Ride the #NoShaveWave with Silk’n Flash & Go | 3 Month Update

Silk'n Flash & Go Compact

Silk’n Flash & Go Compact – 3 Months Later

As you may remember, I started using the Silk’n Flash&Go device back in August. You can read my post here. My quest for smooth legs is a contintual trial, and I think I am close to finding a solution! Although the results were not as noticeable early on, I’m here to report back with my experience using the devie over the summer and autumn months.

You know what they say… Summer bodies are built in the winter! Well, so are smooth legs! I know many of us give up on shaving during the winter months – if they’re not going to be seeing your legs, why bother? However, this is a great time to use the Silk’n Flash & Go device. After continual usage during the winter, your legs will be smooth and glowy by the time summer rolls around. The Silk’n Flash & Go is a beautiful piece of technology that is perfect for the woman on the go, and fits right in to your weekly pamper routine. Keep reading for my experiences after 3 months of continual usage!

What’s Inside The Kit?

The Silk’n Flash&Go comes in a sturdy zipped kit. Components include…

  • Silk’n Flash&Go Express Device
  • Plug & adaptors for UK & European plugs
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Warranty
  • Microfibre cloth


The Device

The Silk’n Flash&Go is a beautiful piece of technology – it’s a small and compact rounded device that has a nice weight to it. It feels quite luxurious, and the user-friendly design means no fussing around as it has super easy maneuverability! Simply plug it in, set your flash power, and press the front clicker to activate the device! The device also has a built in fan which keeps the machine running efficiently.


How Does It Work?

The Silk’n Flash&Go targets melanin (pigment) in hair. If you have lighter hair, it may take a few more treatments to see results! Individuals with darker skin tones should use lower energy settings and final results may require more treatments. A skin colour sensor is embedded in the device and if the surface is too dark, it will not emit a pulse of light.
As I mentioned earlier, the Silk’n Flash&Go devices use concentrated light technology, which is essentially a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. These devices destroy the growth center of the hair with concentrated heat energy (HPL) . This means that the Silk’n Flash&Go targets hair follicles, and gradually diminishes the hairs over time by targeting them at the roots, with permanent effects! Over time, you will see your unwanted hairs thin out and eventually disappear. Although I’ve only been using the Flash&Go for two treatments, many people over on Influenster have seen great results! You can use the device anywhere from your cheekbones down, so along your upper lip, armpits, arms, bikini line, legs…etc! More info here.

Usage at 3 months…

When I wrote my first post, I had only used the Flash & Go for two sessions. In the instructions, it says to do treatments 1-4 two weeks apart, and treatments 5-7 four weeks (1 month) apart. I am currently on session #6, which means I am do these sessions on a monthly basis. Treatments 8-10 are also on a monthly basis, until desired results are achieved.

And the results?

There are a few things that I discovered after 3 months of continual usage. I am only using the Silk’n Flash & Go on targetted areas, and I have been using it at the highest setting (level 5.)

  1. Leg hair seems to be decreasing, especially in areas like my knees and on my shins. The hair is growing back much thinner and more sparse – a definite and noticeable difference from when I first started using the Silk’n device. I have gotten used to the feeling of the device on my skin, which feels like a very light, quick snap.
  2. Hair is beginning to decrease on my arms. I decided to start testing out the device on my arms, and I can say the skin on my forearms is a bit more sensitive than my legs. Fortunately, it is very easy to control the Silk’n device and target the wanted areas. It literally is just flash and go! The hair on my arms is definitely starting to thinl
  3. Beginning to see a decrease in armpit hair. This is the part I was most curious in because I don’t like waxing my armpits (so painful!) and I always seem to get razor cuts, which can lead to bumps or painful cuts. The skin on my armpits is very sensitive, therefore I tone back the Silk’n Flash & Go level and typically treat the hair on level 3. Although I haven’t seen a drastic difference in hair reduction, hair is definitely growing back less often, which means I don’t have to shave on a regular basis! I’m going to continue using the device, and can’t wait to check back on my results later on.


The device glides effortlessly across the skin, and the whole process is just so simple. You just do it bi-weekly, and then once a month thereafter. A full hair growth cycle is 18-24 months, so continual use is advised to achieve optimal results!  Join the Silk’n not shaven revolution and make shaving a thing of the past!  It’s totally worth being stubble free forever!

You can find Silk’n products at Bed, Bath & Beyond; Kohl’s, Ulta, and select Target locations in the USA, and Shoppers Drug Mart/BeautyBoutique in Canada!

Oh, and Silk’n would like to offer a 15% discount good through year end 2016 with the coupon code: SilknTalk

*Sponsored post in collaboration with Silk’n! Thanks for supporting the brands that support my blog!


  1. Andreanne December 15, 2016

    Ahhhh I’m so tempted to try it, but I’m kind of worried about the pain. How does it compare to an epilator?

    • sachie December 18, 2016

      It doesn’t compare at all – it feels like a small snap against the skin! The results are not instant and require continual use over time though, but I think it’s totally worth it!

  2. Laura Jones February 17, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your experience with a laser hair removal device. I was skeptical about the results but now i feel i can venture into trying one !


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