Budget Find: Affordable, High Quality Makeup Brushes!

Hello lovelies!

Are you on team brush, team sponge, or team fingers? I’ve switched up my makeup application tools numerous times throughout the years, and have always fallen back on my trusty brushes. (There’s something about dabbing my face a million times with a sponge that just seems so… boring?)

A while ago, I stumbled across a blog post featuring budget ebay buys. (I can’t remember where the actual post is, but if I happen to locate it, I’ll update this post!) It featured an 8-piece brush set. I’ve owned the same set for quite a while, mainly Real Techniques, and was out on the market for a few more brushes!

I figured I would share this with you guys, because I really like the quality of this set, and it’s so affordable! My heart sinks every time I see an individual brush priced at $40+… I could be buying new makeup instead!

This kit was only… $8.33! However, the price has decreased so it’s only about $7.33 CAD, or $5.25 USD! 
Honestly, what a steal! The fibres are really soft, densely packed, and work extremely well in blending and applying makeup. 

The kit includes…

  • Flat foundation brush
  • Flat nose shadow brush
  • Angled foundation brush
  • Eye shader brush
  • Pointed foundation brush
  • Nose shadow
  • Round foundation brush
  • Nose shadow/shader brush.

I can’t really think of any downsides, other than the face that shipping took about a month, which is pretty standard of items shipping from Asia to Canada. I wish the gold wasn’t a bright yellow, but I’ve seen similar sets on ebay which are silver and rose gold!

I’ve been using the brush on the far left to apply my Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder Foundation (which I reviewed here). It picks up the powder better than the Real Techniques Expert Face brush, and the Buffing Brush. I’ve also been using the pointed face brush (fourth on the left) to apply setting powder under my eyes as the shape grants easy control.

I had no issues with shedding or brush fall out, which was what I was most worried about. I gently wash my brushes with Doctor Bronner’s Rose Liquid Soap and leave them overnight to dry. The bristles keep their shape, and return to a dense yet fluffy texture when dry!

I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to try out some affordable, high quality brushes, but doesn’t want to pay a premium for fancy brand names. This would be a great set to try out if you’re new to makeup, or want to add to your brush kit! πŸ™‚ They’ve been kitty approved, haha!

You can find the brushes here for $5.25 USD.



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