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Recently, H&M has entered the beauty market. Many of their department stores are introducing a beauty section, complete with foundations, blushes, body products, and more. This department will include over 700 different makeup products, with seasonal and limited edition products! I was at Eaton’s Centre  in Toronto earlier today and decided to drop by to check it out for myself!

Apologies in advance for the spotty photo quality… I took all of the photos on my phone!

I had a meeting this morning so I went to Starbucks and got a chai tea latte with soy! The new seasonal cup designs are really nice. I can’t wait til they bring out the holiday flavours again… Chestnut praline lattes are the absolute best!

So H&M really upped their game! The H&M in Eatons is under construction and the store itself looks like a bit of a mess, especially since they moved a good chunk of their men’s section into an H&M Men’s standalone store on the second floor. The beauty section is located on the 2nd floor towards the cashier.

They are offering items such as bath and body products, as well as towels and cleansing cloths.

They also have a few different makeup bags available for purchase.

You will also find candles and other scented items. Prices are comparable to Loblaw’s/ Superstore’s home section prices.

The setup for the makeup booths remind me of Sephora, with large bright shelves and a sample of every product are displayed. This booth carried powdered blushes, cream blushes, illuminators, and powder puffs. Each of the shelves was neat and full stocked, but that’s probably just because the booth opened up about a week ago. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a disaster zone.

Many different lip pencils, crayons, creams, and lipsticks on display. H&M offers quite a large variety of shades. I can’t tell you about the pigmentation or colour payoff as I didn’t try any on my lips, but I did swatch a few colours and they all seemed good to me! I’m pretty sure that most of the lipsticks had a glossy finish though.

Haha, you can see me sipping on my drink in this photo! H&M had a fully loaded nail section with an Essie-esque selection of colours. Not sure about the quality. Packaging wasn’t too glamorous but the bottles had a nice shape. Definitely nice if you’re looking for a very specific colour, I’m sure there are lots of great dupes here.

H&M also carried a huge selection of foundation shades, which is nice! Each foundation had a corresponding powder foundation. They also offered concealers, as well as base quads and correctors.

Eyeshadows galore! Each of these individual shades came in it’s own small compact. They are quite decently sized, with each pan being slightly larger than a toonie. I swatched one of the glittery shades and the glitter chunks were quite large compared to micro shimmers.

I believe there was also a section with eye shadow palettes too!

They also carried a good selection of brushes. There were lots of different types, ranging from small detailer brushes, eye shadow, contour, and base brushes.

The pricing for these items are comparable to mid – higher end drugstore brands. Think L’Oreal – Revlon price range.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of H&M’s new beauty products? Is it something you would be interested in?

Thanks for reading!



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