MAC – Archie’s Girls Blush in Cream Soda (2013 LE)

Betty, Betty, Betty…

In 2013, I remember passing by the MAC store in my local mall. At this point I was just getting into makeup, and the MAC store seemed much too intimidating for me. At least in Sephora, I could walk around and swatch till my heart’s content without much fear of a makeup artist asking me if I needed help. The outside of the store was decorated with images promoting their Archie’s Girls collection launch!

I remember seeing the displays and wanting to go inside, but at this point I was still learning makeup basics and $30+ for a blush seemed insane…. (Little did past me know that I’d happily drop that and probably more… Whoops!) I love Archie comics. I’ve been collecting issues ever since I was a preteen – I used to raid garage sales over the summer in search of Archies, Jugheads, and Betty & Veronicas… my hunts were usually quite successful! As a result, I have a box of comics stored away in storage somewhere.

For the past year or so, I’ve been looking on r/makeupexchange for MAC Archie’s Girls releases. The 2013 collection was limited edition, and I had very little hope that I was going to find one. Fortunately, somebody was selling 2 (!!!) slightly swatched MAC blushes in Cream Soda. The exchange rate meant that it cost much more than I would have liked, but in the end, I finally got my dream blush – and my first MAC product!


MAC – Archie’s Girls Blush in Cream Soda (2013 LE)

Cream soda is described as a neutral peach. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE THIS. This is my ideal blush colour! It’s a matte peach that has medium coverage. This colour works so wonderfully with my skin tone. It’s a little bit powdery during application, so a soft hand is the trick! You could go a little overboard with this blush and it wouldn’t even look too noticeable because the colour is so natural looking.

It isn’t really that noticeable. It’s the perfect blush for adding a flush of colour without being too bright. The perfect everyday blush.

Unfortunately, my love affair with this blush seems to be quite starcrossed. Why did this shade have to be limited edition? There seem to be some close dupes on Temptalia, but everything about this blush (down to the packaging – Betty being a cutie), is just so perfect!

If anyone has an extra, I’d be willing to buy it off you just so I have backups 🙂

Are there any limited edition collections you wished you hadn’t missed out on?



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