A Week in Los Angeles | Anime Expo 2015, Porter Robinson, and The Fire

Anime Expo 2015

It is time…..for the Great Anime Expo Update of 2015! During the 1st – 8th of July, I flew from Toronto to Los Angeles for North America’s largest anime convention – Anime Expo! Anime Expo is my all time favourite convention – the level of cosplay is higher, the convention halls are bigger, and events are more grand than any other convention I’ve been to!


But first… let’s talk about the flight over. At about noon on July 1st, I checked out of the Sheraton Gateway Hotel (located in YYZ Terminal 3, you can read my review here). I checked in and went through security earlier since I had nothing to do. Toronto Pearson Airport is really modern now – they a massive renovation a few years ago, and now the interior looks modern and high tech! There are iPad lounges that you can sit at, free of charge. Nothing like spotty hotel internet and iPad solitaire to pass the time….

Our flight was schedule to leave at 4:10PM. After everyone had boarded, we were told to get off the plane due to an engine technicality. Good thing they found the problem before we were up in the air! Apparently part of the engine was malfunctioning, which required an airplane technician and spare part to be brought over. We had to wait an extra 3 hours until we were permitted to reboard the plane. (They did give us $10 food vouchers while we waited, so I got myself a croissant and booster juice smoothie.)

Love flying into cities overnight. We arrived at LAX at around 11PM and were picked up by Tako and Megan. Anime Expo has a rather notorious reputation for being line con… so we decided to pick up our tickets that night. Pre-registration was open 36 hours before the con official opened. The next day was the first day of the convention…

Day 0!

You know you’re in weeaboo territory when you see dating sim busses! Day 0 duties included picking up my press pass, scouting the exhibition hall, and trying out the food trucks.

Insanely packed crowed waiting for the doors of the exhibition/ dealers hall to open. That’s where you’ll find anything and everything you could ever want related to cosplay, games, and anime.

For example, if you were desperately looking for a rubber cat mask, look no further! Anime Expo has all your needs covered.

Happened to find a lost Eevee in the women’s washroom. It was a pretty cute plushie and some poor con attendee must have dropped it, so we took it to the Lost and Found. A few days after the convention, a greentext post popped up on 4chan…

How cute! I’m glad the owner was reunited with their toy. I lost a Tepig plush at Anime North one year and nobody turned it in… 🙁

Anime Expo

Now, when you’ve been attending conventions for more than half a decade, you eventually run out of things to do. Conventions get repetitive. Whenever I attend cons, I try to focus less on lounging around and occasionally doing photoshoots to experiencing panels and convention events. At Anime Expo, Megan and Tako convinced Jord and I to attend the Taiko workshop!

It was a very interesting panel – we got to watch performances, learn about the history of the art, as well as different Taiko techniques and equipment. Megan and Tako are Taiko players so they knew some of the performers. Spectators had the chance to go up and try playing patterns themselves.

Day 1!

Got go wear my Lin (from Spirited Away) cosplay! Finally met Amie / Miss Habit. She’s so beautiful in real life – such a lovely girl! She’s so charming, I was temporarily blinded with senpai sparkles. Also ran into Hayao Miyazaki…….

Bought Crunchyroll concert tickets for $5 (premium member rate), as opposed to $45! It was announced that Anamanaguchi was opening for a ~mystery guest~… I kind of figured that it would be Porter Robinson because Crunchyroll has connections with Porter’s brother. My first time seeing both groups live, and it was absolutely wonderful! We got Orchestra tickets, and had great seats near the front.

Anamanaguchi’s set was hyper and bubbly – they played Prom Night!! I also fell in love with Pop It, which I had not heard before.

Porter’s Worlds show was amazing – the whole Microsoft theatre was packed! His set graphics were so cool to watch, and he seemed to enthusiastic. For his encore, he played a remix of the Oreimo opening by ClariS…

The fire!

Now…… the day after the concert was a different story.. At about 8AM, Jord and I woke up to a frantic Tako. “GUYS… we gotta get out….” The first thing that came to my head was that we had overslept and ok great they booked the hotel a day early and now we have to check out.
Then we heard screaming. “GUYS THERE’S A FIRE WE GOTTA GET OUT.”

The house next door had burst into flames. Coincidently, our room was one of the closest to the house, with it being right on the other side of our bathroom window. When we were grabbing our stuff and fleeing from the room, I looked at the frosted bathroom window pane and saw flickering orange. So scary……

Of course, being the social media addict that I am, I photographed, recorded, and vlogged the whole thing. (Still have to edit that video, but it’ll be up on my youtube channel soon – click here to subscribe.) We sat in the parking lot for an hour watching numerous fire trucks pull up. Smoke billowed above, and pieces of ash rained down on us. After the fire had been put out, we were told we could go back into our rooms and grab anything we had missed. Luckily, we managed to get almost everything out. The room was undamaged – smelled a little smoky though. The window pane that was facing the house had cracked due to the heat.
You can read the article about the fire here.
We were so stressed out that morning. Was going to cosplay Lin again but honestly wasn’t in the mood. Plus I smelled like smoke. 🙁

We spent most of the weekend at Uguubear‘s booth (being booth babes yea) because walking everywhere was super tiring and we wanted to sit…LOL…. Overall the convention was quite fun! I held a meetup on the Saturday of the convention (didn’t take any pictures because I was so nervous), and I’m pretty sure over 100 people showed up over the period of an hour and a half!!! I had a line of people who came to chat, take selfies, and hug… It was so lovely. I can’t stress enough how I’m basically just a normal girl on the internet, so it’s really overwhelming when so many of you took time out of your con to wait in line and say hello!! ;_;

I’m really grateful, thank you all so much.

That’s all for my Anime Expo post – stay tuned for more LA blog posts!

Have you ever been to California or attended Anime Expo? Have you ever experienced a housefire before? I’d love to hear about your experiences….scary stuff!


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  1. Ricardo Espiritu July 17, 2015

    I never been to California or attended Anime Expo sadly :(. I have never experienced a house fire Sachie I hope you weren't to scared when it happened

  2. Kristina Plunkett July 20, 2015

    That's so scary! I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the rest of the con after a fire like that.


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