their menu. I ordered “The Works Burger” ($8) which has lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayo, 1000 island dressing, bacon, fresh avocado, grilled onion, home made angus beef patty, american cheeze, topped off with a toasted bun.

Starting to crave it again….

Hot day, so I got a Sanpellegrino sparkling blood orange drink! Tastes good but seriously overpriced – it was so hot that I didn’t even care anymore! If you’re going to a con, bring your own drinks.

Fortunately, it didn’t take too long for my burger to arrive…
THIS. THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD BURGER. Seriously!! Fresh veg, thick beef patty, yummy sauces dripping out… The avocado coupled well with the crispy bacon… aaahhhh I’m itching to get my hands on another one! (Why don’t they have one in Toronto, why???) For some reason this food truck has bad reviews on yelp, but I think they’re just from impatient customers who had to stand through long lines. I haven’t had anything else on their menu so I can only attest to the burger that I had.
I can confidently say that this burger lasted about 2 minutes in my hands. If you’re in LA and see Cheer Burger, grab “The Works burger! I guarantee that you’ll love it!
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You can also find the rest of my California food tour series here!

Thanks for reading!

xox Sachie