Comtec Exam

Just finished my comtec exam. It was really easy. 😀
It was 100 multiple choice questions. And really easy ones!

Also, it’s Friday~ Yay, it’s the weekend! I’m going to rent Avatar over the weekend.

I can’t wait till I go on Vacation!
If you haven’t already heard, I’m going to…

Paris~ I’m really excited, I haven’t gone on vacation in like, 5 years.
(Not including going to the US because it’s right beside Ontario, lol)
So yeah! I’m leaving on the 26th I think~ A week after my exams!
I’ll make sure to update when I’m there with lots of pictures.

Oh, I also did a French test today. It was on the book we read called ’68 Boulevard St Michel’
It was about the strike on May 13 1968; the student revolution. It had to do with the université de Sorbonne
Anyway, the last part of our test was an essay type question.
I was trying to write it except I really needed to go to the washroom, lol. I asked the teacher but she told me to wait because there were only 15 mins left of the class. So I tried to finish writing it but I couldn’t concentrate, LOL! So I didn’t even finish it, I just threw my test at her and grabbed my stuff and bolted to the washroom.
tl;dr, I did an uberfail. xD I hope I did alright!

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