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Hello lovelies!

Jumping back into the swing of blogging after a hectic few weeks. I might do a personal update post later… still trying to decide because I’m so exhausted from trying to correct my sleep schedule. The 9-5 really wrecks the college student body, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, today’s post is a long one.  What did you pick up during the Sephora VIB sale? Can you believe that I held out on ordering between February to April (self control, amirite?) 15% isn’t even much either (basically the cost of tax,) but Sephora hardly has any sales so in the end, it was worth it.

Enough rambling – let’s do this!

I did two orders over the sale period. I forgot that the coupon code was active over the entire period of the sale, so the second time around, I picked up some items that I wouldn’t normally pay full price for.  I recently did a big purge / declutter of my makeup collection, and threw out some old products, things that I never use, and extra PR samples that were sitting around. I think I cut my collection in half! I put some things aside for friends of course so if you’re ever by my house and need a few beauty bits, let me know 😉

Anyway, this gave me an excuse to go shopping! Kinda like an end of the year treat yo self. Finish postgrad means treats, right?

YSL Rouge Volopté Shine in 9 Nude in Private

My current everyday lip colour that I’ve been wearing to work. It’s a glossy ‘your-lips-but-better,’ warm nude shade, which I have about a million and two of. I call this my big girl lipstick because the lipstick case looks luxe (as do all YSL products,) and I can basically apply this without looking because the formula is so forgiving. I have also used this as a glossy blush on the cheeks. I had to throw this in my basket because ever since my mom got her YSL lipstick in a bright pink shade, I’ve wanted to try this out.

This lipstick stays on my lips for about 2 minutes before it smudges off, so I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re looking for a long lasting formula. I love it though because it gives me an excuse to get out of my desk and reapply lol. It’s an easy one to throw in my purse. It doesn’t leave a weird ring around my lips either.


I am obsessed with Milk Makeup. As you all know, I’m a total sheep and love anything with edgy, minimalistic, cool-girl packaging (Glossier, I’m coming for you!) Especially since I love sleeping in till the last minute – I’ve got my 5-minute makeup routine locked down. Because of this, I love anything that comes in stick or cream format that I can just swipe on and blend in.  I’ll have an indepth review of some Milk Products coming your way soon… Spoiler: I absolutely love this brand and I’ve been picking up a few products here and there when I’m in a #treatyoself kind of mood… 😉

I really want to try out their new holographic skin tint called Mars, which is more of a golden peachy shade… too bad it released a few days after the sale. I might just pick it up since my mini Becca highlighter in Opal decided to crumble apart 🙁 Milk Makeup has been releasing some really cool products recently and I want to try them all out!


Caudalie is a brand that has snuck onto my radar over the past year or so. It all started with the Beauty Elixir – a refreshing spray infused with essential oils and hydrating plant extracts! I find the scent to be wonderfully therapeutic. I sprayed it on my face quite often when I was first experiencing anxiety/panic attacks, and the scent helped to bring me down. I’ve gone through two bottles so far, one travel sized and one full sized.  The mist is wonderfully fine and it also works well at setting makeup. I loved using it in the summer because it gives a lovely cooling sensation on the skin.


When I was browsing Sephora and planning my sale cart, I came across this kit that included a full sized Beauty Elixir, a travel sized cleansing foam, and a mini detox mask… for about the same price as one full sized Beauty Elixir! That’s a bargain in my books! (Well $58 for a bottle of grape water and essential oils is hardly a bargain, but you get what I mean.)

I also picked up a full size of the Caudalie Detox Mask that is included in this kit. I’ve tried a small size of the mask in the past and absolutely loved it. It’s a pink clay mask and it does a fabulous job of cleaning out pores and brightening the skin. It’s like magic in a tube!  I waffled on this for a while and decided to pick it up because if not now, I’d have to wait until November for the next sale.

Speaking of masks…

Laneige water clay mask

It is no secret that I love Laneige – it is one of my favourite brands of all time. In fact, most of my skincare regime is made of Laneige products! I just finished up my Laneige Yogurt mask (which I reviewed here) and wanted to pick up another. They just released the new Laneige Water clay mask and I’m in love – it feels so great on the skin and dries surprisingly quickly for a clay mask. I’ve got my current skincare regime lined up in a future post so I will do a more indepth review later!

You just can’t go wrong with Korean skincare!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown.

You’ve all seen this one in my posts before- this liner is truly one of my holy grail products! I think this is probably the 5th pen I’ve gone through. It’s my favourite brush-tip eyeliner and I buy two a year – one during the April sale and one during the November sale. I’ve tried so many dark brown liquid liners and always end up coming back to this one!

Bare Minerals Gen Nude

This was such an impulse buy. I had a gift card and for some reason, felt like buying a matte liquid lip. I’m not sure why because I’m not the biggest fan of matte lips, I prefer glossy. Anyway, I love bareMinerals and wanted to try out their gen nude line.

The shade Cookie caught my eye because it’s a bright coral/melon pink. The colour looks darker when swatched against my pale skin but when applied to my lips (which are naturally quite pigmented,) the colour looks lighter. The formula feels comfortable on my lips and I feel like the bright shade will get a lot of wear this summer! I’ll probably pair it with my favourite bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie gloss 😀

This was probably my biggest Sephora haul yet! I usually buy things in small orders so it doesn’t hurt my wallet as much, but I decided to take advantage of the sale after holding off for so long.

What did you pick up from the sale? Have you tried any of these products?

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