Paris (1 Year Later)

Paris, Oh La La!

Heya lovelies! I found one of my old portable hard drives stuck behind my desk the other day! I had been looking for this hard drive for the past few months and it was wedged behind the back board of my desk and the back wall! I found a lot of old photos and videos that I had been meaning to upload but couldn’t.

So, here I am, blogging about Paris, one year later. Better late than never, right…?

Luckily I remember the trip quite vividly, and recorded my daily activities/thoughts in my 2014 Muji planner. I went on a spontaneous Paris bus trip with my school friends whilst I was on my 3rd year university exchange last year, between June 7-12, 2014. I had just returned from Portugal on June 5th and decided I needed to do some more travelling before flying back to Canada on the 22nd.


Took a 4 hour megabus trip from Leeds to London. Stopped off at Victoria Station for about three hours, grabbed some food at Wetherspoons, and did some people watching. ALMOST MISSED OUR BUS TO PARIS,

Basically, we didn’t realize that we were supposed to get customs clearance (since we are internationals and all), and arrive at least half an hour before our trip. Instead, we showed up 10 minutes before thinking everything was alright, got told off by the bus driver for not having our immigration forms, had a mad panic and dashed to the megabus customs office, got our forms, and got on the bus minutes before departure. PHEWWWW it’s not a proper trip unless something unexpected happens!

Day 1

Took a 17 hour Megabus trip to Paris! Bus – ferry – bus. Not very pleasant and we were all super tired. Arrived in Paris at about 5AM and took the subway to our stop. We stayed at the Hotel de la Pointe Rivoli. They put us on the top floor (about 7 or 8 floors up), there are no elevators, just a twisty steep stairwell. LEGS DEFINITELY GOT A WORKOUT THAT WEEKEND.

The hotel was located in the Marais district, and is right outside Saint Paul station. Super easy to commute everywhere!

We couldn’t check into the hotel because it was much too early, so we wandered to a nearby park and picked up some delicious pastries for brekkerz.

We found our way to the Place des Vosges. Why are French parks so beautiful? I hate getting up early but I wouldn’t mind if it meant I could sit in a park like this while morning breaks.

“Do not feed the shadows.”
“I’m waiting for you, find me.”
French grafitti is so deep. Bruh.


The 5 of us grabbed coffee at the cafe next to our hotel – L’Elephant du Nil. 
Checked into our hotel, unpacked a bit, and decided to head off to a famous nearby attraction… Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
The girls I was travelling with (friends of one of my exchange friends) wanted to attend a service? at Notre Dame, so we did! I’m not religious at all and had no idea what was going on, but it was beautiful none the less.
After, we roamed the streets and ate some gelato by the Seine because it was suuuuper hot and we were tired from travelling.

Dinner – can’t remember where this was, but I remember the potato salad was reaaaalllyyy good, and the drink (Cosmo? I’m assuming that’s what it was since it’s ~my drink~, thanks SITC) tasted like pure vodka lol….

Feeling a bit buzzed, we walked down the street to the Centre Pompidou. The whole surrounding area was very familiar to me because I went on a family vacation to Paris in 2010 and we stayed right by Reamur-Sebastapol subway station, which was a short distance away. Buzzy from our drinks, we managed to bypass security (probably thought “stupid drunk tourists) and got to the roof. Spectacular views.

Obligatory city hall JOJO
I also remember that there was a crazy storm this night. After we returned back to our hotel, it got super rainy and stormy – thunder and lightning that shook the hotel, and the loud patter of rain against the metal roof. I actually felt terrified. I was sleeping on the floor and could feel the building move and I thought it was going to fall over.

Day 2

The next day – we decided to head down to the Latin quarter and go shopping! Found one of my favourite shops in a vintage thrift shop for €5. WHATASTEAL. Also sporting some super swaggy chain glasses as a street vendor’s stall.
Stumbled upon the Fontaine des Innocents. It was so humid that day! We took it quite easy that day, just moseying around and checking out shops, taking photos, etc.

French architecture is beautiful.

Day 3

Day 3 was super touristy day! Took the subway to an art museum/gallery known as Le Petit Palais.

It started raining again so we wandered around until it cleared up. Then, we headed down the street to the Champs-Élysées!


Cardigan – Primark // Tshirt – H&M // Belt – Primark // Skirt – Vinage thrift store // Bag – Forever21


We didn’t actually go up to it because they were doing construction and it was super crowded, so we headed down the subway and got off at Trocadéro. If you want to best view of the Eiffel tower, go here!

It’s an open plaza area that you can walk in and get beautiful photos! We stopped off at Monoprix and grabbed some wine, prosciutto, cheese, and baguettes for dinner on the lawns outside the Eiffel tower.

We walked over to the Eiffel Tower park and ate dinner. It was lovely. By the time we finished, it was about sunset.

We bought evening stair tickets. Legs definitely got a workout walking up all of those stairs! We walked to the second platform. We even got to catch the light show, when the Eiffel tower starts flickering!

Gorgeous view from the top. The area between the two lights is Trocadero!

Day 4

Last full day in Paris. Checked out of the Hotel and decided to head on over to the Louvre! Looking back at these photos…I miss my old long hair! But not really because it was a pain in the butt to manage.
Had lunch at the cafe next door, L’Elephant du Nil. 

Fresh tomato soup with croutons…

And a crisp and creamy crème brûlée. So good! Sometimes I have dreams about eating it again, that’s how great it was. French people have definitely won the food lottery!

Took the Subay to Louvre-Rivoli.

Arrived at the Louvre and decided to take as many stupid pictures as I possibly could. Got mad judged for jojoing. 
Instead of taking photos of the Mona Lisa, I decided to give her the QUEEN SOME RESPECT, YAS
(Referencing this btw)

Found a sleeping guy, so naturally we had to take photos with him.

Top: PMall // Shorts – Primark // Bag – Forever 21 // Belt // Primark

Bought an apricot pasty at the Miss Manon Boulangerie before leaving. During our stay in Paris, we frequently visited the bakery to pick up breakfast / dessert. Super tasty!

After our Louvre visit, we went back to our hotel, picked up our luggage, and took the Megabus back home at 10:30PM. Another super long trip back, arrived back in London at about 7:30AM. Sat in McDonald’s sapping their wifi for a few hours whilst waiting for my bus back to Leeds.

I had a lovely time in Paris and can’t wait to go back! I think next time, I would like to visit a different part of France. The architecture and scenery is all so beautiful…and the food!

Have you ever visited Paris? Are there any Parisian monuments or sights you’d like to visit? What do you think of french cuisine?

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  1. Melody Ong June 19, 2015

    It's great that you had a great time! Paris seems wonderful. i would LOVE to visit there some day ;u;


  2. ↘Lika # June 19, 2015

    This is super cool Sachieee!!! If I had certainly opportunity will visit this wonderful place!! -^^-



  3. sachie June 19, 2015

    It's such a gorgeous city! x

  4. sachie June 19, 2015

    Hopefully you'll be able to visit someday soon! x


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