Toronto Comicon!

Quick con report of Toronto Comicon, previously known as March Toronto Anime Convention.
My cosplay group and I weren’t planning on attending another small Hobbystar event after the disaster that was DTAC. 

Ringo had work, and Genie didn’t want to go… Which only really left Sami and I. We weren’t really interested in going, but then Justin got tickets for us! 

On the downside, I pulled my back while practising the dance cover for SO COOL by SISTAR. It’s actually quite embarassing…  I was dancing on the carpet, spun, foot got caught, and fell over. The stupid part was that I didn’t even sprain an ankle, but one of the discs in my back slipped a bit. Meaning whenever I went into certain positions, I felt a shooting pain go up my spine. Same thine happened to me at Fan Expo. Maybe that’s a sign that I should stop going to Hobbystar events. 

I wasn’t planning on cosplaying to the event either… but then I figured I may as well get some nice shots in my cosplay! I’m in a partnership with If you buy a cosplay from their shop, use the code sachie and get -10% off your items! I’ll make an official post about it soon. 

Changing into cosplay with a slipped disc in your back is quiiiiite painful. Although I pushed through for the sake of cosplay. 

Basically, Hobbystar (the company that runs Toronto Comic Conventions) got rid of the anime aspect of the convention and instead made it into a mini Fan Expo comic convention. Downstairs was congested, although it was much better than the Fan Expo convention. Less hassle with security.  We didn’t stay in the actual convention area for long because we’re not particularly interested in comics, so we left after a few hours and just hung out in the lobby area.
We met some really nice people in line, who took this picture of us! Sami is wearing the cat kigurumi that I get her for Christmas, and I’m wearing my Yuki’s day class outfit from Vampire Knight Guilty. It was kind of last minute so I couldn’t get a proper wig or shoes. 
 Okay, my camera was LOVING SAMI that day! ALL OF THE PHOTOS I TOOK OF HER WERE SUPER MOE MOE KYUUUUN~ omg. My heart! Stop being so moe Sami ughghghgh~~ 
 Visit her blog here! I hope she updates with her own con report soon!
Playing around with different settings on the camera… this picture came out a bit blurry. My face was derpy as usual. 
 Picture of Justin that Sami took. I really like this picture… if only that backpack wasn’t there! 

I did manage to get this very nice picture in my Yuuki cosplay. Thanks Justin for the photo! 


Later Sami, Justin, Ackson and I went out for Korean BBQ. I love KBBQ, it’s so good. 
meat* (orz)

 Side dishes included tofu, sliced potato, sliced radish, kimchi etc. You also got trays of raw meet to cook yourself. 
Kyle showed up later. We forced him to eat the rest of the meat that we couldn’t finish. Such a moe eater, haha!  
I also heard that Yukapon was in Toronto doing a photoshoot with Pinku Project! Some of my favourite idol/idol group! I really wanted to meet her, but she couldn’t make it to the convention.  Hopefully she comes back soon so we can actually hang out!
I’ll be doing a cosplay post soon!  Can’t wait to blog about future cosplay plans/projects!

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