Christmas Eve!

Hallo darlings!

Every year, my parents and I go downtown Toronto to eat at Marché (previously named Richtree). This year was a bit different because I was working on Christmas Eve.  My boss was nice enough to let me off early because she knew something was different about me! I normally wear very minimal makeup at work so when I actually made the effort to look nice, everybody noticed hahaha 😀

We took the subway to King station (one stop from Union.)

This is the entrance/outer patio area. It was all lit up, and the decorations were so lovely! Of course, it was quite busy because it was Christmas Eve and everyone was out for their Christmas dinner~

Fountain outside of the restaurant. The building had a few shops and banks. The festive decorations and lights really added to the holiday atmosphere! 😀 
 Marché is a ‘market style’ restaurant. When you go in, you are given a plastic card. There are various stations inside where you can order foods. There were booths for roasts, Asian cuisine, desserts, sandwiches, pastas, salads/soups…..etc! There is something for everyone!
Lights that were hanging above our table. Lots of interior decoration shots so far, I know….but I loved the atmosphere!
Waiting for my parents to return back from getting their food. My whole upper lip was chapped because the air at work is really dry! :[
Also, I didn’t realize it at the time but I’m wearing almost the same outfit as when we had last year’s Christmas eve dinner! Derp~
 First course was “mixed clam chouder.” So delicious! Lots of vegetables and clam meat, very tasty!

Main dish – pho noodles! After my mom took my to a new Pho place which opened just down the street from us, I’ve become quite addicted! Once I saw that there was a Pho noodle station in the restaurant, I knew what I was getting. This is the grilled chicken pho with some teriyaki sauce. The drink is strawberry, watermelon, raspberry and cinnamon juice! To be honest, it didn’t have much flavour.

Annual crepe. (We bought the same one last year haha!) Crepe is one of my favourite desserts. Just like last year, this was the strawberry crepe with chocolate sauce and maple walnut icecream.
 After we ate, we headed to Nathan Philips Square to watch the ice skaters. Oh, here are some more photos from the inside of the building! 
 There was a really cool violet light so obviously I had to take a crazy-face photo in front of it 😀

Ever year I take photos of the decorations in the Bay’s front window display (across from Eaton’s Centre)… But this year I actually had my DSLR! So here are some clearer photos. Each display was mechanized so the dolls moved!

The view across from the Bay. Love the waterfall lights!
More giant reindeer! 😀
And that was my Christmas Eve~! My Christmas was very relaxing, basically just stayed at home. In the evening, our family friends came over and we had our annual Christmas party. It was very fun! Especially since I’m scheduled to work every day this week (except Christmas.) Boxing day was crazy, a whole other story by itself. I’ll blog about that later.
If I am able to go on exchange next year, it’ll be quite different because unlike most exchange students, I will not be coming home for Christmas. (My dad is British and his side of the family lives in Wales, so it’s been planned out that I’ll spend Christmas with them!) It’s a strange thought….
How did you spend your Christmas/Christmas eve? 

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