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Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

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The Ripley’s Aquarium opened in 2013, right next to the CN Tower! It’s a large aquarium that features a very streamlined path – you make your way through tanks featuring fishes from freshwater and saltwater lakes, to the shark tunnels, to tropical fish, the rays, the jellies, and a behind the scenes of the water filtration systems. It’s a beautiful and relaxing environment, great for destressing (unless you’re afraid of water, haha!)

We arrived at the aquarium at about 7:30PM. I’d highly recommend going on a weekday, it was almost empty the entire time we were there! Only a few groups of people, but nothing compared to the crowds during the summer. Once school lets out, the aquarium is often filled with lots of families and small children, which ends up feeling a bit crowded and noisy. 

Ripley’s Aquarium has a “Sharks After Dark” promotion, where admission is discounted $5 after 7PM. I’d definitely recommend this, as well as buying your tickets online for a further discount! I absolutely love the aquarium, it always makes me feel so relaxed. Especially the part where you stand on the conveyor belt through the shark tunnel…


The inside of the aquarium has lots of benches so visitors can sit and observe the fish floating by. There are interactive booths and screens as well that display interesting facts and little games for younger visitors to play with, as well as an indoor playground set and tank crawl tunnels!

There is also a small cafeteria but you can easily bring your own food in as well.

I’d say it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get through the entire aquarium, give or take time walking around.

My favourite part of the aquarium is probably the Jellyfish section. The entire space is lit up with a deep blue light, which feels kind of surreal. There is a floor to ceiling glass boxed area that you can step into to watch the jellies float by. There is also a light at the bottom of the glass that changes colour, which looks incredible because the jellies are lit up in different coloured light!

You can see this effect in

…my latest video! We had a lovely time at the aquarium, and shooting parts of our little lookbook there just seemed so fitting! Ponyo, anyone?

Have you visited an aquarium before? Do you like jellyfish? Have you seen a shark before?

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*The shirts/accessories in this post, as well as the giveaway, are  sponsored by Redbubblebut as always it’s 100% my honest opinion! Admission to the aquarium was paid for by ourselves 🙂

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