A Rather Large Face Shop Haul | The Smim, Face Masks, and Mango Seed Skincare

I’m obsessed with Korean skincare products.

Recently, my skin type has become quite dry and sensitive. My usual skincare regime hasnt really been doing much for me, so it was time for a shake up! Luckily, The Face Shop has storefronts in almost every major mall around me! Korean skincare has never been more accessible, and the price point isn’t that different from major online Korean Skincare shops. I went into The Face Shop to pick up a few face masks, but walked out with a few extra bits. Keep reading to see what I picked up!


The Face Shop Real Nature Face Masks

There were quite a few different promotions and sales on during my visit. First, I wandered over to the face mask section. There was a buy 10, get 5 free promotion on, with each mask being $2 per sheet. The total came to $20 for 15 masks (about $1.33 per mask), which turned out to be a little cheaper than my Beauty Diary Bulgarian Rose masks ($15.99 for 10 masks = about $1.60 per mask.) Plus, this was a great way to try out a large selecton of masks, as opposed to a single type!

This promotion was for their Real Nature masks, which uses plant and vegetable extracts to target certain skin concerns such as hydration, brightening, and redness!

Here are some of the masks I picked up! I’m not sure if the Real Nature face masks with the grey wood packaging a new (I’ve never seen them in store before), but the floral variations piqued my interest! I’m a huge fan of My Beauty Diary’s Bulgarian Rose face masks, so naturally I was super excited to try out the lily, peony, and calendula masks! I’ve heard about the fantastic antioxidant properties of goji berry, and I absolutely love eating longans. I’ve never heard of Lingzhi before, but apparently it’s a mushroom with fantastic medicinal properties.

Now, the The Face Shop Real Nature masks with the colourful packaging are the masks that I am more familiar with! I have tried all of these variations before, and I feel like they do a great job at moisturizing my skin. One of my favourites is the Real Nature Pomegranate Mask because it smells great!

If you’re buying in store, make sure to sign up for a Beauty Circle card. It’s free, and you’ll get a free face mask every purchase! 😀 You’ll also earn points for every purchase, which can later be used for additional discounts and freebies.


The Smim Travel Discovery Set

The Face Shop was having a 50% off sale for a few of their travel sets! I’ve been curious about The Face Shop’s The Smim line for ages now, but hesitated because the cost per item usually averages between $40-50! The Smim discovery kit was $10 after discount, and featured three travel sized products. With the amount of product you receive, I’d highly recommend picking one up because it’s great value! The kit normally goes for $20. I’m going to head back this weekend and pick up another set or two.

The Smim Travel Kit includes the firming care toner, firming care essence, and firming care face cream.

I believe there are two other travel sets – the Chia Seed kit and the Hwansaenggo Escargot kit.


The Face Shop Mango Seed Discovery Kit

I absolutely looooove the Mango Seed line from the Face Shop! The scent is so soft and fruity, and the line itself is incredibly moisturizing. I wanted to try a few of their products, and orders over $30
can purchase this kit for $5! Hydration is one of my main skin concerns at the moment, so I’m excited to see if my skin looks more moisturized after continual use.

The discovery kit features the Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Toner, Silk Moisturizing Lotion, and Volume Butter Lotion.

Overall, I’m excited to try out these new products! I’ve been using The Smim travel kit over the past few nights and I’m pleased to report that the essence and toner and definitely restoring a noticeable amount of moisture back into my skin. I’ll be using the various skincare products regularly (including a nightly face mask) until I leave for Anime Expo, so I’ll be sure to check in before then!

Oh, and I also received a free beach sarong (for purchases over $35!) I’ll be sure to bring it with me for beach day in LA 🙂

Have you tried products from The Face Shop before? I’d love to do a brand feature video or blog post on The Face Shop as I’ve tried a quite a few of their products by now!

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