Hello guys~!
I promise this is the last time that I switch around blogs ;__; I was having some issues with FC2 and finally decided to move back here on Blogger. So if you’d like to keep current with my posts, please subscribe or follow this blog! 
I’ve also imported the posts from my first blog here, so if you’d like to read them, just surf through the archives!
(They’re really not all that exciting though, haha!)
I’m currently at my friend Mika’s house! I’m sleeping over at her place for the Family Day weekend. 
We’ve been playing Plants VS Zombies for the past 2 hours and my eyes seriously feel like they’re burning. Mika’s still going though, so I’m typing up this post on her laptop!
I’ve taken some pictures of my blue animation lenses which I plan to do a review on! I also started typing up my custard puff recipe tutorial thing yesterday, so I’ll hopefully be able to post that when I get home tomorrow! 
Hope you guys like my new blog! Sorry for shifting around so often. 

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