Hello everyone! :3

I really love japanese fashion!
I’d love to buy some things from Wβ™₯C (WAKATSUKI CHINATSU)

I think that the style is super cute! But it’s really expensive!
Here’s the website! http://wakatsuki-chinatsu-wc.jp/

I love everything! I’d especially like to buy the backpack!
It’s really cute! The design is very adorable in my opinion!
But I don’t know how I’d be able to buy one from Japan! It’s expensive for shipping!
Plus I don’t have that much money because I’m saving for a Macbook Pro! I want one for when I go to university! But I also want that backpack! Somebody please buy it for me! ;3;

I also want these clothes from Wβ™₯C~

I’m also really excited to go to Pacific Mall soon! My mom says we’re going next week!
They have lots of asian cosmetic stores that sell Japanese cosmetics! Like Dolly wink and Palty hair dye! (I was thinking of getting some Palty! Haha, because Tsubasa was on the front! )
But I don’t think my hair would look very good if it was dyed a lighter colour! P:

I do want to get some Dolly Wink eyeliner if I can find some! I heard Dolly Wink is really good!! I don’t need any more false eyelashes because I already bought a load of the internet! I want to try finding some bison bath salts! The ones that make you sweat alot!
Ahh, I need to get a job soon and buy all of these things!
I’m going to apply at a shoe store! I need to make a resume now since my other one was on my old USB which my comtec teacher still has… D:<


50th Blog Post! :D

Yay, 50 posts! How exciting!

I’m actually quite excited right now! I’ve got alot of things to talk abo
ut! I’m allowed to rant because I don’t think many people read my blog and won’t care! HA~

This week my dad got wireless internet! So that means I can go on the computer anywhere in the house! P: I can also use wireless to play wifi on my DS! But the only thing I can really play at the mo
ment is Animal Crossing since my R4 chip died! D: And Pokemon Diamond! (But my pokemon aren’t levelled up that much! They’re all at around level 60… ) My mom says she’ll get me a new R4 chip because it broke when she dropped it! It’s also because she wants to play tetris! LOL! I hope I didn’t lose all of my SAV data! ;A;

Anyway, new wifi connection = wifi DS gaming, more blog posts, more v
ideos! (I can just watch the dance tutorials anywhere instead of having to download them onto my laptop! So if you have a Friends code and want to play through wifi, just msg me with it! πŸ˜€ I’m more interested in playing on Animal crossing than any other game though!

Oh yeah, I’m also learning a new dance! Ookina Ai de Motenashite! I’m doing a collab with Beckii! But it’s a special surprise! It’s going to be alot of fun! I can’t wait to finish learning it! I’ve learned about 60% of it, I just need to practice it now! But it’s kinda h
ard to find the motivation to dance when it’s 30*C outside!

<– Random picture from the Centre island cosplay picnic!

I’ve also been watching more anime! (Oh yeah, that’s another thing I can do now that I have wifi! ) I’m watching the series called Bakemonogatari! Have you heard of it? It’s really good!! I want to cosplay the character ‘Hitagi’! She’s really great, but she’s very tsundere! I think I have a weakness for tsundere characters… hehe! <33
I also really love moe characters! I know some people don’t like tsundere or moe characters but I really do love them the most! :33 Hitagi [Bakemonogatari], Ami [Toradora], Yui + Mio [K-On] are probably my favourite girl characters! :3 I want to cosplay Hitagi and Ami! And I’ve already done Mio! :3

Speaking of cosplay~~ (Since I pretty much talk about it all the time! ) I bought my wig for my Hitagi cosplay! It was actually from a trade, but it looks really nice! I need to buy my
Hiiragi wig too though for Fan Expo! Which is at the end of August – the weekend before my birthday! I’m not sure how I’m going to look as a blonde! I’ll try hard to pull it off though! πŸ˜€
My friend is going to be Link from Zelda! I sewed her costume! She looks really nice! πŸ˜€

<– Yuuki-chan in her Link cos~

Toronto trip~

Hello everybody! <span class=

As promised, here’s the happier, lighter post!
Yesterday I went downtown Toronto. My parents woke me up earlier and then spontaneously told me that we were going downtown. So I was like sure. <span class=
I love Toronto – after all I was born there!

We took the subway down there and we passed a bunch of buildings that had some really good graffiti on them! <span class=

We got off at Chinatown! My mom wanted to go buy a backscratcher thing for my grandpa! I went across the road to Anime Xtreme but it was closed. I forgot to take a picture of the giant Miku poster they had in their display!

We went walking further down and saw this store that sold electric powered motor bikes! They were pretty cute – my parents went inside and talked to the store owner. I think my dad is going to buy one.
I mean they’re cute and all, I just think that my dad is going to look dorky riding one. XD

I saw this sign in the doorway of a shop. It was selling shoes! But it made me laugh because it’s really silly!

A street car~
(LOL my captions are getting quite boring )
I like this picture though~ XD

I saw this in one of the washroom stalls in one of the Chinatown Malls!
It says:
Have your kids in this order and they’ll be as successful as Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton (both 1st born children of 3 who have 2 younger brothers.)
Also, Pierre Trudeau [a previous Prime Minister of Canada] was the middle child (he had an older sister and a younger brother) and he was rich and powerful.

We saw this on the side of a restaurant! I thought these were so cute! There were more photos of them – all chickens and birdies drawn in this style! So cute. :3

Street in Toronto! I can’t remember which street this is, but it’s just to give you an idea! And the streets aren’t normally this…empty either! The streets are usually full of cars!

We saw these outside some building too! These were really strange, they were like, mutated rabbit things. So I obviously had the urge to go and sit on one.
My friend told me they looked like Umbreon from Pokemon! They kinda do, don’t they? XD
Making a fishy face! P:


We walked over to the CN tower! This is the Rogers Centre (a big dome where they hold concerts and baseball games and stuff). The CN Tower and the Rogers Centre are also beside the convention hall where Fan Expo, MTAC, and DTAC are held!

CN tower again! Tall tower is tall!

We also walked into a place called the Paws Way – Pet Discovery Centre. It’s like a museam centre about animals – mostly cats and dogs though. Dogs are also allowed to come it and eat at the little restaurant inside! Today they were holding a dog show for Scottish breeds! The dogs were really cute <33 data-blogger-escaped-div=”div”>

During the Scottish presentation thing, when they were getting the dogs ready, a bunch of old dude came on in kilts and sang scottish songs. 8’D

I think this was called a Border Collie? OMG SO CUTE, THE CUTEST DOG I HAVE EVER SEEN <33 data-blogger-escaped-font=”font”>

Doggy inside getting a haircut! He had a little poofy dog afro. XD

Downtown Toronto’s harborfront! It’s a really nice view~ If you go further back, you can see the whole lake and even Centre Island! πŸ˜€

ICECREAM~ Espresso flake is my favourite β™₯

Thats it, thanks for reading! πŸ˜€


I don’t know what’s been happening to me lately, but I think I’ve changed alot! xD;;

I think I’m tuning myself into high gear for grade 12! Since this is technically going to be my most important year of school and my grade will ultimately determine my
future and how well I’ll do in life… -no pressure?!-

So yesterday, I cleaned my *incredibly* messy room!
It was pretty bad… It actually took me yesterday and today to sort out my desk and drawers..
But at least now they’re sorted out! Yay! πŸ˜€

I also need to start organizing stuff for school! I know, it’s July and I should be relaxing :3
But I also really like buying pens and pencils and notebooks and school supplies. ;3; ~ I’m so nerdy, LOL.
Anyway, I’ll prob buy some at Pacific Mall when I go in two weeks. :3

Oh! I ordered some circle lenses! GEO Princess Black and EOS Pure Grey! πŸ˜€
I hope they look alright! I’ve been wanting some black circle lenses. I’ve heard good things about EOS too so I was planning to try them out… Pure apparently looks really natural so I hope it blends in alright with my brown eyes. :33

I met my cousin Lily today at a chinese restaurant for Dim Sum! She’s staying in Canada for a month for vacation! The last time I saw her was when I was in China… so like 4 years ago??
She’s really cute! ^___^

Aww! πŸ˜€

Ahh *__*

I’m sorry, I haven’t been updating alot! That will change next week~

This week many things happened! :3

First of all, we got back from Paris! Paris was really beautiful but it was so hot! Almost 35- 40*C every day! ;3; Hotter than back here in Canada, where it’s been ranging from 25-30*C…
I can’t take the hot weather very well. It was so hot there and we didn’t have A/C! I felt so spoiled (hehe) because the apartment that we were in wasn’t allowed to have A/C. I just spent most of my time when were were in the apartment in front of the fan~

I’ll post some pictures later when I get the USB that my dad downloaded them onto! :3

Next, two days ago my friend Chelsea slept over! For her birthday present, I made her a Link (from the Zelda games) cosplay!

It’s about 85% done, we still need to get her the boots, white tights, and put a cleaner trim along the insides of the sleeves! It was fun making this, although I think I’m more of a prop-maker than a seamstress. πŸ˜›

My bangs are also kinda wonky so I’m going to trim them now~
I’ll be updating the Cosplay feature soon so don’t worry about that for now! ;3; β™₯

Thanks! πŸ˜€