Five Good Things

I’ve been a reader of Kate’s blog for years now and I’ve loved reading her Five Good Things series. The idea is simple – every week she recaps five good things that have happened. I’m suffering from a bout of the January blues so I figured this might be a good way to brighten up my week. I doubt every week will be as eventful but hey, life isn’t always go-go-go. Especially when you’re a student whose addicted to playing Overwatch…

Anyway, let’s get on with it!

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Can 2016 just be over already? | Recap & Resolutions

If I had to describe 2016 in a few words, they would be….

  1. Underwhelming
  2. Disappointing
  3. Extremely mediocre.

Overall, this was not a great year for me. So ironic because 2015 was one of my most memorable years (which you can read in my 2015 Year in Instax post), and all of those memories and accomplishments came down to a crashing halt about a quarter into 2016. I’m looking forward to 2017 and the fresh start it will bring!

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Coping with Anxiety // My Experience with Panic / Anxiety

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a personal post in quite a while, and I hope this will help answer some questions that you’ve been sending me on twitter and blog comments regarding my little hiatus from Youtube and blogging! I kept putting off this post because it’s quite personal but I think I’m finally ready to talk about it.

At the beginning of September, I had my first real panic attack. Looking back on the event, it occurred randomly without warning. It affected me for almost the entire month of September. The symptoms extended out of my head and start to affect my physical well being. Keep reading to find out about my experiences, the symptoms I experienced, and how I cope.

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Hello lovelies!

This post might be a little past when most people do their recaps, but I’ve been having laptop issues and just recently got it back from the repair shop! But moving on…

Last year I did a year in review post, you can read it here! I thought I would continue the trend. 2013 has easily been the most exciting year of my life so far!! Here are some of my achievements!
  • In January, I started filming regular content for my YouTube channel! My channel started to grow bigger and bigger, and so many exciting things came from it! I went from about 18k to almost 40k! 
  • Applied and was accepted for academic exchange to England! It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was little to go on exchange and live in England! The city where my university is from is really drab and boring – it’s going to be so hard to return and finish my fourth year.
  • Started making videos with Geek and Sundry! Making biweekly vlogs about cosplay for their vlog channel! This really helped me become more comfortable with vlogging, as well as making new vlogger friends! 
    • Through this, I got to visit my dream conventions, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con!! They definitely lived up to my expectations, and it was totally surreal! I even got to do a panel at SDCC with Geek and Sundry, and over 2000 people showed up! Ahhh so cool so cool!!
  • -Shortly after I arrived in England, I attended London MCM Expo and Doki Doki! Met a lot of my English YouTube friends like Kelsey, Cherry and Beckii, as well as Karen (who flew from Germany, where she was doing her exchange!) It was totally surreal because I’ve known these girls online for years and have only been able to meet them now!
  • Not too long after, I attended the 50th Doctor Who celebration in London! I did some videos with the BBC for the official Doctor Who channel as well, and made a few more youtuber friends! I watched the Day of the Doctor screening in a massive panel room, it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.
  • Finally, I’m ending my year off on a high note- I’ve been able to travel more this year than I have any other year! Just recently I did a mini trip from London – Belfast – Dublin – Pwethlli (Wales) – London! Totally crazy and exhausting but so totally worth it.
After such a crazy year, I need to set some goals and resolutions for myself like I do ever year!

  • Keep making more videos! I really want to grow my channel this year, especially through collabs with English YouTube friends!
  • Spend less money! I’ve been spending a lot since I got here v_v not only on travel but on clothes and stuff too! There’s still a part of my mindset that translates £ value = $, even though the pound is still only like 0.56 to the dollar 🙁
  • Develop and carry through on a fitness regime! Ok ok I know everyone always says “It’s the New Year so I’m gonna excise and get healthy yea yea!!” But seriously! I haven’t been able to weigh myself since I got here and I’m positive that I’ve gained weight. Exercise and maintaining a healthier diet will lead to a fitter body, healthier mind and less breakouts! 😀
  • Change my style! I’m wayyyyy too comfortable with my sense of style now, I need to learn how to dress up more and present myself more nicely! Slowly switching out my comfort clothes for nicer things.
  • Draw more! Fill up two more moleskines! 
  • Blog more! LOL totally neglected my blog but I want to keep it going, I like looking through my old posts! 
Here’s to another fantastic year! What were some of your resolutions? :}

little street angels

Hey lovelies!

Finally got photos back from Fan Expo! It feels like forever ago, even though it was only like, 2 weeks ago. Whoaaaaaaaa. Fan Expo was super fun this year, but quite different to the other Fan Expos I’ve been to. This year, I didn’t attend with my usual circle/cosplay group, since we all had different plans. Instead, my lovely friend mle stayed over at my house during the convention, since we were cosplaying Attack on Titan on the Saturday!
On the Friday of the convention, we decided to take it easy and vlog. We tried doing own on take on “Japanese street style”, aka me failing horribly at getting dressed (threw on some things last minute), while mle rocked her monotone cat-inspired outfit!
Another attempt at a fashion-bloggy post.
Top – Oasap // Skirt – Unnamed Chinese Brand // Sailor Moon Necklace – Kuma Crafts // Glasses – Ardene // Creepers – eBay

My attempt at “street fashion.” I was in a bit of a hurry in the morning because my original outfit (shirt + high waisted shorts) was more American Apparel than Shibuya street style, so I scrambled around my closet and pulled out this skirt. There was actually a super engrish tshirt attached to it but I had previously cut it out. Finally put it to use!
Luckily, some of our friends (who also happen to be photographers) took some street-style snaps of us! ;D
Struttin it out! We had to walk a few times because I kept laughing and making stupid faces. We also found that cute balloon just randomly tied to a post! 
If you’re interested in seeing where mle got her outfit, check out her blog! We’re hoping to do a lot more collaborations together, more info on that soon.
This little shoot was so much fun! 😀 I’d love to start doing more of these too! What do you guys think? Also, bonus derpy picture. 


Happy New Year! I figured that I would make this post an annual feature, reflecting on the past year and the things that have happened in my life.

First, I want to take a look at the resolutions that I sent for myself last year!

  • Become healthier – I can say that I have improved my eating habits compared to my first year of university, although I need to cut down on the sugar in my diet. 
  • Improve my Youtube – My goal was to reach 10,000 subscribers on youtube! In April, my channel suddenly started receiving a huge jump in viewers. I am currently at 18,000 subscribers, it’s insane! I can’t believe it, and I’m so thankful for the support that I’ve gotten.
  • Find a summer job – First I got a job at a really crap dress store, quit after about two weeks because I was being treated poorly and the management was very disorganized. Found a great summer job at Levis where I met some great co-workers! They even invited me back for winter seasonal work, and the summer of 2013! 
  • Stop looking like a homeless person. – LOL yeah I can safely say I put more effort into my looks! I’m glad I don’t look as much of a bum as last year. 
  • Work on photography skills – Have taken lots of lovely photos of cosplay, food blogging, and events in general. Hopefully I will continue to improve these skills in 2013! 
  • Travel – Had my first road trip without parents when Moetron and I attended Otakon 2012, which took place in Baltimore, Maryland. A few months later, we attended Youmacon 2012 in Detroit, Michigan! 
  • BE HAPPY~! I am definitely happier than last year. As I stated in my previous post, I went through a mini period of depression where I just felt really tired and sad all the time, and didn’t want to socialize or go out and do things. I’ve made some great friends and had some great opportunities.

When rereading old blog entries in October, I had come to the realization that I have completed every one of my new year’s resolutions! I’m so happy 😀 I normally don’t track my resolutions (or at least, forget about them a few months into the year,) so it was great to be able to reflect on my accomplishments.

Now, a few notable points from 2012!

  • Finished my first year of university.
  • Sorted out rent and housing for the 2012-2013 school year without the help of my parents. Now living with 3 of my good friends! 
  • Uploaded a makeup tutorial that went viral, currently has over one million views. Youtube channel subscriber count grew from just under 4.5k subscribers to over 18k! Also slowly getting into the habit of uploading regularly. 
  • Got a steady summer job at a great store with such nice coworkers. Earned a good amount of money that is being put towards my academic exchange.
  • Attended my first and second American convention! Met so many nice cosplayers and photographers, and networked with so many other creative individuals! Made and wore my dream cosplay (Emmy Altava from Professor Layton series.)
    • In addition, cosplays were featured on Kotaku (Hilda from Pokemon) and twice on the front page of reddit (red/blu scouts from TF2 with Ringo!)
  • Turned 19! 
  • Started second year of university. Actually joined clubs and made friends instead of being a shut-in. Overloaded on courses first semester, taking six credits instead of five, and a managed to get pretty good marks.
I am quite proud of myself for my achievements! I feel like 2012 has been one of the best years for me so far. But I can safely say that I am more excited for this upcoming year than I have ever felt before. 
Resolutions for 2013: (Some of these are going to stay the same as last year.)
  • GO ON ACADEMIC EXCHANGE TO THE UNITED KINGDOM: I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted anything more in my entire life. I am so tired of living in Canada, in this drab city where my university is. I don’t feel alive here. I want to travel and explore, I want to feel culture shock, I want to get away and experience new things. If things work out, I’ll be there from September 2013 – June 2014!
    • In addition, improve marks for exchange! You need a certain average in order to be eligible, and I would say that I’m currently borderlining on this required average… My school schedule for 2013 works out that I have one fifty-minute class on Wednesday morning, and nothing on Thursday. I should be planning my time out accordingly and using it to study and do my readings more thoroughly.
  • Upload content more regularly to my youtube account, and grow my subscriber base! After seeing the sudden jump in subscribers and people watching my content, I feel more motivated than ever to make videos that people want to watch. Right now, I’m going to try doing a video once a week. I think that is a realistic goal. Definitely more if I am able to go on exchange! I can do more videos relating to my experience abroad!
  • Have a healthier diet, exercise more regularly. – I think this is pretty self explanatory hahaha!
  • Cut back on unnecessary purchases, save money! – Exchange ain’t going to be cheap, gotta save up! 
  • Draw and design more! I’ve been working on some drawings on photoshop and illustrator. I think working on some independent design projects will not only improve my skills, but help me build a little portfolio of works for my multimedia courses.
  • Be happy. – I know I know, so many people put this on their resolutions list. But it’s true. I want to be happy, and enjoy life! :]
We’ll see how I do with these resolutions in next year’s post! :] What are some of your resolutions? 



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Bath powder, LUSH, Face Mask Reviews! :D

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the gap between posts. I’ve been a very busy girl lately! (Usually a lazy bum lol).
I’ve just finished classes and exams, packed and moved out of residence! It feels weird living at home again. I’ll miss my little residence room, it was so convenient and close to my classes. But the place my friends and I have rented for next year isn’t too far, only a few minutes walk from campus.

Oh, another life update! I got a job today! It’s at a dress store that sells gowns and prom dresses etc. It’s very cute. I’ll be working there over the summer. But this finally means that I’ll have a stream of income for conventions (I’ll be able to afford Otakon hooray!) and cosplay stuff. And also saving up for my exchange to England in September 2013!

Anyway, onto the promised reviews. I took the pictures for this bath powder a few days ago.

Decided to try out this bath powder that was included as a bonus gift with my Cure Exfoliating Gel order! I wasn’t really expecting much because I’ve never seen this before. I’m not sure of the brand, but it’s supposed to be a moisture bath powder. 

 The powder is a bright orange. It smells like citrus. Not actual oranges, but like… orange candy scent? A very sweet smell.
Into the bath~!~!~!

 There wasn’t really a reaction to the water, it just kind of settled at the bottom. It didn’t crackle or pop like the Bison bath salts. No as exciting, hahaha! 
 Cat walks in as I’m getting the water ready. CUTE. ;~;
 “Oooh what are you putting in there?”
“But why would you want to bathe in that? o^o “
As for the actual bath, it did have a thickening effect, but not much. It smelled like oranges for a while, but then the scent fainted. Didn’t feel very moisturising either? Overall it didn’t seem that great, just turned my water yellow and made the air smell like citrus. 
(two other review after the cut!)

Also, as a little celebration thing to congratulate myself on getting the job at the dress store, I bought this face mask to use during my bath. Totally treating myself haha! I’ve used this a few times and really like it, it makes my face feel really clean, despite being a clay mask. Check it out on the website! It sells for $1.89 at Walmart 
It applies smoothly and isn’t sticky. I feel like it actually does temporarily help with blemishes and redness. It dries hard and crackly but doesn’t flake off. Make sure to thoroughly wash it off! 
SO REFRESHINGUUUuuuuuuu! The mask smells faintly like aloe and cucumber. Shooped cucumbers over my eyes because I couldn’t find any in my house haha
 I also bought this bath bomb from LUSH! It’s called “Pheonix Rising.” It’s a purple bath bomb with some gold flecks/sheen on the outside, and it smells like apple cider! Such a wonderful scent! It was such a lovely bath bomb, definitely recommend it. It was $6.95. Check it out on the website! 

 The bath bomb is a little pricy in my opinion but I bought it for a special occasion. I’ve been meaning to try some of LUSH’s other products out since I’ve only really used their shine shampoo bar. Definitely want to try out some of the other ones in the future!
Also, as you can see in the above picture, the gold is only on the top of the bath bomb.

 Atomic bath bomb! It turns the water a medium purple.

 Mine even had a stick of cinnamon in it! Talk about ‘natural’ products haha!

 Surprise blue-green centre! I wasn’t expecting this at all, what a nice surprise!

All in all, I’ve had very pleasant experiences with Lush products! I love giving their gift sets to people as presents because all of the products are so nice! I hear so many awesome things about their other products from beauty gurus and blogs, so I recommend them if you are willing to try out some new bath products!
I hope you guys liked this post I’ll try to update on my cosplay progress soon. I’ll be able to work on more products now that school is out! I posted another video to my youtube channel, you should check it out if you haven’t already! 
Have you guys bought any LUSH products / recommend anything for me? I’d love to hear your suggestion and read your reviews! 😀 


I was tagged by the beautiful Christian of Dim Skeletons to do this 11 questions tag!

Let’s see the rules

  • You must post eleven things about yourself on your blogs.
  • You have to answer the questions the tagger has set for you
  • And also, create eleven for the people you tag to answer
  • Then choose eleven people and link them in your post.
  • You legitimately have to tag and No tags back

11 Facts about myself

  • I feel unhappy unless I have some type of sugar in my system haha~ I’ve got such a sweet tooth! 
  • I love cats. ;_;  Basically most people have come to the conclusion that I’m just going to be a crazy cat lady. WHO NEEDS A BOYFRIEND WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A CAT INSTEAD.
  • Opposed to my photos and videos, I hardly wear much makeup irl. Usually just BB cream and powder, occasionally black liner or mascara on my bottom lashes. 
  • I have synesthesia. I didn’t know this was an actual condition until I saw a poster advertising a phD student’s psychological study on it… it listed ‘symptoms’ that I could relate to so I went in and did the tests over the period of the school semester and it turns out I have it! My synesthesia heavily relates to emotion-taste, sometimes taste-emotion, and sound-color. 
    • Synesthesia is “is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway” (read more on wikipedia). So basically when I feel a certain emotion, I involuntarily feel a taste or the taste of a smell, if that makes sense. I thought this was normal lol…. If you guys are curious, I’ll write a post/do a video on it. 😛 
  • K-On is my all time favourite anime/anime franchise! So moe~~
  • I am obsessed with the Professor Layton and Trauma Centre games! I love them so much.
  • At university, I generally seem like a very antisocial person lol. I’d like to think that I am a social person outside of school though! 
  • I talk to myself when I’m in my room or walking by myself, usually practising things I want to say in a vlog or like re-enacting a scene in my head. I find that I get nervous when talking to new people and often stutter, so I often practice conversations by myself. (+1 crazy factor)
  • I feel like I am a very direct person. I hate it when people are shady or can’t make a set decision. Usually my super dominant mode kicks in and I have to make a decision. 
  • My hair is really long now – I haven’t cut it in 2 years because of the stupid asian hairdresser. I asked for a trim + no layers, so she cut 3 inches of my hair off and gave me layers wtf. 
  • I think yelling “SUGOIII” is really funny LOL, you’ll hear me scream it randomly in my cosplay group videos.

Questions by Christian~

With the following questions, please fill them out!

What is one accessory you find yourself wearing often/that is your favorite? Please show us!
My cuff/chair earring. I love it and wear it quite often because I think it adds a bit of edginess but still looks nice!
I don’t have my camera at the moment, but it looks like this, without the little cross dangly part.

What are three things you absolutely cannot leave the house without?
Phone, keys, wallet. (lol really unexciting things)

Do you have any pets? If yes, what kind and what are their names? If no, what kind would you like?
Yes, I’ve got a cat named Happy! ;v;

Are you the type who must immediately have (an article of clothing) as soon as it comes out, or do you wait a bit before purchasing?
I’m not one to strictly follow the latest trends, so I usually wait a while. I buy what I like, when I want to! 

What is your favorite dessert?
Hm, probably cappuccino flavoured frozen yoghurt or ice cream! 

How do you take your coffee/tea (if any)?
I don’t really have coffee, I usually have french vanilla or mochas if anything. As for tea, I usually take black teas (favourite is earl gray) with milk and sugar! (English style lol, just like my dad :D) 

Do you have a favorite mascot/character? If so, which one?
I really love K-On girls, which I’ve seen used as the mascot for some Japanese products, but I’m not really sure if that works for the question. I think Totoro / Ghibli characters! Or Rilakkuma! 

What is a song you’re absolutely crazy about at the moment?
Ballarina Brain System by MAA! Been listening to this song non-stop!

3 phobias?
Dying, dragonflies, being in really crowded places (like super crowded, people pressing up on you/can’t move etc.)

Please walk us through your usual day!
Get up, speed get ready, rush to class, get back, tidy room, lounge around, go out for food, get back, lectures, repeat lounging, last class, get food, come back, work on projects, facebook, youtube, dance around room, get ready for bed, sleep, repeat. SUPER BORING UNIVERSITY LIFE. 

Lastly, please share with us a favorite coordinate of yours!

Honestly I think all of my coordinates suck, I’m not very stylish because I’m usually at school where I’m too lazy to dress nicely lol. 
But this Tokyo Fashion coord is one of my favourite coords ever! I NEED IT.

Murua Street Fashion in Tokyo

Murua Cardigan & Tassel Necklace

Orange Hair Girl in Shinjuku

Betsey Johnson Betseyville purse
(Okay to be honest I’m not a fan of the bag D:)

Murua Tassel Necklace

Murua Platform Heels

I tag:
and anybody else who wants to do this! 😀 I’m such a rule breaker trololol

My questions:
1. What is your all time favourite food or dish?
2. Where were you born, and have you moved often?
3. Favourite makeup or beauty product?
4. If you could live in any fictional universe (from cartoons, anime, TV shows etc), which would you choose and why?
5. Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?
6. What is your favourite season?
7. Is there a song, movie, book etc that holds a special certain meaning to you? Tell us about it!
8. Your favourite piece of clothing? (If you can, include a photo!)
9. Three biggest fears or phobias?
10. Where is one place you want to travel to?
11. What is one of the things you really want to do before you die?

Let me know if you do the tag! 😀

Bad Week.

Blogging at 1AM because I feel crappy and can’t sleep.  

I’ve been sick all week with a very bad cold. It started Tuesday afternoon with the sniffles, but then escalated and just got worse. I had an essay due on Wednesday which I had finished part of, but I was feeling so terrible that I had to defer it. (I got an extension to Monday.) 

Didn’t go to my classes today except for my philosophy tutorial. Only went to that because I really love it.   Then I went back to my room and napped  , then got food, and then played Team Fortress for a few hours.

Karumen and I made such a great Heavy/Medic duo but unfortunately she sacrificed herself for me. Or got backstabbed by a spy, I can’t remember. But it was a great game.   If you have a Steam account, add me! I’m ✿SACHIEPON.

I’ve been watching InuxBoku SS recently! It’s very cute, definitely recommend it for those of you who like girly/romance anime. Very lighthearted. The main character is a tsundere… I have such a weakness for tsunderes hehe.  Caught up with those episodes so I decide to start watching La Corda D’Oro. It’s one of my favourite manga, I don’t know why I waited so late to start watching the anime! It’s another really cute series, I recommend it.   I want to cosplay Kaho-chaaannn~, the girl with the red hair. Just need to find a violin, haha.

I also did my nails today. Shoppers had this pretty polish on sale for $2.99! I’ve been looking for a nice light pink polish but wasn’t able to find one. Kind of messy, but I’ll fix that later.

Finally, rent troubles. I’ve mentioned on my twitter that I’ll be renting a place with a few other friends for next year. Wellllll, stuff happened. Suddenly, S says that she probably can’t rent with us because of some financial troubles. Then J, one of my high school friends, says that if S pulls out, she’ll also have to pull out. We were supposed to rent this house as a group of 4… Meaning if those two pull out, A and I will have to rent the house for just us two and share with two other strangers. Which would really suck. 

We’re going to meet with the landlady tomorow to sign the lease. Hopefully nobody else decides to pull any crap on us.  I’m really desperate to find a place to stay next year because it’s getting late in terms of rentals and most of the good houses are gone, we just got really lucky to find this. 

Just ughghghgh people can be so unreliable sometimes. 


Oh and if you’d like to help make my week a little less suckish, I’d realllllyyyy appreciate it if you could vote for me here if you haven’t already. I’m no longer in the top 5, meaning I won’t have a shot at the big prizes. I’d really like to win one of the prizes so that I can sell it to help pay for my UK exchange fund.  Which will cost me almost $10,000… 

I recently entered my university’s digital arts contest. Basically, top 5 submissions with the most votes are presented to a panel of judges, who then choose the winners. I would really really love it if you could vote for me ;_;

The voting process only takes like 2 minutes! ♥

1. Register for a WordPress Account  by clicking here.
2. Go to your email and get your password/login link.
3. Close that page and go to this link: 
4. Click on the ‘Votes’ button for the icon with the yellow face /red nose/brown eyes!

Thank you so much ;_; This contest is really important to me. (You can forget about the account after voting, WordPress won’t send you any annoying emails)


Recently been experimenting with floating/levitating photos. Heavily influenced by Natsumi Hayashi‘s levitating photos. They look so effortless and interesting! I’d like to experiment with this style more now that I have a camera that can manage a fast shutter speed. I’ve tried taking ‘levitating’ photos before with a point and shoot but they always come out blurry. 

I know they’re nothing great, just driveway pictures and one at High Park… But I really love this style! Natsumi makes it look effortless, but it’s so hard to get a natural levitating look!

I’d like to do some of these photos in cosplay for Moetron outside nicer locations!  Must invest in some nicer lenses and a tripod!

Letter from penpal! ☆

Today I received a letter/package from my Japanese penpal! Her name is Masae and she’s from Tokushima, Japan. We’re both the same age. I first met her on Japan Guide’s penpal website when I was 16. I’ve had a few penpals but she’s the only one I’ve kept a steady stream of communication with!  (♡˙︶˙♡) We typically send each other about 3 – 4 letters a year.

We usually exchange letters + small gifts! Here’s what she sent me this time! Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ

 Kyoto ver. Hello Kitty phone charm! Masae sent me a sakura charm from a temple when she visited Kyoto, which is the one I use now! (*’ω’*) I love this one, I think I’ll also add it to my phone!

Some postcard prints that she drew! She’s so talented!  

 A short note. Apparently she got accepted into university for nursing! 
 Package of photo postcards from Kyoto.
More cell phone charms – Year of the Tiger Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma hugging the Eiffel Tower. 
I’m really excited to write back to her. I think I’ll mail her a copy of Teen Vogue as well as some other little charms I find. Japanese magazines are so different from American magazines. Maybe I’ll also include some Toronto photo cards.
Do you have (or have you ever had) a penpal? (´・ω・`)



Sorry, haven’t been blogging much. Being a super lazy bum. Classes are going well, but it gets kind of dull due to my complete lack of social life. But that’s okay because I started watching Community, which is the greatest show ever, and makes up for no social life! Awesome! (♡´ω`♡)

Random sparkly picture of my shoe.
I filmed a FAQ video for my youtube channel! 

I’ll be uploading more vlogs in the future, so please sub to me! 😀

I don’t think I’ll upload many dance covers anymore, but lots of vlogs! I want to make the full transition to vlogger, so I hope you guys will support me : D It’s all part of my “make my youtube page more active” resolution heheh~


I originally wanted to make this post reflecting on the past year but honestly nothing comes to mind… My current boring life makes me feel like I’ve spent a year doing nothing. Looking back at the past year, I’ve done quite a bit.

  • Started blogging seriously on this blog. (I had been blog-hopping on different domains and finally settled down here.) 
  • Heard back from all the universities that I applied to and was accepted to all of them! Chose my current university.
  • Planned and finished my Black Gold Saw cosplay with a full group! Super happy~
  • Became really good friends with Moetron.
  • Got my first part-time job.
  • Started regularly reviewing items for my blog (circle lenses, beauty products etc).
  • Graduated high school with honours.
  • Went to Montreal/Ottawa and saw Prince William/ Princess Kate.
  • Turned 18.
  • Moved into apartment/residence and started university. 
  • Finished a semester of university.
  • Saw LIGHTS in concert.
  • Got a DSLR!
My year hasn’t been super exciting. I do have some goals for myself though.
  • Become healthier – stop eating so late at night, get at least 30 mins of exercise a day instead of just lazing around. Improve skin, tone up, lose some weight.
  • Improve my Youtube – Take better quality videos, start working seriously on my channel, aim for at least 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year. Try learning more dance covers, uploading more vlogs, tutorials, reviews etc.
  • Find a summer job – to earn money, save up for third year exchange to the UK. 
  • Stop looking like a homeless person, improve looks in general. Put more effort into style. 
  • Work on photography skills – Set up and upload images to flickr, do photoshoots with Moetron, develop a style.
  • Travel – Canada is boring. Or at least travel somewhere, I don’t even care if it’s Montreal again. 
  • Market myself better online, for future sponsorship or business opportunities~
  • BE HAPPY~! – I think I had a mild case of depression at the beginning of the school year, I was so stressed and tired and didn’t want to meet with anybody, not even my friends. I didn’t have an appetite and didn’t want to go anywhere… Didn’t even have the motivation to work on cosplay. And I felt sad. The weather in my university’s city was complete shit, it was just continuously grey and cold shortly after school started. So I’d just like to be a bit happier. 
Hopefully I’ll actually be able to follow through with these resolutions…

(☝ ՞ਊ ՞)=☞)՞ਊ ՞)


( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡
( ✧≖´◞౪◟≖`)
╭∩╮ (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ ) Ʊ ̏ƕ Ʊ ̏ƕ❤
(́ತ◞౪◟ತ‵) ੭ੇ ∣ठ❤
(꒪.̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨.̸̸̨̨꒪ ) 

(⌯꒪͒ ૢ∀ ૢ꒪͒) ੭ੇ৴ડેং৴ડેং
( ¯¯ํ¯௰¯¯ํ¯ )ƺƷƺƷねʓ
(ಠ .̫.̫ ಠ)
( ◜◡^)っ✂╰⋃╯
(o´艸`)【GOOD MORNING!!】

Playful Kiss / 장난스런 키스

Hey guys!

I just wanted do a quick post about a new drama that I’m watching!
It’s a korean drama called Playful Kiss, or 장난스런 키스. It’s based on the manga “Itazura Na Kiss”, or Itakiss for short! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Description: Playful Kiss is about a popular and genius male student named Baek Sueng-jo who has a stand-offish personality and Oh Hani who is a female student who makes up for being not-so-genius by always being smiling and happy. An earthquake destroys the girl’s home and she and her dad end up living with the boy’s family. The girl has kept this boy in her heart but she has never received any assurances of her love being reciprocated. Fun and groans ensue as they interact and rub off on each other. How will this drama end? – Drama Crazy

It’s really really cute. I always love the stories about a stupid / derpy girl who falls in love with a really handsome and smart guy! (ノω・、) There’s always something that makes me go KYAA~ when he ends up returning her love haha!

It’s a really sweet love story. I’m currently on episode 3~ so cute, it follow’s the Itakiss anime storyline really well. I originally found out about this drama from a post on my tumblr dashboard! It looked adorable so I checked it out and wasn’t disappointed!

This is kind of a pointless post, but it’s really good so far, and I recommend it for people who like the romance/school type dramas~
If anybody has any recommendations for similar type dramas, please recommend some for me! I’ve got lots of free time this summer LOL. (`・ω・´)ゞ Currently waiting for the Ouran drama’s sub to come out! Does anybody know if it’s come out yet?

That’s it for now, circle lenses post coming up soon!


Hello everybody!

I’m very excited to see that I’m almost going to hit 50 blog followers! Woot! I think I’ll hold a giveaway when I hit 100 though! :3 So hopefully that will be soon.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a little vacation with my parents, but will be back on the 3rd! Hopefully I’ll have time to blog haha… so many things to blog about! I still need to upload the vlogs to MOETRONcos, they take so long to upload because they’re high definition!

I’ll leave you with an awesome picture though. This was the cake that Sami, Ringo, and I made for the Centre Island cosplay picnic! It was super fun and the cake tasted really delicious.

It was a vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkle things inside of it, covered with chocolate icing, with lots of strawberries and custard in it! (It was probably like, a million calories… BUT SO WORTH IT.)

I’ll try to write up some blogs soon for you guys… I’ll have a laptop with me at the hotel so I’ll try to blog there!

See you soon! 😀

102 Questions About Your Cosplay Lifestyle!

(This was a questionnaire taken from LAYERS magazine – a cosplay magazine from Japan.) 

There are no right answers to any of these questions. Quite a few can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, but there are at least three more ways to answer any one of them. Of course, every answer has its reason and every reason has a story. Our goal isn’t to pass judgement, but to get you thinking about these questions. If this questionairre starts a dialogue on manners, then we’ve done our job. 

General Cosplay Questions
1) What’s the best part of cosplay for you? 
Being able to wear a really fun costume, cosplaying in a group with MOETRONcos, and being able to make lots of new friends who share the same interests as me!
2) Do you use the term “kameko” (“camera-kid”)? 
I have no idea, LOL.
3) Do you read event catalogs?
If you mean the event programs for cons and stuff, then yes!
4) Do you rsvp to events?
5) Do you want to attend more events? Or are you content to remain in your local area?
I do! I want to expand on cons instead of the ones in just Toronto! (The Toronto ones are fun, I’d just like to go to US cons like Otakon and Anime Expo!)
6) Do you use color contacts?
Yes, of course! I love circle lenses!
7) Do you make your own costumes or do you buy them?
I but parts of costumes which I wouldn’t be able to make myself due to lack of skill, or buy clothing and modify them. I’m working more on my sewing skills, and am trying to improve so I can make all of my projects!
8) Do you stick to one genre?
Not really… I like outfits from all genres really! :”)
9) Do you think that when cosplaying, one should stick to the genre of a given event?
I don’t think so! I think it’s fine to cosplay anime characters at comic/gaming cons like Fan Expo, and game characters at cons like Anime North.
10) Does it bother you when people break genre?
Haha, no. It hardly bothers me.

11) Does it bother you when people know nothing about the series they’re cosplaying? 
Kind of… but I only really care when it has to do with a series that I’m really passionate about. They usually miss out on jokes or little phrases you say to them regarding the character.
12) Does it bother you if people only know a little about the series they’re cosplaying?
I think it’s alright if they love the costume and just know a little bit; just do some research before you cosplay them to a con! ;A;
13) Does it bother you if people are familiar with the series, but have no affection for the character they’re cosplaying?
Aww, kind of! You’ve got to have at least some love/hate for the character you’re cosplaying! You HAVE to have some emotion towards them! D”:
14) Does it bother you if someone else is cosplaying the same character you are?
Some times haha. I think I’m more attracted to characters that aren’t cosplayed very often! The only character that I’ve cosplayed which I think is overdone is Akiyama Mio, every other character has been fairly unknown…
15) Do you like posed shots?
Yup! :”) As long as I look good though LOL.
16) Do you like candid shots?
… As long as I look good? 😀
17) Do you think cosplaying characters from adult games or pornographic material is in bad taste?
I personally wouldn’t, although many of the character designs are very cute! So it’s really the cosplayers choice. As long as they don’t make a fool about themselves in public, then I don’t really care.
18) If there’s a problem at an event, do you jump to conclusions about the parties involved?
19) How many times do you cosplay in one month?
Hm, it depends, as some months have more events than others. I’d say during the spring/summer months, probably 1-2 times? And more when there are upcoming cons…
20) Do you go to photo shoots?
Yes! I organize them, haha! I like organizing shoots because they can correspond to my own time schedule.
21) Have you ever been included in a cosplay CD-ROM?

…Not that I know of? o.o;;But I think that would be really cool.

22) Is casual cosplay okay?
I think it’s fun! I really love Mio’s Listen!! outfit because it’s so casual and comfortable… I’ve gained a whole new love for casual/ comfier outfits after cosplaying Black Gold Saw HAHA!
23) Are you okay with your face appearing on the internet?
I’m pretty used to it by now, so it doesn’t really bother me.
24) Do you find yourself thinking people are “too old” for cosplay? How old is too old?
Um, I think it’s alright however old you are! I mean, characters are all ages! Even if you’re an old man, you could still cosplay that old guy from Dragon Ball Z. LOL.
25) Do people who walk around in gothic lolita fashion bug you?
I get kinda bothered if they can’t pull it off. D:
But other than that, I think it’s cool!
26) Do you think Chinese dresses count as “cosplay”?
27) What bothers you the most about cosplay?
When they’re half-assed.
28) Do you think it’s important to be “in character”?
It’s very important! It makes the experience more fun and makes your cosplay more convincing.
29) Does it make you nervous to be eyed by regular visitors at a public event?
Sometimes, it feels weird because you know they’re judging you. But I’m used to it because I kinda bring it on myself for cosplaying! XD
30) Do pre-scheduled cosplay appearances by popular cosplayers annoy you?
Um… no? xD I often really love seeing popular cosplayers because I want to learn from them! 😀
31) Do you tell other people your best locations for shoots?
No…. keep all the good spots secret 😉
32) Do you put on your makeup before your wig or after?
33) Do you know a lot about the series’ you cosplay?
Yup! I usually obsess about it. ;D
34) Do you wear costumes only once or many times?
I like to wear them more than once!
35) When you’ve decided what costume to do next, do you share that information with other people?
YES LOL. I usually end up trying to get people to cosplay with me!! I have an album on facebook called “Planned Cosplays”, where I post my future projects.
36) Do you want to be in cosplay magazines?
Yes, that would be very exciting!
37) What’s the most important part of cosplay for you?
Make sure your cosplay looks really good, and being able to spend time with friends!
Also photoshoots, haha!

Event Participation Questions
38) How active are you cosplaying in your own community?
I’m pretty active! I have good friends who cosplay with me! And I always go to little cosplay events like picnics or photoshoots.
39) What do you wear on the day of an event?
Cosplay! Usually something casual. ♥
40) Do you eat lunch on event days?
Sometimes…. I really just fuel myself on carbonated drinks…. orz
41) Do you eat breakfast before attending events?
Not really. Maybe like, a poptart or something.
42) How long does it take you to change?
It depends on how hard it is to put the costume on, how big it is, and makeup. But most likely 30mins – 1hour.
43) Do you think it looks geeky to attend an event with a big SLR camera?
I wish I had one…”orz
But no! You’re there to take amazing pictures of people!
I think it looks so cool!

44) What camera do you use? A compact? An SLR?
A really crap one, just a point and shoot. I want a new one. D: I don’t normally take pictures though, I just find pictures of myself from the con Facebook groups or coscom.
I also have an Xacti which is really nice for taking HD video! 😀 Lots of nice con footage!
45) Are you afraid of cameramen? Are you cool with them?
I’m not afraid, they’re usually really nice. Although there is a strong tendency for creepy camera men who hassle cosplayers to go to cons, it’s really annoying.
46) Are you one of the first to line up to get inside?
Haha, no. I usually go to events early though, so I’m at cons at about 10am. 😀
47) Do you not mind showing up late?
NO. I love getting my worth of time at events. If it’s something casual like a picnic then I’ll be a little later, but if it’s a con, I’m up there pretty early.
48) Do you have a small after party or a huge get-together?
49) Do you like karaoke?
Yeah, but I suck at singing. “orz
50) Are you tolerant of bad singers?
Yes… ><;

51) Do topics unrelated to animation and manga bug you? Or do you think it’s okay to talk about anything at all?
… I’m fine talking about anything really.
52) Do you eat lunch while inside event areas?
If it’s warm then no. But if it’s really hot or really cold outside then I’ll eat inside!
53) Can you handle the cold?
It depends what I have on.
54) Do you buy doujinshi at events?
Not really, don’t spend money in the artist alley any more.
55) Do you make doujinshi to sell at events?
OH GOD I WISH. I’d love to make a doujin! I wish I had enough skills/patience.
But I don’t have the time to sell it because I like cosplaying more than sitting at a table and selling things.
56) Do you have a group that participates in group events?
57) Are you a member of a cosplay circle/club?
58) When the event is over, how late do you stay out?
Hm hm hm it depends on if there’s anything to do afterwards.
59) If a new face approaches you at an event and takes up a few minutes of your time, are you annoyed?
Most of the time no. Like if they’re somebody I talk to on FB or coscom or just a fan of the character in general. Unless they’re purposely being annoying.
60) Do you go to cosplay dance parties?
I attend the JPOP dances! They’re fun!
61) Do you think your Layer status is higher than others is a lot of people want to take your picture? Does it bother you?
(Layer = cosplayer)
I don’t think I’m particularly popular or well known as some of my other friends, but I still think I get a fair amount of people ask for my picture when I cosplay! It doesn’t bother me.
62) Do you get jealous of other cosplayers having a lot of pictures taken of them?
If they’re getting the attention, then they’ve probably done something to deserve it! So not really, usually those who are mobbed have amazing costumes.
63) You’re asked for a picture but have something else to do, do you refuse?
Yes, but I usually tell them that I’ll catch them around!
64) When you take pictures of people at events, do you give them all copies of the prints?
No, I’m not that professional. I upload my photos onto my blog or facebook groups.
Photo Shoot Questions
65) (at a studio) Do you give a copy of each photo to all of the participants?
I’m not a photographer. xD
66) How do you approach photo shoots? As a chance to gather with friends and goof off or as a meeting to take nice pictures?
Both ways, really. :”3
67) Are you particular about how you look in the test shots before the shoot? Do you mind how you look in general?
Kind of… I’m really sensitive about my looks. Skin is a big issue for me, because I think my skin really sucks and I need to make it…flawless? D’:
And I tend to be really unphotogenic… “orz 

But yeah, I tend to goof around in the test shots.
68) When you take photos, do you prefer shots from the front or other angles?
Other angles… Frontal makes my face look huge. I think my most flattering facial angle is 3/4 view!
69) Are you bothered by recieving lots of photos? Are you happy?
70) When you take photos, do you photograph only people you know personally and like? Or do you look for other people with great costumes to photograph too?
I take pictures of friends and people who have really pretty costumes!
71) Do you wander around to meet people at events or do you keep to your own group?
I mostly stay with my own group (MOETRON) ♥
72) How many photos do you usually take with your own camera?
Probably around 100 during the weekend…
73) How many photos do you usually take for others?
A lot.
74) Do you mind if people resize or crop the pictures you’ve taken to make them look better?
No, I don’t really mind. It’s nice when they try to make the picture look better though!
75) Do you crop and resize pictures others have taken for you?
76) Have you ever set up a photo shoot by yourself?
No. D:
77) Do you check shoot information beforehand?
78) Do you like it when there are a lot of people in the shoot area? Or do you prefer small events?I prefer less people in the shoot area… it’s uncomfortable when you don’t have space to move or if people are pressing up against you.
79) What size (how many people) is the best for a shoot?
In terms of cosplayers, I’d say 6 is the max ideal size.
80) What time of day do you like to take photos?
Whatever time the lighting is best.
81) Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shots?
I love both!
82) Which do you dislike more – hot weather or cold weather?
Hot – you sweat so much. “orz
83) Do you know any cameramen?
After my adventures at cons, yes! I know quite a few now!
84) Do you eat in the photo area?
ORZ I try not to.
85) Do you like taking parts-shots? Or do you dislike them?
Parts shots? D:
What are those?
86) Do you retouch your photos?
Yes, but I think everybody does.
87) Are you annoyed by people who don’t retouch their photos?
88) Do you use reflectors?
I don’t use them,. but some photographers I know do!

89) Which is worse ~ breaking the rules and getting great pictures, or following them and getting poor ones?
Great pictures > sucky pictures
Friend Questions
90) Why are your friends your friends?
Because they are my minions.
91) If you hang out for one day, do you consider yourselves friends?
If there’s chemistry, then yes! I’ve made so many good friends after just meeting them briefly, which usually ends up with us talking a lot online!
92) Do you give copies of your photos to others?
Pfft no, I’m not thaaaaat great.
93) Do you want to make more friends?
Of course!
94) Do you at least remember the names of people you meet at events?
Most off the time…
LOL sometimes they don’t even tell me. D:
95) Do you find yourself adjusting your behavior to that of the character you’re cosplaying when dealing with people dressed as characters your character knows?
Now that you say that… YES.
Home Page/Websites
96) Do you recieve permission every time you post a photo of someone else online?
No… ;;;;>>
97) Do you get angry is a foreign site links to your page? Or are you flattered?
98) Are you happy to get mail from Layers overseas or does it scare you?
(layers = cosplayers)
And no, haven’t received any mail. P:
99) Do you try to increase your web site? Or doesn’t it matter to you?
If you mean pageviews, then that would be my youtube or blog, then yes! XD
100) Do you not particularly care who links to you? Or do you ask people not to link without permission?
I don’t really care.
101) Do you credit the location or studio when posting photo shoot images?
Of course!
Final Question
What do you think people who have “good cosplay manners” are like?
People who are respectful, are prepared (with all of their cosplay supplies), and are nice to everybody else! :3

*cos-a volume 1 in conjuction with cosplayKOBO*

TAGGING Jean , Sami, and Caramel !
And anybody else who’d like to do this! 😀

DENTIST (illustrated post)

Hello my lovelies!

I literally came back from the dentist about five minutes ago.  Not a very pleasant experience to say the least!

I’ll describe the experience now since I can’t eat dinner and I don’t feel like working on my art project which I put off for about a month and is due tomorrow…  

I arrive at the dentist office. The secretary lady asks me if I had a resumé, I said no. (Basically my dad asked her last time if they were hiring students to do filing and she said maybe, ask your daughter to bring in a resumé.) Being in the really pissy/pms-y mood that I’ve been in for the past two days, I basically told her that I would rather shovel manure for money instead of work at the dentist, and that it was actually the worst place to work and I can’t wait to leave because I hate this place so much.  She had this weird shocked expression on her face BUT WHAT EVER OKAY. :I

Went into the dentist office and they gave me this laughing gas stuff. I’ve been going to this dentist since I was 5, and it’s technically a children’s dentist so they give the children laughing gas to calm them down.
This is what I looked like. (from above)

LMAO such a terrible drawing ORZ.

Oh and before I say the rest, this is what the laughing gas feels like!
Imagine your entire body going a numb feeling, except for your eyes, nose, and fingertips/hands.When you try moving, the feeling feels foreign as if you’re doing it for the first time. You literally feel like a floating head with hands. The radio was also on, but it sounded buzzy. Like when you’re almost tuned to the radio station, but not quite there and has that static feedback.
They also put needles in my gums so I wouldn’t feel anything JUST TO BE SAFE because I freak out when I feel pain.

But anyway they put this plastic cover over my mouth and poked holes so only the three teeth that I needed to have stuff done on showed through. It is basically put there so nothing falls down my mouth or my tongue doesn’t get cut or anything. I kept salivating (I salivate when I’m nervous?) so my spit was literally dripping out the side of the plastic sheet. The dental assistant kept calling me ‘Leaky’ and started laughing. :I
Yeah well lady, I would also be laughing because you’re stuck as a stupid assistant looking into children’s mouths all day.

They started DRILLING which is basically the most uncomfortable feeling EVER because you can feel your teeth vibrating and the sound of a drill. I couldn’t really feel that much at the beginning because of the gas and needles. When the drilling got deeper I started to feel this uncomfortable …hot sensation? Like somebody was pressing a hot drill thing against my teeth. NOT COMFORTABLE TO SAY THE LEAST.

What my dentist was doing:

What it felt like to me:

Anyway I was breathing in this gas deeply because it’s supposed to calm you down, and the Katy Perry song ET was blaring on the radio so I was tapping my hands dumbly to the music. At one point he cut my gums or something, because all I saw was this faint spray of blood go against his surgical mask thing. He just wiped his glasses and was like “We’ve got a sprayer!”

IT WAS HORRIBLE AHHHHHH. Anyway they finished giving me two fillings and this other polish thing, I don’t know what this means. IT WAS UNPLEASANT.

The whole process took about 20 minutes and I honestly wanted to die. Now I can’t eat anything for another half hour and I’m kind of hungry…

I hoped you at least got a laugh out of my painful experience. Have you also have a bad experience at the dentist? Tell me! 


Next post will be a review of Nudy Green circle lenses, so please stay tuned for that!

PMall Adventures – Haul!

Hi everyone!

I’m back with a haul post! I didn’t really buy much from Pacific Mall. I was really looking forward to buying Dolly Wink and Melliesh products but they were really overpriced. Like, waaay overpriced! ($35 for Dolly Wink mascara! I could eBay that shit for $20! )  Same with the Bison bath salts – $8 a pack! Super overpriced! If you’re going there, do not be suckered in by the pretty packaging! Definitely buy it online, you’ll be saving a lot.  Definitely look on eBay, since things tend to be cheaper there.

Needless to say, I will be buying my Japanese makeup online. Same with my bath salts.


Onto the gets post!
(Before I start, I don’t really remember the name of the brands. If you really want to know though, leave comment and I can get back to you!)

A flowy floral top! It’s a very light beige/rosey pink colour. There are little roses on it. 
It is 3/4 length sleeves on me. (It’s probably supposed to be full sleeves but I’m not a tiny moe asian girl okay??  )
I was kinda…eh… on this one. I really liked the colour but my mom was like “AHH YOU HAVE TO GET IT” so she bought it for me! It’s quite flowy, and it looks best when there’s a belt fastened around the waist. It should be nice for the summer! I’ll take a picture of myself wearing it later. 
A cream white / pink / brown patterned scarf. The sales lady was really nice and gave it to us for free! 
(I think it was because my mom bought/spent a lot there…  Like, she bought SO many clothes, over $100 worth! Basically her entire summer wardrobe. The lady even gave us a VIP card, lol.)
Pretty ribbon belt that the sales lady also gave me! She said it would go well with both tops.  
I needed a new pencil case and found this cute one at Ones Better Living for only $4! 
I thought it looked familiar, like I saw it online or something.
After I bought it I realized it was the same one as the one Amber has.
Bought some goodies for Sami’s birthday! Her blog / twitter
Finally, my Totoro-kun! 
I love him, so fluffy! And so cheap, only $10  
Okay, that’s all for now. 

PMall Adventures (PHOTO HEAVY!) – Part 2

As promised, here’s the second part of my PMall adventure!
Lunch – my mom stuck the straw through the little guy’s face. 
Next we went to One’s Better Living. 
They always carry such cool stuff! Like this massive Rilakkuma which was just chilling on top of a shelf! 
Found this creepy one with only one eye… 
Maybe he’s just winking?
More pictures under the cut!

I saw these, pizza pillows! I actually considered buying one because they’re so creative! 
Maybe I’ll buy one for my dorm next year? 
Lots of health products, like face/fat slimmers, boob roller things, health sandals… etc.
C-c-c-cuuuute! Little girl standing in front of little cake/food re-ment sets.
I wasn’t taking a picture of her, I swear! 
She just happened to be standing in front of the display when I was taking a picture… 
LOL I loved this one! 
Just because of the weird looking orange attached to its head, lol. 
Went to a bakery after! I bought a chestnut cream tart, it was so good! ♥
(Top right of the photo)
Remembered to take a picture after I had already finished half of it, |||orz
One of the dresses I tried on!
It had a large bow on the front. I didn’t really like it though. 
Another sneakysneaky photo – F Cup cookies anyone? 
Apparently the fat in these cookies will go straight to your boobs! Making the bigger. 😉
A makeup/deco store!
Check out that deco Hello Kitty keyboard! Super awesome! 
Mmm frozen yogurt! There’s this one store (I forget what it’s called) that sells really tasty frozen yogurt! 
You get a plastic bowl, and you have 4 flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from. You can put whatever types you want in your bowl. Then there’s an area where you can add fruit and sprinkles and waffle pieces and whipped cream and chocolate sauce and IT’S SO GOOD SERIOUSLY. 
Naturally I had to stop by a figure store and take a picture of my moe blobs 
That’s it for now! Hope y’all are having a good Easter! 
Tomorrow I’ll post my haul post! 

MTAC – pictures and video!

Hello lovelies!

To better understand some parts of this post, watch this video! 

Went to MTAC this weekend! (March Toronto Anime Convention.) It wasn’t really that great of a con, but I wasn’t really expecting much. 

MTAC was held in the same place as DTAC (December Toronto Anime Con), which was where we did our K-On cosplay. The only difference this time was that MTAC was a very last minute decision to attend and Ringo/Jean couldn’t attend! So it was just Sami and I. 

There was also another convention, a hunting show of some sort, that was going on. Most of the people attending were macho looking white guys, some dressed in camouflage gear/holding fishing rods, lol. Apparently there was quite a bit of abuse towards the cosplayers, since the two different cons targeted clashing…social groups? I didn’t experience it myself, but I heard that some people got into fights. 

Anyway, here’s how my day went! 

Woke up at 8:30. Didn’t bother putting on makeup since I usually do it at the con. Dad drove me to the subway station. It was my first time taking the subway by myself! I was quite anxious because I didn’t want to get lost/forget to get off the train, haha. Took the subway to Dundas station, and met up with Sami in Eatons Centre. We searched for a washroom for maybe 15 minutes, then went and bought food. Then we took the subway to Union Station and took the Skywalk to the convention! 

There was already a good amount of people at the convention when we arrived. We went to get changed! I realized that I brought the wrong wig with me – black instead of blue!  The black one was actually for my BLACK GOLD SAW cosplay haha!  So I wore that instead. Sami wore her casual Flickr cosplay!

At one point, security went around and evacuated this one area where we were sitting for no apparent reason! It was stupid. Then they started checking wristbands, and said to people who didn’t have one to either buy one or get out. Sami and I ninja’d into one of the panel rooms where a game of Anime Flash.  After a bit, we came out. Met with Katya, gave her a blonde wig that she wanted to buy. Got bored of the con, decided to leave earlier. 

Here are some random camwhoring pictures!

 D’aww, we’re cute!
Sami raged at her wig by now and had taken it off.

Obligatory wig-stache picture.

My favourite picture! I love how we contrast – her in white and me in black! It’ll be even more epic when she wears Kirin (from Monster Hunter) and I wear BGS at Anime North! 

Well, I’ll end this post here! I’m waiting for Thomas (our DTAC K-On photographer) to upload my derpy facial expression photos! 

Really tired, but need to finish working on my stupid English project. 

Also, before I forget. Would you want to see more vlogs from me? I’ve just decided to upload my videos onto my main channel since I have the most subscribers there!  I think I’ll mostly vlog about trips, outings with friends, and cosplay things! What are your thoughts? 🙂
Anything that doesn’t fit under this category, I’ll probably upload to my second channel : longcatplz @ youtube.com 

Disasters in Japan

Found out Friday morning that there was a horrible earthquake in Japan. And then a tsunami afterwards. I was beyond shocked.

My parents don’t normally have the news on in the morning unless something incredible has happened. I remember the TV was on when I got back from school on that fateful September 11th, the morning of Tsunami in Sri Lanka, earthquake in Haiti. This has got to be one of the most extreme things I’ve ever witnessed on the news. I was terrified when I first heard about it because I immediately thought of my good friend and penpal, Masae, who lives in Tokoshima. From what I’ve heard, that area is safe, and I’m so relieved.

I mean, Japan has had to face an enourmous 8.9 earthquake, a massive tsunami, a close nuclear plant meltdown and now a volcano is has erupted? This is madness.

For any of those living in Japan, or has loved ones there, I hope for their safety.
If you haven’t already, please consider donating to the Red Cross, or any other big aid organizations. Japan needs your help. (Somebody rightfully pointed out to me that Red Cross has been known to withhold funds in emergencies – please visit this link to find a more effective charity to donate to)



Hello guys~!
I promise this is the last time that I switch around blogs ;__; I was having some issues with FC2 and finally decided to move back here on Blogger. So if you’d like to keep current with my posts, please subscribe or follow this blog! 
I’ve also imported the posts from my first blog here, so if you’d like to read them, just surf through the archives!
(They’re really not all that exciting though, haha!)
I’m currently at my friend Mika’s house! I’m sleeping over at her place for the Family Day weekend. 
We’ve been playing Plants VS Zombies for the past 2 hours and my eyes seriously feel like they’re burning. Mika’s still going though, so I’m typing up this post on her laptop!
I’ve taken some pictures of my blue animation lenses which I plan to do a review on! I also started typing up my custard puff recipe tutorial thing yesterday, so I’ll hopefully be able to post that when I get home tomorrow! 
Hope you guys like my new blog! Sorry for shifting around so often. 

shopping! :’D

Yes! As I posted yesterday, I went on a bit of a spurge and bought a whole bunch of cute things!

Anyone who knows me will know that I have an INCREDIBLE weakness for all things cute.
Especially Rilakkuma , Banao Elite Banana, and Totoro!

Honestly, I am so obsessed with these cute things! So obviously everything on this ‘kawaii’ items store that I found was so tempting! I only had $58 on my paypal, so I thought ‘Why not treat myself to some cute things? It’ll definitely put me in a way better mood!’

I bought from this website!

(click on the fishie~ :3)

Here are some of the things that I ordered! :’D

Rilakkuma Value Pack!
I practically squealed with joy when I saw this! They have so many value packs! I was so tempted to buy more, but I saw the Rilakkuma one and was like *joygasm* !
They have value packs and grab bags. (Value packs are a load of items for a value price, grab bags are bags filled with random little awesome things!)

This value pack includes a memo set, cute wrapping paper (I can use them to wrap christmas gifts! ) stickers, a tin pencil box, 2 pins, and a cute pen! All Rilakkuma of course!
Plus, it was really cheap! If I went to Pmall and bought these, it would cost probably $3-5 per item! Super value pack! :’D
Link to this item: click here

They also have another Rilakkuma value pack! Same price ($5.99) but it has different (but similar) items. Click here to check it out!

I’m also in need of a new pencil case! I have a colourful gloomy bear one at the moment, but I’ve had it since grade 9 and it’s kind of dirty and faded. So I bought another one! It’s really cute ~

It’s a really cute kitty one! With soft colours and a cute design! Plus it looks bigger than my old one so I’ll be able to store more stuff! :3 I didn’t want one that was too expensive, or at least, one that I would spend more on that buying on here. This cute kitty one was pretty cheap – $4.50! They took the picture down on the website that I bought it from, but they had the other doggie one which is pretty much the same design! :’D The kitty one is pink!

I think I also bought some stickers, I can’t remember! XD I guess I’ll find out when the package arrives!

The only thing with this website is that you must spend $10 or more to have an order. Shipping is calculated by the weight – that way when you’re at the checkout you can get an exact shipping cost depending on the weight of your products!

The total for my purchase was $18.77 (shipping included) – which is a great price in my opinion! Especially for so much cute stuff~ Compared to the price that I would pay at One’s in pmall, I’d probably be spending more than $25 on that stuff!

Janet was really nice and the order was shipped literally 6 hours after I placed my order! Super fast!

I’ll let you know how fast it takes for stuff to ship here and how good quality the items are! :3
I’m really happy right now! ^___^ If you like cute things, you should check out that website. Even if you aren’t going to buy anything, you’ll be so tempted to! Haha!

Just in case you were curious, I didn’t end up buying the Banao cup I mentioned in my last post. It was too heavy and the shipping price was really high! So I’ll buy it next time, maybe for Christmas or something!


I really can’t believe it;;;;;;

After my last post, I had 6 people email me with kind words to help me feel better.

= the emotions I’m having right now

YOU GUYS ARE SO NICE BAWWWWWW I started crying again, but happy tears! ;-;
I’m feeling much better now. Much much much much better.

As a thank you, here’s a picture of me looking stupid. ORZ;;;

If you guys want to talk to me on facebook, then you can talk to me here ♥

Also, I’m going to be doing vlogs starting in september. Mostly about gaming/anime/cosplay and all that other nerdy stuff ;;;;

k that’s it, I’m going to spurge on cute things now. I’m going to be ordering like 50 things off the internet which are adorable.
Starting with THIS CUP.


After watching 200 Pounds Beauty, I’m really getting into Chinese / Japanese/ Korean dramas! They’re really good! (Although I still prefer anime XD)

Anyway, I need some place to list the series that I need to watch, so I’ll just post them here~

Absolute Boyfriend (watching now)
Boys over Flowers
You’re Beautiful
My Sassy Girl
Sunao Ni Narenakute

Please recommend some for me! ;A;



I love her so much! She’s so pretty! ♥ (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

She is fron Shanghai! And she speaks shanghainese!
Waa I love her so much! I want to look like her! I want to speak to her! *___* <3
IT IS MY GOAL TO BE LIKE HER~!! She’s a model and an idol! Waa <333
Please support me so I can one day be like her! ♥____♥

Ahh, my ultimate wish! ( >▽<)☆

Copic drawings~


I drew a few pictures with copics!
Most of them are Vocaloid though. :3
I’m practicing my drawing skills because I haven’t drawn in a while…

Top (Left to Right): Luka, Meiko, Kaito
Bottom: Miku, Len, Rin

A few of my copic cards~ Haha you can see my feet in the picture. XD

Recently, my cat has been giving me so much love! o___o;;
She always sits on top of me when ever I sit down and she always wants to be hugged!
Maybe it’s because she’s lonely during the day… ):

She’s sitting on me as I type!

I think she’s getting a little too comfortable! ;3;

After school I’m going to my friend Sydney’s house… We’re going to eat dinner and play Rockband! ^___^
Then we’re going back to school at 7pm to watch the school musical! Calvin is in it!
The musical is called ‘Once Upon A Mattress’! It’s supposed to be very funny! I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

I’ll post pictures later~


The second season of one of my favourite shows started!
It’s called GLEE. It’s about a Glee Club at a high school! (A Glee club does like, musical theatre! It’s really entertaining!)

My favourite characters are Finn, Mr. Schuster, Emma, Sue, and Kurt!



Mr Schuster and Sue


It’s a really funny show! And the songs in it are really good!
Apparently, next week’s episode is going to be all about Madonna! And they’ll be covering her songs! ^____^

My favourite song on the show is Defying Gravity!