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Hello lovelies!

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting quite chilly here in Toronto. (Canada? Cold? You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me!) I know right – who would’ve thought! The drop in temperatures gives me that extra excuse to cozy up in the evenings and bundle myself up. The stress of Christmas shopping, cold air, and hectic social schedules can really catch up on a girl! All the better to take a bath…right?

Take a bath!

I absolutely love taking baths. I know some prefer showers but I think that taking a nice long soak can help relax muscles and sweat out some toxins. A nice smelling bath with candles, oils, a drink, and some Netflix – what’s not to love? (And yes, I bring my tablet in with me and set it on the side counter and binge watch Friends… Truly living on the edge!)My friends have even jokingly nicknamed me the bath queen – I’d happily sit in a bath all day if the water stayed warm and I didn’t get all pruny. I’ve tried tons of bath products and today I’ll be sharing some of my favourites with you. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some cool products to try out yourself, or gift to another bath lover!

A bath without some special products would just be plain boring – I always like to add bubble bath, bath oils, or bath bombs. Here are some of my favourite products…

Lush Bath Bombs…

Sex Bomb is an absolute fave – it’s purple with a rosy centre, and turns the water a milky purple. It’s a sensual smelling one, and has notes of jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang, and soya milk. I discovered the Lord of Misrule bath bomb during Lush’s fall releases. Don’t let your eyes fool you – although green in its exterior, it turns the bath a soft wine colour! Lord of Misrule has a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. (Pictured below.)

If you’re looking for a bath bomb that’ll turn the water into something from an anime, look no further!  Big Blue transforms the water into a gorgeous cerulean shade, fragranced with lavender and lemon oil. Be warned, this one is a bit messy… It’ll release a ton of seaweed strips which can be a bit of a pain to clean out. Finally, the Sakura bath bomb calms the soul with a relaxing aura of jasmine and mimosa. It is fairly colourless, and causes the bath water to look cloudy.

I’ve reviewed a few Lush products in the past – you can read those here!

Bath Oils…

A few coupons and a recent trip to Bath & Body Works caused me to stumble upon these bath oils. Now, I’m no stranger to Bath and Body Works. I’ve been using items from their Aromatherapy line for years now, ever since they first opened up stores in Toronto. I was picking up some bubble bath and had a coupon for a free item with $15 dollar purchase, so I spontaneously grabbed this oil because I liked the scent (lavender vanilla).
This oil doesn’t create bubbles or change the colour of the water like bath bombs do. A thin layer of oil floats atop your bath, coats your skin and fills the room with a gorgeous fragrance. I would recommend this if you don’t want to fuss around with the colours and cleanup of bath bombs. It also doubles as a massage oil, and feels wonderful when rubbed into the skin.

Bath Salts & Sweat Baths…

So you’re a fan of bath bombs eh? Why not try some bath salts? One of my favourite bath products are these salts from the Japanese brand called Bison. They’re sweat bath powders/salts that contain hot pepper, ginger, and epsom salt combined with carbon dioxide to create a sweat-inducing and water-crackling bath experience! The salts also contain a heating and thickening agent that causes the water to become slightly thicker/slimy. It’s a really pleasant feeling and bison makes some of my favourite bath products.
You can read a review of some of my favourite bison salts here! You can find Bison salts at T&T and other Asian beauty stores. Make sure to bring a glass of water into the bathroom with you because it’ll turn into a bit of a sauna… If you’re unable to find Asian sweat baths, brands like Bath & Body Works also make aromatherapy bath salts which you can find here. They won’t make you super sweaty or create loads of steam, but it’ll make the water smell nice!

Favourite Soaps…

I had to throw this one in – Lush makes a fabulous soap called Karma. When I first bought it in store, I realized it had a very familiar scent. Then it hit me – it smells very similar to YSL’s Opium Eau De Toilette! Karma has notes of spicy patchouli, refreshing lemongrass, orange oil and pine oil.

Here are a few more of my favourites, even though I don’t have any more left at the moment! The first three are, of course, Lush products… The first is Sexy Peel – a citrusy soap scented with organic orange juice and zesty lime oil. Great if you want a wake me up scent!
Next is Cupid’s Love Soap, which was part of Lush’s Valentines Day collection. Fragranced with fresh figs, sassionfruit, bergamot and rosewood. Plus it’s shaped like a heart! Bohemian is another citrusy soap, and smells very, very lemony. Finally, the classic Bee & Flower soap has always been a staple in my house. My grandpa often used the original, but I love the rose version!

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Bubble baths are one of the most relaxing things in the world…It’s so nice sitting bath in the tub covered in bubbles! Bath and Body Works makes luxurious bath soaks – my favourite is the Lavender Vanilla scent! (Can you tell I loooove their Aromatherapy line?)

Lush also makes some lovely bubbleroons (a macaron shaped bubble bar!) It kinda looks like a little butt. The rose jam bubbleroon is made up of two parts which can be divided and crumbled under running water. The result is a soft pink bath that smells like roses. I absolutely adore rose scented products, so this one of my all time favourites.

What are some of your favourite bath products? Make sure to let me know in the comments – I’m always looking for new products to try out!

Now if you’ll excuse me… Gotta take a bath! πŸ˜‰



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  1. Lily December 10, 2015

    lol my previous comment had a bad typo ^^"

    I only started doing baths a month ago since I just tried out Lush recently! I saw your videos featuring Lush products so I had to try it out and now I'm a little bit addicted. I really like Butterball bath bomb even though there's no pretty effects to it but it's really nourishing on my skin since it's super dry this winter. I need to try Sex Bomb next!

  2. sachie December 11, 2015

    sex bomb is soooo lovely! there's also a new one called 'so white' which is white and smells like roses/apples! i bought one but haven't tried it yet, but im sure if you like butterball youll like it too! πŸ˜€

  3. Dana D. December 12, 2015

    I love the B&BW Aromatherapy line! My favorite is the Orange Ginger Body Lotion. It makes me feel so energized and happy! I like soaking in epsom salt, and sometimes I put a few drops of essential oil into the water.
    How are you not terrified of bringing your tablet near the bathtub? I'd be so scared of accidentally knocking it into the tub. I do love reading in the bath though (sometimes a book, sometimes manga) because I have a waterproof e-reader.

  4. sachie December 13, 2015

    Haha I usually set my tablet on the ground or the toilet seat, which is right across from the bathtub so I don't have to worry about that! I accidentally dropped a phone in the toilet once so I'm super paranoid about having it on the edge or something!


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