Christmas Wishlist 2012

It’s almost time for Christmas! I know I’ve been eyeing a few things within the past week.
I’ve been doing some of my Christmas shopping for friends and family, which doesn’t really leave much left over for myself haha…. But it’s always nice to wish for things, right?

Here is my wishlist for this year.

xmas wishlist 2012

Christmas sweater, 29 CAD / River Island , 6.41 CAD / Falke opaque tight, 56 CAD / H&M , 8.01 CAD / Marc by Marc Jacobs combat boots, 665 CAD / Karl Lagerfeld collar necklace, 75 CAD / Michael Kors yellow gold jewelry, 365 CAD / Bangle jewelry, 20 CAD / Beats by Dr. Dre beat dr dre, 270 CAD / Benefit mascara, 23 CAD / Makeup brush, 17 CAD / Christian Dior , 23 CAD / Space Girl, 9.94 CAD / Phoenix Rising, 9.94 CAD

Of course most of these are just examples from Polyvore, not the exact brands of things that I’d like… But here we go! My 2012 Christmas wishlist.

Sweater, tights, boots – I feel like my sense of style has drastically improved within the last year! Last year, I didn’t really care about how I dressed, it was just go to class, go back to my room, and game/watch movies/be a hermit. This year I’ve really been getting into fashion, and style blogs. I’m a huge fan of the chunky sweater + tights + boots combo! I’d really like to find a nice winter style sweater (ugly Christmas sweater hahaha :D), warm tights, and black boots. I’m sure I can find these when I go thrifting!

Watch – I use my phone most of the time to check the time, but I think watches look so classy! Especially a nice rose gold watch. The only issue is that I have incredibly skinny wrists, so most of the time bracelets and watches end up sliding off, I’d have to get them fitted.

LUSH products – Love the bath bombs so much! I’d really like to try out some more!

Benefit’s They’re Real mascara – I got a sample size mascara in the November Ipsy bag and I love it! Probably my favourite mascara so far – separates lashes very well and lengthens them like crazy! They definitely live up to their hype.

Nail polish – Last year, I had this terrible habit of biting / peeling the tops of my nails off. In order to break this habit, I forced myself to paint my nails every week. I found that I was less likely to bite at my nails if they were lacquered up all nicely. Now, I love painting my nails! I’d like a few more colours to add to my collection!

Brushes – I don’t really have that many makeup brushes, so I’d like to try out Real Techniques brushes that were created by pixiwoo! I’ve heard so many good things about them!

Headphones – This was also on my wishlist last year haha. I’ve gone through so many pairs of earbuds, they usually end up breaking or getting lost. I need a pair of actual good headphones. I’ll probably have to invest in a pair soon for my audio engineering classes + for when I edit my videos, but a good pair of headphones are quite pricey….. weh.

Lighting equiptment – Something along the lines of softboxes, a big ringlight, or umbrellas? There is next to no good lighting in my house, or nice backgrounds that I can shoot against (unless I’m outside or in a public area, in which it depends on the weather/too much background noise.) Right now I’m using regular lights and as much as it works, I still get weird yellow cast on my face and shadows.

Camera lens – Right now I’m looking at the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. I’d like something that can allow me to be more creative than my current 18-55mm kit lens, something that can give me the nice bokeh for both photos and video! 

And of course, some nice jewellery πŸ˜€ Like cool necklaces and stuff!

But I think, more than anything, I want….

To go to the United Kingdom! I need to start on my exchange application soon…. but if all goes well, I’ll be in the UK from September 2013 – June 2014! Spending my third year of university there! I am so excited. Hopefully I get accepted. From what I understand, we have to fill out an application, write a personal essay, and do a one-on-one interview with the exchange counsellors? As daunting as it is, I’m extremely excited. I am just SO BORED of Canada, I want to get out of here, if at least for a little while!

I’ll make a separate video/post dedicated to this later, but yes. I’d take a year in the UK over everything. 

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