QPAD QH-90 – My Favourite Headphones!!

Hello lovelies!

A bit of a techy review today. Early August, I posted about the death of my beloved QPAD headphones. Basically, I absolutely love these headphones. They’re so comfortable, and I’ve gotten about two years of moderate usage out of them, including video/audio projects, listening to music, and gaming.

I actually mentioned them in my August favourites video.

My headphones were perfect until one of the earphones gave out. One of my more technologically savvy friends gave it a look and opened both headphones and part of the connecting cable which we thought was broken and we couldn’t find the issue. I figured it must have been from wear (even though I feel like these would have lasted longer than two years,) and decided that it was time to get another pair.

I didn’t even bother looking for any other headphones because these ones were just so nice. So I figured this would be a good time to do a review, and tell you why I love them so much! (This isn’t a sponsored post btw, I’m just really enthusiastic about these headphones haha!)

Everything comes packaged snuggly inside the box. The padding is fitted, ensuring nothing slides around. This is great because these headphone ship from Sweden and my box arrived looking quite battered. However, the equipment arrived safely and everything was in check!

What’s included in the box: the headphones, an extension cable, a condenser cable which combines the audio and microphone ends into one jack, a detachable microphone, a cable with a volume adjustment box, and a quick start guide manual.

Here are some of the specs! I’ll break these down for those of us that don’t understand the crazy audio jargon and just want a pair of comfortable headphones with fantastic audio quality.

The headphones are circumaural, which means that the padding surrounds your entire ear instead of sitting on top of it. This ensures less sound leakage, and overall feels more comfortable. It’s got a detachable microphone in case you don’t want to use the built in microphone for gaming and don’t want it to get in your face. It also has super soft white leather padding!

It’s nice to know that the company is super passionate about their products. 

Now, lets take a closer look at the headphones themselves….

 The white design is lovely. If you’re worried about getting them dirty, my previous pair was alright. Obviously with anything white, you’ll have to think about staining or scuffing, but that can easily be fixed with a cloth! The ear padding can be taken off and washed or wiped down…easily re-attachable. It hooks right over the earphone cups.

 The headphones lengths are adjustable and can accommodate various head sizes! They fit me wonderfully and I have a giant melon head, lol…..

 The extension cable is great for if the standard cable doesn’t reach your computer headphone jack.

Overall, the design doesn’t feel bulky or heavy at all! It sits nicely on the ears. The design is sleek and elegant. These headphones feel great and have great audio quality! I used these headphones for all of my audio projects in third and fourth year of university – they cover a range between 15-25.000 Hz frequency response, which is generally the standard for professional grade headphones.

I believe they were about $125 (or 99€ with shipping included to Canada.) Less expensive than a lot of big gaming headphones out there but equally as nice!

You can find them here and buy them on the QPAD store!

What do you think about these headphones? Have you tried them before? Or rather, which headphones are you using at the moment?

Thanks for reading!




  1. 188-881 Joyfull September 10, 2015

    I usually keep 2 pairs of headphones. One of the pairs is reserved strictly for "at-home use", while the other pair is reserved strictly for "traveling and on-the-go use".
    The pair which I have reserved for "at-home use" is similar to this Q-Pad pair of yours, in the sense that it surrounds the entire ears to prevent sound leakage and that it fits softly and comfortably. The only significant difference seems to be that my pair is coloured black instead of white. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the name of the brand is, because this pair of headphones was purchased by my dad so many years ago that the original packaging has long been thrown into the trash. This pair of headphones is still fully functional today after all these years because I never take it on any trips and it always stays in the safety of my room.
    Anyways, now to talk about the pair of headphones which I have reserved for "traveling and on-the-go use", it is just like the pair which I gave to you for your belated birthday present. It is small and doesn't surround the entire ears, and it is easily breakable. But on the bright side, if/when it ever breaks then it is cheaper to replace and it will still allow you to relax by knowing that you still have a functional and expensive pair waiting for you back at home.
    In conclusion, I advise that you do the same thing that I am doing in order to preserve the life and functionality of your favourite headphones. Use your favourite pair only when you're at home, and then use any other pair such as my present whenever you are traveling somewhere. I hope I helped to keep you happy.
    Sincerely, Eugene.

  2. Samuel July 29, 2016

    I have these. I tend to avoid anything that says it's for "gaming" but I needed a headset and this is just the one I went with. And it's great!

  3. Jenifer Bombich October 9, 2016

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