Bioderma – Hydration and Purifying Trial Kits

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Bioderma is a brand I discovered, and subsequently fell in love with, whilst I was studying abroad in England. During that time, I was very into the English youtube community (especially the beauty gurus). They would constantly praise the French brand, discussing it’s gentle cleansing and skin-enhancing qualities. I picked up a double pack of their famous micellar cleansing water 2 years ago, and I’m still working my way through my second bottle!

Shoppers Drug Mart recently released these Bioderma trial size kits. For only $6.95, you get about $23 – 33 worth of Bioderma products! This is great if you travel a lot, or if you’re looking to discover the brand for yourself.

It took 3 Shoppers Drug Marts before I found one that had them in stock. If you see them, impulse buy them! It’s great value for Bioderma products. I bought both kits – the original one and the purifying kit. I haven’t tested the purifying products before but I was excited to try it!

Each of the kits include a cleansing water mini, a serum, and a moisturizer. It also includes a $5 coupon for Bioderma purchases over $25!

The purifying kit (green) targets acne prone skin, and focuses on tightening and refining pores. The cleansing micellar water removes makeup and prevents the appearance of blemishes.The serum mattifies skin and controls sebum to reduce oiliness and acne. Finally, the moisturizer targets acne and blackheads, and absorbs quickly into the skin. The products have a soft, light fresh floral scent.

When I first bought these, I expected the sizes to be a little bit bigger haha. I didn’t realize the moisturizer was so puny! It’s only 5ml, which is essentially what, like two uses? Either way it has a very nice formula, and is great when you’re travelling. The small sizes are carry-on approved. I’m going to take this with me when I go travelling this weekend!

Next is the original kit. The micellar water that I currently have has the pink cap. This kit has a higher value than the purifying kit ($33 for $6.95). This kit targets hydration and moisturization of the skin to look more youthful!

As with the other kit, this original kit includes 3 items. The original micellar water removes makeup and soothes skin! It’s great to use right after exfoliating as it doesn’t sting like other toners. The serum is light and absorbs very quickly! It gives a radiant boost to the skin. It dispenses in a cream/gel form. The moisturizer evens out skin, and can be used as a primer for makeup!

You get decently sized mini products of the cleansing water and serum, but again the moisturizer is only 5ml haha!! But for $7, I can’t really complain. This kit also includes a $5 coupon for your next Bioderma purchase of over $25!

I can’t wait to test these out some more! I’m particularly interested in the purifying kit as my skin has been breaking out a bit more. My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful with the types of products I apply but I’ve had great experiences with Bioderma in the past.

Have you tried Bioderma products before? Do you have any favourites?

Thanks for reading!



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