NU ABO β˜† favourite clothing style!

Hey guys! πŸ˜€

So recently I’ve been addicted to kpop [korean music] ! (I think my obsession took place after watching 200 Pound Beauty!) My favourite kpop song at the moment is called NU ABO by f(x)!
It’s so weird because they’re all generally in my age range! 2 are older (one is 25, one is 18) and 3 are younger! (one is the same age and two are a year younger)! But I guess that’s in idol industry for you! XD

Anyway, the one with the long brown hair and spotty leggings is my favourite! Her name is Victoria! She’s so gorgeous! And I adore her outfit!
It’s a simple outfit that looks really great!
It’s a slightly larger fit black top/t-shirt, black shorts, patterned leggings and black/white hightops! So cute!
So I thought I’d do a little picture post on my favourite coordinates!
These are my favourite clothing styles! β™₯
Solid colour flowy top, patterned top, black frilly shorts or black skirt, lacy or sheer tights, solid colour flats! I really love this coordinate! So cute β™₯ Maybe a hat or put your hair in a loose ponytail?
I envy the Wβ™₯C sticker she has on her phone! Japanese cellphones are so pretty! *3* β™₯
AH I love this one so much! Simple T-shirt (AH I WANT THAT SHIRT SO BAD β™₯) lacy skirt, sheer or dark patterned tights, and tall or ankle boots. Hair up in a high, teased ponytai, and an USAMIMI β™₯ And a cute purse, definitely.
(Last 2 photos are from this adorable blog!)
I bet you can see what kind of styles I like the best? XD Flowy clothes, lacy skirts, tights or stockings! But they’re so cute! I can’t help it! ;-;
My wardrobe is nothing like this since my mom is refusing to buy me any clothes so it will ‘prepare me for univeristy’. Which is stupid. >_> So whatever money I make from wig commissions or anything else is going to be put into my clothing fund so I can buy cute gal clothes. :3
Tell me what kind of clothes you like the best! πŸ˜€ Or what your style is!


  1. enlune February 19, 2011

    victoria is so hot, i'm so envious. ;__; i love f(x) to death eheh.

  2. sachi February 19, 2011

    @Cassandra: Oh I know! Comme des Garcons is nice, I love those shirts so much! Sobbb I want one ;A;

    @Sami I know <333

  3. TheSweetBean February 19, 2011

    Why am I not asian? @.@;; You're half, so you're okay lol… and j/ks

    cute girls and coordinates!

  4. Cassandra February 19, 2011

    Lol, in my last post I started talking about music and featured a k-pop girl group too :)I saw that blog you linked to from Jenny's blog, she has such great taste in clothes~ And the shirt with the heart & eyes on it is Comme des Garçons and is designer ;P Why must it look so good yet cost so much?


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