Visiting Ringo + Cosplay Plans!

Last weekend I visited Ringo. I’ve never been to her house before, or really to the city she lives in. (We live about an hour and a half bus ride from each other   ) Basically, we starting to plan out and gather materials for our Atelier cosplays!

We’ll be cosplaying Totori and Rorona from the PS3 game Atelier Totori: Adventurer of Arland  

(Totori is on the left, and Rorona is on the right.) The designs are super cute and I think this is going to be the first time in which we make our entire costumes by ourselves (We don’t really have experience in sewing, so we’ve been buying parts of cosplays.) We’re even hoping to enter the Anime North masquerade in the novice division with Karumen, Genie, and mle! 

Annnyway got to Ringo’s house. Finally gave her the kigurumi that I bought for her birthday/Christmas. Hipster Sachie and Kigurumi Ringo.

Hopefully going to lose some weight after university, face is looking a bit chubby. ( ‾ʖ̫‾)

Ringo in her cat kigurumi. Her’s is pink and white, while mine is black and white! Sami’s is grey and white. Big kigurumi cat family lol! 

Went to a Vietnamese restaurant and got some Pho (noodles with soup, meat, and vegetables). Omg. SO DELICIOUS.  Aughhh I must have this again when I go visit her. It was so tasty, I’m in love with pho now haha.

Got this drink, it was called ‘chocolate bubbles’. Basically like chocolate ice with tapioca bubbles at the bottom.   I’m not too crazy about bubble teas… I don’t like the texture of the tapioca bubbles too much. It tastes really weird to me. But this was really good, so I think I’ll give it a second chance.
Ringo and I tried to film the ending sequence for the anime Kill Me Baby. The dance is really funny lol, but we kinda failed at filming it.  I’m trying to edit it now! Here is Ringo trying to do one of the moves. 
Here’s the teaser that we filmed. 

Hahaha we’re silly. After that, we broadcasted on NicoNico for a few hours. If you have a NicoNico account, you can watch our livestreams on timeshift here!

~Next Day~
I didn’t really take pictures… But we ended up going to this huge fabric and crafts warehouse to find materials.  It was cosplay heaven. They honestly had every color you’d ever need. Except we couldn’t find the right colors for Rorona’s cape and Totori’s top…….. (I guess we’re being extra picky because we want to do these outfits accurately for the masquerade.) We did buy tulle for Totori’s skirt and bow tails! I bought black broadcloth for Rorona’s skirt. I’ll update with some more progress after I start working on more of the things. 

I can’t wait to get started on these cosplays! Super looking forward to the cosplay/convention season. If any of you guys are going to Anime North, leave a comment! Are you cosplaying? 


On another note, I’d really like to ask you guys for a favour!

I recently entered my university’s digital arts contest. Basically, top 5 submissions with the most votes are presented to a panel of judges, who then choose the winners. I would really really love it if you could vote for me ;_;

The voting process only takes like 2 minutes! ♥

1. Register for a WordPress Account  by clicking here.
2. Go to your email and get your password/login link.
3. Close that page and go to this link: 
4. Click on the ‘Votes’ button for the icon with the yellow face /red nose/brown eyes!

Thank you so much ;_; This contest is really important to me. (You can forget about the account after voting, WordPress won’t send you any annoying emails)

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