A Satin Touch with 3Wishes

Sometimes, a girl just wants to feel like a princess. Lacy and flowy and dreamy~ And what better way to do that than with some pretty lingerie~? Whenever I want to feel extra confident, I pop on a nice lingerie set. Nobody’s going to see it, but it’s the thought that counts!

Today I’d like to share a beautiful set from 3Wishes! 3Wishes is an online store that sells costumes, clubwear, and lingerie. They’ve got some beautiful sets…. I have the Satin Touch Babydoll Lingerie Set. I think it’s quite important to spice things up in a relationship, and what better way to do it than make your partner’s eyes bulge out of their head?

This is a 2 piece set, featuring a flowy bra/top, and panties. It’s from a brand called Coquette. I’ve never heard of this brand, so I can’t really compare this set to anything else in their range. It’s a flowy and sheer babydoll top, adorned with lots of pretty pace near at the cups and at the bottom.

I don’t know why, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this set was Sailor Moon! There was some gorgeous Sailor Moon lingerie outfits that were going around on tumblr (by artist Soudwrong), and I fell in love. Absolutely gorgeous! It fits along the same lines of being a Sailor Scout as well… strong, sexy, and confident! It would be lovely to do a Sailor Moon shoot wearing this set!

Anyway, let’s take a closer look…

The bra cups themselves are only demi-cups, meaning they cover half what a normal bra cup would. This gives a bit of coverage, but still boosts the girls up! There’s lace which goes across the front, very elegant.

The inside of the cups are lined as well…
There are 5 clasps at the back, which help support the bra cups and keep everything in place, which helps create a lovely silhouette. It’s like wearing a bra, without the actual bra! Doesn’t feel tight or restricting either. Just make sure you warn whoever will be taking it off that there are quite a few clasps, might spare some awkward fumbling around 😉
This set includes a cream coloured set of panties, which matches the rest of the outfit! It’s made with a satiny material.
This is definitely a gorgeous set – fits wonderfully, feels soft, and offers great support. For reference, I typically wear M size in most clothing, and the M fit me very well. (The adjustable clasps are a great bonus!) It’s not tight or form fitting, but loose and comfortable. It currently retails for $61.95, which I think is a reasonable price point for high quality lingerie. From my experience, the quality is comparable to higher-end brands that I’ve tried, such as Victoria’s Secret and Adore Me!
If you’re feeling romantic and want to surprise someone with something nice, or even to treat yourself, I highly recommend this set! It’s giving me some beautiful honeymoon/bride vibes… in this cream color, it definitely seems fitting. It would also be a great piece to do any lingerie version cosplays in, which seems to be quite popular at the moment!
You can find this set by clicking here.
What do you think of this set? Have you ordered from 3Wishes before?
Thanks for reading!
*This post was sponsored by 3Wishes but as always it’s 100% my honest opinion!
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  1. Three-fifths joy August 2, 2015

    ahh seeing your posts always makes me want to buy cute lingerie but i just paid my minimum payment for tuition and im sad ;-;

  2. 188-881 Joyfull August 2, 2015

    A woman absolutely must be willing to cosplay Sailor Jupiter in the bedroom in order to be my wife! Anything less is unacceptable.


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