Ottawa (Day 4) – HAPPY CANADA DAY!

First thing’s first…

I’m so lucky that I get to spend it in Ottawa, the capital of Canada! I’m actually writing this post on the 30th of June…IN THE PAST~!~! Scheduled this post because I’ll probably be dead tired tomorrow…er…I mean today…

Anyway, I’ll be writing about the 30th of June. Left Montreal in the morning. Before I left, downloaded the app that my friend recommended to me called “Pudding Cam”! Just search for it in the App store! It’s a Korean camera app with tons of cool features, and best of all it’s free!

Also just a heads up – this post is quite image heavy!

Are you manly enough to take on the TRIPLE BYPASS?
Entering Ontario, yay!
Arrived at our hotel which was a suite! Our room is apartment style, therefore we had a washroom, one bedroom, a living room, and a mini kitchen. Quite nice I must say! I have a feeling my residence will be like this next year only with a much smaller room x 4.
Prince William and Kate Middleton are in Canada for their first official overseas trip as a married couple! Here’s their itinerary in Ottawa.
More pics under the cut!

Haha saw this poster in a supermarket and thought it was funny. Harper is our Prime Minister!
Testing out Pudding Cam’s 4 motion photo effect with my sock haha I get bored way too easily. I’ve seen Jenny use this app before and never really knew which one she was using! I think it’s cool!

S-so fluffy!

This note was outside the tomb of the unknown soldier area on a wreath! Prince William wrote ‘Lest We Forget / N’oublier Jamais’ on it.

Went to the parliament building.

This is the area where they do all of their debates and stuff.
(I don’t know the technical names since I’m not really interested in politics/government stuff haha)

The public can come sit above and watch!

The library was massive!

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and her father.

Went up into the Peace Tower.

Where the big concert will be happening. It’s expected to be filled with more than 300,000 people!

(I ended up testing some of the camera effects here, I think they turned out nice! Too bad the 3GS ‘s camera sucks, I’m sure the pictures would look way better on the iPhone 4!)

And then we headed back to our hotel!

Hope you liked this post! And hope you Canadians are having a great Canada day!
(Unless you’re a traitor like Lia and are spending it at ANIME EXPO / forever jelly ;_;/)

Montreal (Day 3) + Course Selection

Alright, last update for my Montreal posts! It’s hard to believe that I only spent three days there! We left Montreal this morning…
Before I start, I’ll say that the hotel we stayed at called  “Le Nouvel”, wasn’t really that great at all. It always felt really…damp… in the room! Even with the A/C and fan on, it felt really uncomfortable. And the room smelled really weird. It wasn’t really that great. ):

Wednesday was really cold… I think the temperature was a high of 21*C, but it felt cooler because it was cold and windy! Seriously, the Canadian summer so far has been utter crap. It was hot during exam time, and the not really cold and didn’t feel summery at all…

Flowery top and white ribbon belt from Just Cawaii (in Pacific Mall), knee length jean shorts (Urban Behaviour).
My bangs/fringe are at a good length that they’re not too long, yet long enough to braid and pin to the side!

Walked from our hotel to ‘Old Montreal’!

Apparently this was the hotel where John Lennon and Yoko Ono had their “bed in”! Where they stayed in bed or something to protest wars and promote peace. Read more about it here!
More pics under the cut!
We went into a clothing store because my mom wanted to look at something… therefore full outfit snap! It was kind eh… I wish I had brought long jeans but I thought it was going to be warmer.
Lots of horse carriages out for tourists who want to ride around Old Montreal!
One of the side streets that was closed off to cars. There were lots of souvenir shops and little restaurants.
Lunch at some little food court area: salad/turkey sandwich, beer (idk why but when in Montreal, my mom constantly wanted to drink beer) and poutine! (Basically fries covered in gravy and cheese.) Was not manly enough to take on the poutine, every time I tried taking a fry, I imagine myself having a heart attack LOL orz.
I was a sissy and took on the sandwich instead of the poutine ;A;
Walked down the street a few times and saw this. What exactly does this mean? Somebody on twitter said it was a siamese fire hydrant connection thing… I thought it was actually a pair of cherries haha! Derp!
Went back to the hotel because it was getting very cold and windy. Parents took a nap and I watched Big Bang Theory on my iPhone. My mom wanted me to rest because I had to do course selection for university which opened at 12:01 AM this morning…….orz
Later we went to eat dinner! Walked on Saint Catherine and ended up trying out a Turkish place.
The decor was actually quite nice- benches covered in a nice fabric with Turkish rugs on the walls.
Lentil soup, it was really good!
SautΓ©ed chicken with salad and rice.
This blog kind of sounds like it’s turning into a food blog haha! I don’t know why but I always remember taking pictures of food but forget to take pics of other important things.
Using the app “Shake” – kinda mimics a Polariod camera!
Across the street from the Turkish restaurant, there was a store that sold asian goods! Cosmetics like Etude House, Skin79, The Face Shop, and Tony Moly products. Ended up buying some BB cream since I’m running out of my Skin79 Oriental Gold… I’ll make sure to do a review on it! Also bought a cute Hello Kitty iPhone case.
(Mom bought me McD’s ice coffee and hipster glasses from Forever 21 hehehe!)
Walked back along Saint Catherine and turned down some side street. 
After that we walked back to the hotel. Also ended up having an argument with Guy LOL because my parents wouldn’t let me meet up with him and he was being whiny πŸ˜‰ I got a bit annoyed but whatever.
Had to stay up until 2AM trying to register my classes for next year! It was hell – registration opened at 12:01AM but when I clicked, it said “the maximum number of students is using this service, please try again later.” FRUSTRATED ME SO MUCH! Anyway I ended up registering my classes at around 2AM.
The courses I decided to take were:
Communication studies (which is what I want to major in), 2 multimedia classes, 2 linguistics classes, French, English/Cultural Studies, and 2 history classes!
Hopefully they turn out to be fun classes! I have to log on again in August to pick when I want to take my classes…. ideally I don’t want any classes early in the morning or on Fridays! 
The feeling of growing up never really dawned upon me until I registered my university courses and saw my payment agreement! I was like, wow, things aren’t really going to get much easier and I’m going to be in debt for the next few years of my life….. It’s scary but at the same time I’m really looking forward to moving out and getting to know myself better. πŸ˜€
So that’s it for Montreal! Super sad to be leaving since it’s such a fun town! Definitely prettier than Toronto haha, since it’s got a more European atmosphere I guess? Super jelly of all the people here who are bilingual, which motivates me more to learn French! I want to be cool and bilingual like them! So if you know French please speak to me haha so I can practice talking. πŸ˜€
Hopefully I’ll be able to blog with emoji soon, can’t really put them in my blog posts because they make my hotel wifi lag like crazy! ;___;

Montreal (Day 2)


Forgot to post this picture in my last post. LOOK AT MY ADORABLE ASIAN PJS!

Got up kind of early. Parents wanted to visit “Mount Royal” which is the massive hill that makes Montreal sit at a slant. Montreal I think actually comes from the name “Mount Royal”. Anyway I dislike hiking and it was really hot. (28*C?) But my parents were like SUCK IT UP so we had to go marching up this massive hill. ): For like twenty minutes! /unfit

When we got to the top we walked for a bit! We sat down at a picnic table to take a rest and this dog approached us! So cute – his owner was walking him and he wanted to say hi. He was massive… looked like a wolf hehehe.

The cutie’s name was Flash! I felt a bit sorry for him though because he had a super thick coat and it was mega hot outside ):
Later we walked on a bit to this lake WHICH HAD DRAGONFLIES EVERYWHERE. I don’t know why  but I have a very big fear of dragonflies… Butterflies I’m fine with, but I just freak out whenever I see dragonflies. My parents got angry at me for freaking out, they were like “ugh seriously boys will see you like this and then you’ll never find a boyfriend”…. ): Boo. Also went to the building near the lake for some coffee.
Walked on a bit more to the top of the hill/mountain thing to a lookout area, which was very pretty! I made a vlog so I’ll update this entry when I upload it.
Walked back down after. The walk down was easy haha but I kinda felt sorry for the people who had to walk up! They all looked quite tired out!
There were also people running up and down the stairs… training for some sports team probably.
There was also this weird looking sculpture at the bottom!
There was one sculpture-man lying down….so naturally I had to touch his butt πŸ˜€
It was quite firm, I must say.
Had this giant VooDoo doll out for some movie promotion? “Horrible Bosses”
Dad broke his sunglasses and wanted to buy another pair so we (my mom and I) said we’d meet up with him after. We ate lunch at some cafe place! Food was very tasty!
Mini BLT baguette sandwich with chicken veggie soup, omnomnom!
After we walked to Forever 21 WHERE I BOUGHT THIS AWESOME BAG!
(Coffee charm not included, bought that at Anime North this year!) 
The bag was something like $45 altogether after taxes! It’s a very soft pleather and is very well made = my new everyday bag! I love it. πŸ˜€
Blue with polkadots on the inside!
Here’s the pic I posted on my twitter haha πŸ˜€ My lovely bag and my OOTD! Haven’t worn braids in ages… My hair was getting massive because of the humidity and my hair is getting pretty long so I decided to try it out! I think it looks nice πŸ˜€ Also went back to the hotel.
Took the metro to Saint Laurent!
Guy-Concordia station~
Ended up in Chinatown haha! My mom naturally had to check it out and compare it to that of Toronto’s…
Better photo~
It looked kinda run down… Definitely not as big/busy as Toronto’s!
We ate at a chinese restaurant, which was not very nice… the food tasted okay but it was super oily! Felt kind of sick afterward since I don’t handle oil very well! ):
Shanghai noodles
Sweet/Sour pork
Some kind of veggie rice?
The Jazz festival was also happening down the street from Chinatown so we decided to check it out!
The whole street was closed off!
Some lady was doing acrobatics! It was very cool.
Tried to take a picture of all the people but the guy in the blue on the left decided to just stick his hand up…wtf. He wasn’t even waving at anybody, he just wanted to photobomb LOL.
Left the festival, walked past this pretty church.
Saw this sign on the ground LOL! I saw another one that somebody was holding saying “Need money for beer – too ugly for prostitution” XD
Self explanatory HAHA
Popped back into F21 where I found these cute glasses and couldn’t decide on which pair to choose! Round or square frames?
(I actually bought a pair that were neither of the two pictured above, but I did like the round ones better haha.)
Saw some cool graffiti. πŸ˜€
And went back to the hotel! 
I’m actually writing this blog shortly after the last one, just scheduling it so you guys will see it tomorrow. When this entry posts, I’ll be in Ottawa! πŸ˜€
See y’all soon!

Montreal (Day 1)

Sup dudes?! I’m currently in my hotel in Montreal, Quebec! Course selection goes up tonight at midnight and I really want to get into all of my classes so I’m staying up hehe! (It’s currently 10:10PM)

Now that my laptop has finally connected to the internet, I figured I’ll just blog to kill the time! Mom bought me two large ice coffees from McDonalds (any size for $1! = my new summer drink, replacing Timmie’s expensive ice capps.)

ANYWAY, our adventure started on Monday. Woke up at 6AM and drove for 9 hours (it would normally take about 6 to drive from Toronto to Montreal but my dad drives slow and we stopped off in a place called Ganaoque for two hours).

Giant apple thing haha πŸ˜€
Gananoque (pronounced like Gana-Nock-Qwee) is surrounded by the thousand islands? Pretty cool, the view was nice at least. 

Gananoque is a small down which basically consists of a street filled with old white people. The cafe place we stopped off at seriously smelled like prunes and there were old people EVERYWHERE…. Not that I have anything against old people but I’m too much of a city girl and therefore really dislike small hick towns.

My dad contributes to the old white person factor in the cafe haha!
Arrived at our hotel at about 3PMish. 
Camwhored before we left to go exploring! Using the app “Diptic” to combine pics.
After that we walked down to my dad’s old apartment from when he used to live there.

Then we turned down Rue Saint Catherine (I think that’s what it’s called) where all the shops are and browsed around for a bit!

Ran into Guy aka Pretty Lulu – without his mask! Didn’t get to talk for long because my parents were abandoning me and walking away haha orz. I always seem to look like crap when I take quick photos therefore black blobby thing will hide my weird facial expression.

(Louis Vuitton store display! Dat wig, so intense.)
Found a nice restaurant down one of the side streets (I can’t remember the name at the moment, but when I find it I’ll post it! The food was amazing!) Our waiter was this pretty blonde girl… It was amazing to see her talking to us in English and then immediately switch over to French for the people at the other table! It was actually like that in most stores, everybody here seems bilingual. I think you could live in Montreal and not have to speak any french at all! 
I forget what kind of soup this was… Clam chowder I think? It was really good.
My dad had some kind of chicken salad! Omnomnom.
I got sliders… There were three little burgers each a different flavor! One had BBQ sauce, one had a mushroom thing inside, and the other… I forget BUT IT WAS REALLY GOOD.
Walked back on Rue Rene-Levesque (I think that’s the name?) Passed by this cathedral thing.
Cool effects made with iDarkroom πŸ˜€

Walked back to the hotel.

That’s the end of day 1! Will update again when I have time, hopefully I’ll be able to write up one more post for tomorrow!

Toronto trip~

Hello everybody! <span class=

As promised, here’s the happier, lighter post!
Yesterday I went downtown Toronto. My parents woke me up earlier and then spontaneously told me that we were going downtown. So I was like sure. <span class=
I love Toronto – after all I was born there!

We took the subway down there and we passed a bunch of buildings that had some really good graffiti on them! <span class=

We got off at Chinatown! My mom wanted to go buy a backscratcher thing for my grandpa! I went across the road to Anime Xtreme but it was closed. I forgot to take a picture of the giant Miku poster they had in their display!

We went walking further down and saw this store that sold electric powered motor bikes! They were pretty cute – my parents went inside and talked to the store owner. I think my dad is going to buy one.
I mean they’re cute and all, I just think that my dad is going to look dorky riding one. XD

I saw this sign in the doorway of a shop. It was selling shoes! But it made me laugh because it’s really silly!

A street car~
(LOL my captions are getting quite boring )
I like this picture though~ XD

I saw this in one of the washroom stalls in one of the Chinatown Malls!
It says:
Have your kids in this order and they’ll be as successful as Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton (both 1st born children of 3 who have 2 younger brothers.)
Also, Pierre Trudeau [a previous Prime Minister of Canada] was the middle child (he had an older sister and a younger brother) and he was rich and powerful.

We saw this on the side of a restaurant! I thought these were so cute! There were more photos of them – all chickens and birdies drawn in this style! So cute. :3

Street in Toronto! I can’t remember which street this is, but it’s just to give you an idea! And the streets aren’t normally this…empty either! The streets are usually full of cars!

We saw these outside some building too! These were really strange, they were like, mutated rabbit things. So I obviously had the urge to go and sit on one.
My friend told me they looked like Umbreon from Pokemon! They kinda do, don’t they? XD
Making a fishy face! P:


We walked over to the CN tower! This is the Rogers Centre (a big dome where they hold concerts and baseball games and stuff). The CN Tower and the Rogers Centre are also beside the convention hall where Fan Expo, MTAC, and DTAC are held!

CN tower again! Tall tower is tall!

We also walked into a place called the Paws Way – Pet Discovery Centre. It’s like a museam centre about animals – mostly cats and dogs though. Dogs are also allowed to come it and eat at the little restaurant inside! Today they were holding a dog show for Scottish breeds! The dogs were really cute <33 data-blogger-escaped-div=”div”>

During the Scottish presentation thing, when they were getting the dogs ready, a bunch of old dude came on in kilts and sang scottish songs. 8’D

I think this was called a Border Collie? OMG SO CUTE, THE CUTEST DOG I HAVE EVER SEEN <33 data-blogger-escaped-font=”font”>

Doggy inside getting a haircut! He had a little poofy dog afro. XD

Downtown Toronto’s harborfront! It’s a really nice view~ If you go further back, you can see the whole lake and even Centre Island! πŸ˜€

ICECREAM~ Espresso flake is my favourite β™₯

Thats it, thanks for reading! πŸ˜€