Going to do a quick picture spam.
I’ll update my blog again later once I finish this English essay! I have to compare/contrast the two books “White Oleander” by Jane Fitch and “The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrrey Eugenides.  IT’S GOING TO BE TEDIOUS.
On Thursday, I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario  (AGO) with my art class! I went with Monique, Marina and Amber. Our assignment was basically to go inside the museum, sketch a painting, and then we could do whatever we want. 
The weather wasn’t very nice.  The weather has basically been like this for the past week…
We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the artwork, which I think is really stupid because people are allowed to take pictures inside the Louvre wtf. 
I did manage to sneak one though, when the security guard wasn’t looking! /badass/ 
WE SAW THIS AWESOME EXHIBIT POSTER, oh god it made me laugh so hard! 
We all took pictures outside the poster with the same pose, Amber will upload them the her blog later! (If she doesn’t I’ll post them here~)

Colourful building across the street! 
Funky sculpture beside the AGO
You can see the OCAD building down the street!
The building has a very cool design! 
Anyway, we kept complaining about how hungry we were because I don’t think any of us had breakfast that day… So we walked down the street and found a little Japanese restaurant! Haven’t had bento in such a long time and it tasted really good!~ 
Teriyaki chicken, vegetable and shrimp tempura, salad, some noodle things, and sushi! 
Monique’s bento~
These cups look the same, but one was made in Bulgaria and the other was made in China. WHICH ONE WAS MADE WHERE?  
After eating, we decided to walk around the area for a bit because we didn’t feel like going back in the gallery any more… To be honest we thought the art gallery was really boring. They had some massive rooms with very simple paintings like red canvases with a black line down the middle or a piece of rope attached to the wall in a spiral shape… We were kind of like, “really, this is art?”   But art is extremely subjective so I’m sure somebody out there finds it amazing and complex and understands the hidden meaning behind the rope etc… 
Monique and I bought some icecream – Nestle sundae! It tasted really good~ 
We passed by the OCAD (Ontario College of Arts and Design) student gallery and decided to take a peek! I honestly liked the art in there much better than the exhibits in the gallery haha. And you were actually allowed to take pictures!!  
This painting was my favourite! It was so beautiful! The artist’s name was Japanese, and Amber kept freaking out over the fact that “OMG A JAPANESE PERSON PAINTED THIS OMG”  
A butt in the window of the OCAD building. 
A gallery across the street from AGO. I’m pretty sure those are colourful sperms on the side of the building, HAHA. 
We also went into the BAU XI Gallery of Fine Arts across the street! Marina didn’t want to go inside because there was a dog in there (his name was Rocky or something, pretty cute) because she’s scared of dogs. She ended up coming inside with us later though.
I think I liked the art from this gallery the best! It was a comtemporary arts gallery. 
This photograph is beautiful! It looked 3D! 
Two simple canvases but I loved the colours! I’d buy them if I was rich.
This was so cute! I really loved this sculpture!
Kinda expensive though 
Well, that’s it for now!
Some time this upcoming week, I’ll post a BLACK GOLD SAW progress update!
Need to go finish this stupid English essay… 
At least it’s the last one! Until exams. 

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