The Ultimate Girl’s Night In – Celebrating The Bachelorette Canada with Two Oceans Wine!

The Ultimate Girls Night In With The Bachelorette Canada and Two Oceans Wine!

As I’m sure you all know, The Bachelorette Canada premiered yesterday on W Network! If you follow me on snapchat, you’ll have noticed that I had a really rough time last week… I really needed a pick me up, and unwinding with my roommates and having a ~girls night in~ was the perfect solution!

Luckily for us, Two Oceans Wine set us up with an awesome little kit to make sure we were comfortable and well looked after. Delicious wine? Cosy socks? Plush blanket? YES PLEASE. Two Oceans Wines joins Canada’s first-ever Bachelorette, Jasmine Lorimer, on W Network’s much anticipated The Bachelorette Canada as program sponsor this fall. I’m super excited to share two of the wines they sent, in case you’re perusing the aisles of LCBO and need a little treat for your own girls night in!

The Bachelorette Canada

My mom and I used to watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette all the time, and it was super fun to watch all the drama unfold, as well as feeling super envious about all the beautiful and exotic locations the cast visited! Beautiful people in extravagant and romantic settings settings – the perfect formula for emotional attachment and banter. I definitely pick my favourites the moment they step out of the limousines – after all, first impressions do matter!The Bachelorette Canada twitter account also posted this chart on twitter which I thought was hilarious. We actually printed out a copy and are planning on keeping up our predictions throughout the season.

I’m also partnering with The Bachelorette Canada (*squeal!!*) and will be live tweeting the series throughout the season. Be sure to follow me on twitter (@sachieTV) and join in with me with the hashtag #BacheloretteCA! 😀

Wine you say? Yes Please.

Two Oceans set us up with a little girls night in kit, complete with cosy Roots socks, popcorn, a plush blanket, and rose themed trinkets and chocolates! We also received two bottles of wine – the Two Oceans Wines Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc! I prefer red wines over whites, so we opted to crack open the Shiraz…

Two Oceans Wines are crafted by the combination of two unique climates in South Africa- the cold Atlantic and the warm Indian Oceans. Cooling sea breezes and mists can lower temperatures during the lead-up to the harvest, slowing down ripening. The convergence of the cold sea breeze against the warm African soil greatly impacts the region’s climate, coastline and areas inland, causing grapes to develop with balanced, intense and plentiful flavours.  Neither of us have tried wines from South Africa before, but we instantly fell in love! The pairing of the flavours really works with the theme behind the Bachelorette – finding the perfect person to complete your own pair! Haha I’m a complete romantic, and this is such a cute idea.

The breakdown.

(Details from the winery because I’m rubbish at describing flavours.)


Colour: Bright, vibrant red.

Bouquet: Complex aromas of red berries with cloves and spice, hints of white pepper and a subtle vanilla background as a result of careful oaking.

Taste: Juicy and soft on the palate with red berry fruit flavours and spicy, peppery nuances. The tannins are soft and mouth-filling with a lingering spicy finish.

This wine is best paired with red meat, game, and pasta dishes! It has a complex depth of flavor that compliments food in the most wonderful way. We’re planning on drinking the rest of the bottle with our dinner later this week! You can find it here on LCBO for $9.99! As for the…

Sauvignon Blac.

Colour: Pale Straw Colour

Bouquet: Gooseberry, herbaceous, grassy, pink grapefruit & fresh lemon aromas.

Taste: A light and crisp wine, easy drinking with soft lingering citrus & gooseberry flavours.

This wine is an ideal sipping wine for a warm day, and is also best served with light salads and cold meats! You can find it here on LCBO for $9.95.

As always, please enjoy responsibly! 

Food and wine in hand, we cozied up to watch the premiere…

I love how you can see us get progressively more tipsy! Especially at the more intense moments!

I’ll keep my premiere roundup spoiler-free in case you haven’t watched it yet…

First, can I take a moment to say that Jasmine is absolutely gorgeous? I have super hair envy – I think I’m going to grow mine out in a similar style soon. (As much as it pains me to say, I miss having long hair! Still waffling on whether to cut my bangs or grow them out.) Being the Bachelorette must be such an exciting experience – when else are you going to be able to date __ beautiful Prince Charmings at the same time? Imagine those group dates, with so many people fighting for your attention! Emily and I were saying how it must be so emotionally draining, especially since the men start dividing within the house and drama begins to arise.

All part of the fun though, right? 😉

I’m going to live vicariously through her experiences because I’d love to go out on extravagant dates with Matt, but we’re both students so that’s probably not going to happen for a while. Hopefully his production career kicks off soon so we can go travelling around the world together! One of my dreams is to travel the world with the one I love – it makes memories and experiences so much sweeter. (Also that kiss on the beach at sunset featured in the trailer… my heart!! is!! fluttering!!!)

Onto the faves!! I think of all the guys we’ve seen Kyle is one of our favourites. Kyle is super tall! Apparently he’s about 6’8″? I like tall guys but guys that tall make me feel tiny. I know it’s a feeling that many girls like, but being a tall girl myself (5’10), I don’t get to feel short very often. He’s a multimedia content producer and he has CATS WHICH IS AN IMMEDIATE YES. He also has a really nice deep voice! I should stop fangirling because if Matt reads this, he’ll might get jealous heh heh heh.

Make sure to grab a bottle of Two Oceans Wine for the next episode of The Bachelorette Canada!

What is your favourite type of wine? Who was your favourite contestant? Who do you think will make it til the end? Be sure to livetweet The #BachelorCA with me every Friday at 9PM EST on W Network.

Illustrations by Emily Beaton – find her on instagram, and tumblr.

This post was sponsored by Two Oceans Wines, but as always this post is 100% my honest opinion! Find them on twitter here, and at your local liquor store. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog! 


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    Such an imspserive answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

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