Sailor Pluto Cosplay Progress: Tiara, Boots, & Collar

Sailor Pluto Cosplay Progress – Part 1

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be sharing some of the progress on my Sailor Pluto cosplay! If you’ve been following me on my other social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have known that I’ve previously cosplayed Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter! I’m such a huge fan of the Sailor Moon series as it was quite dear to me growing up. Pluto will likely be my last Sailor Scout cosplay before I retire the bodysuit, and I’ve decided to post all of my progress.

I’m modifying my basic white Sailor Scout bodysuit, and the black skirt is a simple circle skirt pattern. The bow is borrowed from my Sailor Mars cosplay.

I have a few more updates to come, so stay tuned! You can check out my previous cosplay tutorials / progress reports under the Cosplay Progress tab.

This post will be covering the tiara, boots, and sailor collar.

Sailor Tiara

Sailor Tiaras have a very basic design and are super easy to make! The design is quite straight forward – it’s a ‘v’ shape. Measure across your forehead and sketch out accordingly. Here’s a template you can use!

I transfered the design onto craft foam, and then sandwiched two layers of worbla over top! I didn’t bother smoothing out the worbla with gesso because most of it is hidden under the hair, and the textured design gives some dimension when photographed! I made the gem out of worbla scraps and painted over it with nail polish for that enamel gem look.

I attached ribbon to the ends. I tie the ribbons over the top of my wig cap and tuck the rest under the wig!

Sailor Collar

The sailor collars are super simple to make – I initially used this tutorial on the McCalls cosplay blog.

I traced the design from my Jupiter sailor collar and cut out two pieces of black material and one piece of white felt (which gives support and shape to the collar.) I sewed the pieces together and flipped it inside out, leaving the back straight edge open.

I folded and tucked in the back edge, pinned it, and sewed it! After that I ironed everything out so the seams were all flat and smooth. I also stitched two little button snaps onto the pointed ends of the collar (at the front) so they would attach to my body suit.

If you own a cat, you probably understand my pain. I filmed this vine a while ago while working on a cosplay project and it basically summarizes my entire life’s struggle. The collar is detachable which makes getting in and out of the outfit a lot easier, and also hides a portion of the back seam.


Here’s the suit so far. As I mentioned before, the white bodysuit was from my previous sailor scout costumes, and the black skirt is a simple circle skirt design. I also altered the white suit a bit so it would be a bit more fitted, since the fabric stretched out.
The bow is from my Sailor Mars cosplay – the colours were similar enough so I decided to use it! πŸ˜€

Pluto Boots

Found these suede boots at a thrift store! They fit really well and the heel isn’t too tall, which means I can actually walk around in them! (Wearing tall heels is super uncomfortable for me because I never wear them / not used to the feeling.) I was really debating between these and another hair with a higher heel though, because generally higher heels photograph better… Just look at my Jupes photos! Those were 3 or 4 inches I think, and hell to walk in….
The boots themselves have a really nice pointed toe, and side profile. However, they were much too baggy! As a comparison, I sewed the left one much tighter so it would be fitted to my leg, and not slouch as  much. 
I had to make the fronts pointed because that’s the style of most Sailor boots. The shape looks a bit wonky but I’m buying some white bias tape fabric to sew along the edge so it’ll be much smoother and pointier!
My next progress posts will cover wig styling, accessories, and the staff. This post was originally posted on my Patreon account! I post a lot of cosplay progress on there (much of which is exclusive to Patrons.) I host monthly livestreams and polls deciding on my next video topic, cosplay, and tutorials! I an unable to monetize many of my videos due to copyright so I really appreciate all of your support.
Let me know if you have any questions! πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

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