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heya lovelies~
A little while ago, I was contacted by about reviewing some of their products! I was given a store credit and picked a few items! I had previously heard of Zazzle because a friend had bought some shirts from there, so being able to get a few items for myself was pretty cool! πŸ˜€ Zazzle offers lots of different items, like phone cases, shirts, and housewares. Most of their items are customizable, or you can choose from a large array of premade designs!

 Of course, the first thing that I looked for was the (heavy breathing) car shirt! πŸ˜€ I saw someone wearing a shirt like this in a youtube video, and had to have my own!

 The images are printed on the shirts, and are very high quality! The designs don’t wash out or fade easily. You can also pick what style of shirt / colours you want the image printed on! I chose a while american apparel shirt. :}

 Since Zazzle has the option to print your own designs as well. There’s a design maker that lets you load up your custom design and position it on the shirt to see how the final product will look. I drew this up on photoshop! I was unsure how the small brush-like details were going to show up but everything turned out well!

I chose a light grey shirt instead of white… (I have too many white shirts haha)

Moustachio!!! :{D
You can check out more Zazzle items here! Which design was your favourite?

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  1. Laura H. May 22, 2017

    I love the cat shirt. I couldn’t help but have a laugh when I saw it hahaha. I think I need it !


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