California Beach Day | In N Out, Huntington,& Bonfires

The Beach Episode

Hello lovelies! Part two of my California blog series – be sure to read Part 1 here, all about Anime Expo! Jord and I really wanted to have our ~California Beach Episode~, so we arranged a day out at the beach with Tako, Andrew, Megan, and her boyfriend!
Before that, Tako took us to In N Out. I always hear Californians talk about In N Out, and how good it is! I thought it was just a regular fast food chain, but as always, I figured there was some truth behind the hype. We decided to stop off at an In N Out before our day trip at Huntington Beach! It’s got a ~secret menu~ as well, but I ordered the standard “#1” – a double-double hamburger with a drink and fries!
Watching my soon-to-be food baby come into creation…



In N Out didn’t taste like regular fast food hamburgers, it tasted much fresher!! I didn’t feel gross after eating it like I do when I have Taco Bell or McDonalds… If they had this in Canada, I’m pretty sure I’d be eating there quite often haha…

Ok, this might look a little gross to you but seeing this photo makes me want to cry happy tears in remembrance for my perfect fast food burger. IF YOU’RE EVER IN CALIFORNIA/SOMEWHERE NEAR AN IN N OUT, GET IT GET IT GET IT.

Arrived at Huntington Beach! We were worried that it was going to be cloudy but sun shone through, as always. Such a beautiful day! It hot by the sand and cooler by the water. Toronto’s beaches suck compared to California’s!

Picked up a new bottle of Squirt (ongoing joke the entire week we were in California… I mean come on, who names a drink ~Squirt~) We didn’t have a place to put it though so we dug a hole and covered it with a frisbee – our “Squirt Hole”…… Haaaaaa.

Spent most of our day making sandcastles with our $10 Target beach set (sand castles vs waves, you can’t win…), playing frisbee, and relaxing around the bonfire pit. The bonfire pit was pretty cool because you can’t really have bonfires at beaches in Toronto.

We also got to experience a beach arrest, which was pretty cool! A police helicopter kept circling close where we were sitting, when it started blasting an announcement to stay where we were. I think they were trying to keep track of someone on the beach. Eventually we saw a police car drive up, and the helicopter flew down to the other end of the beach. Another interesting event added to the list, haha!

Our beach day was lovely! I haven’t been to the beach in ages, so this was a real treat. Unfortunately my hair got all salty from the ocean waves, can’t understand why people willingly try to achieve ~beachy waves~, because it was a pain to wash out. Haha. On the upside, I did tan (a tiny bit, but still!) and didn’t burn at all!

Have you been to Huntington Beach before? Do you prefer lounging around, or playing in the water? What are some of your beach essentials?

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