Random Gets + BRS/BGS Cosplay Progress

I really wish I could blog more often but my life isn’t very eventful! (。・ε・。)

I’ll be uploading another vlog soon to the moetronCOS youtube channel  which features our expedition to Home Depot, getting insulation foam! Please sub to us if you’re interested in our little adventures!  (°∀°)b

I’ll leave you with this ↑↑↑  picture of Ringo (who just got a blog, check it out!) and Sami! It was our first time buying/working with insulation foam for Sami’s giant STRength arms. Here’s a mini model I made! ↓↓

 (We’re the biggest hardware store noobs ever…also probably the only females in the store haha! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ) The guy who was cutting our foam into smaller pieces started flirting with Sami! So funny haha, his pick-up line was “So, I’ve seen your dad around here quite a few times 😉 “. We all assumed he was one of her friends, but she told us later that she didn’t know who she was and her dad never really goes to that Home Depot! xD

My maid cosplay arrived in the mail.  :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:  I actually bought this as a test for when my cosplay group does K-On maid version… unfortunately the dress was a bit short and tight across the shoulders. I could’ve altered it but the material wasn’t the best either… ( ゜∋゜) Therefore I gave it to Ringo because she paid for my Fan Expo ticket as a birthday present! I’ll have to find another maid cosplay that will actually fit me!  Too lazy to make my own haha. (´_`。)

A few things I picked up when I went to Buffalo USA to do some shopping! ↓↓↓

Forever21 JAPAN tank! I love it, so comfy. Bought another one that had a cat on the front.

More pictures under the cut!

Super comfy moccasins from a store called Papaya.

Fabulous gold shoes from Macy’s! Only $13 hehehe!

3/4 sleeve jacket from F21…. I bought more clothes, just haven’t taken pictures of them yet. They’ll go up on my Poupee eventually… (ノω・、)

Makeup case! Bought it in Target for $17, found the same case in a Walmart here for only $14! ( p_q) Oh well.

I’ve actually added in a few more things after taking this picture, mostly brushes and stuff.

If anybody’s interested in a what’s in your makeup bag post, let me know! I’ll take pictures of the cosmetis I have so far.

Bought this straightener in Buffalo because it was cheap haha… Was too distracted by the cute product design and didn’t notice it only had one heat setting (high), sob. Need to get that heat protecting spray now! (´□`。)

Cute Betsey Johnson ring I ordered online! Also came with a necklace and a pair of earrings! (All octopus designs haha… Might just give some away in a giveaway?) (〃∇〃)

Now for some cosplay progress pics!  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Ringo slept over for two nights when we went to work on Sami’s STRength arms! She brought her cannon over so we could give it a makeover in time for Fan Expo. The spray paint had rubbed off since Anime North so we decided to cover it in Gesso so the stray paint would stay on. We should’ve used black gesso but whatever. ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

My garage – waiting for the gesso on cannon-chan to dry.

First coat of spray paint. Using black semi-gloss spray paint so the cannon would look shiny!

Handle and barrel painted, waiting for it to dry. Also, the orange isn’t paint! It’s just the reflection of the garage light on the wet paint! (;^ω^A

And it’s done! Yay! You can also see my new 2.0 Black Gold Saw boots in the background, drying from the paint job.

Also making improved BGS horns! Much lighter than the last ones. Since this picture was taken, they’ve been gesso’d and painted, just need to attach to a hairband now.

Annnnnd almost done making Meiko dress, Synchronicity version.

…might have made the slit on the side a little too high. (;^ω^A

Anyway, it should be done soon, and I’ll upload a full body pic when it’s done. I won’t have the sword for Fan Expo, maybe for next Anime North. I’m thinking about selling this as well because I don’t have a group / plans to rewear it haha…. (ノ゚ο゚)ノ It was only really a summer project.

Got another circle lenses review planned for soon. Super natural blue lenses, look forward to it! ♥

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